31 Replies to “Pat and Leo are Cult Figures”

  1. That’s the hardest I have laughed in a while — not just at the strip but also Justin’s crack — thanks guys for the humor break

  2. Good laugh — and a great rendering of you guys. I did the JoyPoll. I’d definitely be looking for that newest update of CyberDog!
    (PS Signed up with NetFlix after your interview with Hastings the other night. We live out in the country and this just rocks. Maxo vidiocy. Yay!)

  3. Funny comic. I’m glad that the real TSS is a bit less sarcastic, though ;-). Google rox!

  4. Kevin Mitnick will officially be free from probation on January 21. Mark your calenders!

  5. So, you guys are just figuring this out???!!!
    Will you still talk to us little people? I’ll give you curly fries if you do!!!!

  6. i think it’s Jan 20th.
    And I think KM will be on TSS, so set your TiVo’s and vcr’s!

  7. Actually, it is over at the stroke of midnight on the 20th, so the date he is free is the 21st.
    We thought the comic strip was funny, too.

  8. Kevin said today in the NY Times that the first place he was going online is Darci’s web site. Twice. You go girl!
    So, Darci, is Kevin going to pop his cherry on our show that day????

  9. I have to miss the live version of TSS on the 21st, because that particular evening I have to teach a seminar… called “Web 101: How to Surf Safely and Productively”! There’s a definite yin/yang feeling there. 😉
    I’ll definitely catch the re-run(s), though. Hope Kevin and everyone else has a great time!

  10. LOL.. nice comic.. although Leo holding him back from hacking would be more funny.. 🙂

  11. Really funny – thanks for making my day! So real I thought I was watching TSS!! I think the guys should be made into a regular strip!

  12. Thanks for the great comments folks, and to Leo and Pat for mentioning the comic on the show… that was a thrill and an honour for Nitrozac and I. 🙂
    I’m glad you liked the Nitrozac’d versions of yourselves… I too thought she did a fabulous job. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the Dynamical Geeky Duo in the JoT some time again soon. 😉

  13. Ha! That’s pretty funny.
    I love your show, by the way! A perfect mix between information and sarcasm. Keep up the good work!

  14. Leo and Pat are really two live cartoon characters. The drawing is more like a portrait.

  15. This is completely and utterly flawless and tinkle-accident-inducing. This must now replace the still-incomparable Think Wild comic as my favorite Joy of Tech.
    BTW, Leo if you read this: change the link in your blog post for the comic to http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/432.html . Your current one points to the JoT index and now they have a new comic up.

  16. OMG! That is too dang funny. I’m laughing too hard. Thats a good one I must say. They caputre the essence of Patrick and Leo.

  17. Have you evaluated Apple’s new presentation software? Noticed you use PowerPoint, I have only seen the demos on apple.com. Could be a good segment on TSS.

  18. leo,
    sometimes my balls itch, so i scratch them, i’t feels good!, is that wrong?

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