Stop Megan!

Fizban30 has brought it to my attention that Megan is attempting to conquer the world. This must not happen! Click on the map below to reclaim the earth for Leoville if you value all that’s good and holy!

I mean how can we allow someone who didn’t like Gangs of New York one more square inch of mother earth?

Hint: we get double points for occupying an entire nation so pick a country and click for God, for Country, for Leoville!

180 Replies to “Stop Megan!”

  1. Wow. How could we dare stand in the way of people who spend all their day clicking on objects for no obvious goal? …Although I think that these kids are used to polygons instead of pixels.
    Also, will the posters of “Green pwnz”, “Lime Green 4 Lief!” and “Green is huge! LOL!” please report for re-education? Welcome to 3 years ago.

  2. I’ll agree with chris. Don’t click on the dark purple and we won’t click on red. Keep the monkeys from jumping! They shouldn’t be on meth anyway, it’s illegal!

  3. uhhh Vorxnyx, i hope you realize that maybe 10% (and that’s being generous) of EverCrest’s board population actually even plays EQ anymore, if they ever did at all. 😛 i mean, hell, the comic hasn’t even been updated since May.

  4. is in the lead now with leoville a distant second. Could some of you please join me RIGHT NOW in retaking Australia so we can get the double points?

  5. Leoville!!! Beware!!! im from jm and i have reason to believe other teams r sending moles into ur site. i no, not because we r sendin moles (because we r NOT), but because they did the same to us and i went to their sites to check and i found some strange messages. i think leoville and jumping monkeys should make 1 master site and work together. if we did,we would be unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. we’ve got a lot of Australia. More than half. Maybe we should work together trying to take that over right now!

  7. Yes, I saw the brief, BUT OH SO POWERFUL, complete takeover of Australia. But them jumpingmonkey’s are right on our tails!

  8. You’ve conquered the piece of India between longitude 72° and 74° and latitude 34° and 36° for
    This piece of land was owned by

  9. Of course, Leo will mention Leoville Blog tonight…just a coincidence of course.
    (Oooops, I think we TSS’ed it already.)

  10. Here you go!
    You’ve conquered the piece of Russia between longitude 36° and 38° and latitude 54° and 56° for

  11. Tips:
    Decrease your screen resolution to as low as it goes, its bigger then and you can take over faster!!
    Change your cursor for links (Control Panel–>Mouse–>Pointers tab–>find link select) and change it to a crosshair +
    Turn on mouse keys (Control pannel–>accessiblility options–>Mouse tab) then with num lock on you can move your cursor by using your nubmer pad up/down/right/left (8/2/6/4) and take over more land!!

  12. Bradon (my son) and I are working on Africa. We have to continue! We are losing ground again.

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