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We’re spending the long weekend in Santa Cruz with Jennifer’s family. On the way down Saturday we stopped at the big Peace Rally in San Francisco. There must have been 50,000 people there.
Everyone really seemed to enjoy Henry’s sign…

Peach March
Big Boys Use Their Words

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  1. “Does anyone think that if the word “oil” were not associated with the word “Iraq” any of this rhetoric about democracy and human rights would be even uttered?”
    Yes I do, EB. Case in point: there is no oil in Afghanistan.

  2. Afghanistan has been proposed by more than one western oil company (the US-based Unocal is often mentioned, but it is not the only one) as the best route by which to export the Central Asian republics’ important output of oil and gas
    Given the increasing importance of finding and exploiting new sources of fossil fuel, governments like those of the US and the UK are enormously keen to gain influence in the Central Asian region in order to secure those supplies for the West
    In order to achieve that, and get those energy supplies moving out of Central Asia, they need to set up a pro-western government in Afghanistan.
    J. Edgar Hooover

  3. After removing Saddam, the United States will be able to set up very effective ground intelligence in the Gulf region, making it much more difficult for Al Qaeda to operate there. Also, the USA will be poised on the border of Iran, making it much more difficult for that country to support terrorism. The same thing with Syria in the West.
    So, terrorism will suffer a big defeat, along with the criminal regime of Saddam.
    With U.S. forces on guard in Iraq, it’ll be much more difficult for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to continue their murderous rampage. And once things calm down in Israel, a truce between the Palestinians and the Israelis becomes much more realistic.
    So, there’s a huge up side for removing Saddam that has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. And that’s important to keep in mind. This argument, though, and all others, will not sway people who hate America or President Bush. No matter how the case is made by Colin Powell or anybody else, they’ll oppose removing Saddam. But at this point it doesn’t matter. Saddam is toast and most nations in the world will provide the butter.

  4. The United States now drives the world economy. If this country goes down the tubes business-wise, the whole world suffers. We make, buy and donate most of the world’s goods. So any intrusion on our security is bad for the whole world and many resent that.
    If the United States was an imperialist power, we would have done what the Soviets did after World War II, enslave countries. Instead, we rebuilt Japan and Germany and most of Europe, allowing millions to live in freedom at our expense.
    Now, I’m getting real tired of ignorant Americans blasting their country when they’re clueless about history and geopolitics.

  5. How refreshing to see some Americans who actualy know we have to get rid of Saddam. I’m tired of all this Ant-American statements by our own people. This is whats going to turn us into a third world country. And thats what scares me. Something also has to be done with North Korea. I can hardly wait to see how these so called Americans fell about that. Some advice, if you don’t like your freedom,MOVE!!

  6. “Give Peace a Chance”? So what are we on now with “UN Resolutions” against Saddam–19 or 20? Has Saddam agreed to UN (not US) demands yet? Do you think when a lunatic like Saddam has nuclear weapons he will hesitate to use them, just because you peaceniks WISH it to be so? OK, you and these other folks MAY be well-intentioned in your own minds, although I really don’t think so (and if you disregard that the funding for all these stupid “peace marches” comes from the Communist Party USA) but you aren’t going to change Saddam’s mind or stop him from using force or weapons you all so wimperingly abhor. The guy has killed more Muslims than any other leader in history. I wish you’d listen to what some of Saddam’s tortured ex-prisoners are saying, before you take to the streets. And remember too, there are Americans (including my daughter) out there in the Gulf and elsewhere to defend the likes of you from the likes of Saddam, bin Laden and other despots. Meanwhile, I get to vote with my feet and my money, and won’t be buying any Leo Laporte books or listening to his little radio show.
    –Annoyed Vietnam Vet in Grass Valley

  7. I hope the peace for all the world! Is Andy McNab the SAS sergeant?! I have read all your books!

  8. First, consider that Saddam Hussein wouldn’t have gotten where he is without U.S. assistance in the past. Next, consider what America’s reaction would be if another nation demanded they give up all weapons of mass destruction or face an invasion.

  9. Thank you for your powerful statements, Andrew. The rest of us are only expressing our opinions – you speak from real experience. God bless you and protect you in Iraq. I pray that you never have to face the moral dilemma of war in the streets.

  10. What Henry did with his sign is what makes America so great, and I for one am proud that I continue to serve my country to defend his and everyone elses freedom to be able to express their opinion without resorting to violence over differing viewpoints.
    Besides, it’s a great sign and a cute picture! 😉

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