Stop Megan!

Fizban30 has brought it to my attention that Megan is attempting to conquer the world. This must not happen! Click on the map below to reclaim the earth for Leoville if you value all that’s good and holy!

I mean how can we allow someone who didn’t like Gangs of New York one more square inch of mother earth?

Hint: we get double points for occupying an entire nation so pick a country and click for God, for Country, for Leoville!

180 Replies to “Stop Megan!”

  1. besides, we have more important things to deal with (the name could be… THE JUMPING MONKEYS OF LEOVILLE)like the other teams. good job so far. peace! that is what would be if we could combine!
    LEO, post ur answer soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had Australia, Madagascar, & New Zealand for Leoville!!!! But them there Monkeys just wouldnt let it go!!!! We’ll get you you stinky monkeys…. MWAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!!!!!

  3. Haha! I love it.
    BTW, if you’re using Jaguar, the display zoom really helps (learned it from Woz):
    Command-Option-* to turn on
    Command-Option-+ to zoom in
    Command-Option– to zoom out

  4. We’re #3 as of this morning. Keep clicking people before Evilrrone gets on the air tonight!

  5. Nuts the power of television! That’s not good. I’ve won and lost Madagascar 3 times, now it’s a mission. Just wish I’d stop falling into the ocean, I can’t swim!

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