Stop Megan!

Fizban30 has brought it to my attention that Megan is attempting to conquer the world. This must not happen! Click on the map below to reclaim the earth for Leoville if you value all that’s good and holy!

I mean how can we allow someone who didn’t like Gangs of New York one more square inch of mother earth?

Hint: we get double points for occupying an entire nation so pick a country and click for God, for Country, for Leoville!

180 Replies to “Stop Megan!”

  1. One map was givin to leo, who above all wanted power. And one map to megan, who poured her malus, and all that bad stuff blah blah blah. You know what im getting at.
    I think, there should be one site to rule them all! Get one of these maps, put it on The Screen Savers site, and megan and leos followers should go to it. Otherwise, megans going down. Form a treaty!

  2. “Um, you’ve been on vacation too long. You need something constructive to do.
    Posted by Laura, January 2, 2003 04:37 PM”
    I am of the understanding that the Mayor is going to be very constructive by starting work on “Leo Laporte’s 2002 Technology Almanac” within the next 3 days.

  3. I just read the messages at the enemys site and people said they were gonna crash this place so we can’t conquer!

  4. Whoever made that last post needs to do some serious growing up. Turn off your dad’s computer and go to bed. I’m sure it’s past your bedtime!

  5. Laff, that was very rude, and this is all in fun and games…. (1533) (919)

  6. YES!!!!
    Leovillians! WE ARE WINNING!!!
    1. (1141)
    2. (922)

  7. My 2 man team is trying to put up a fight! You and your armies stand no chance against the militia! We fight dirty!

  8. You people have no life whatsoever. Anyone who finds this enjoyable is a complete loser.

  9. (1066) (848) (551)
    We were going to win until we got banned from conquering the world 🙁
    Oh, well. Attention span going, going, gone.

  10. Megan pulled a fast one on everyone. Yesterday when she showed the high scores, she showed an old page. The high scores page shown yesterday listed her as first. At the time of the show Leoville was first, jumping monkeys second and third. I propose an alliance. We will attack the monkeys with you. Just don’t click on the dark purple and we won’t click on red. Ok?

  11. I’ve watched your shows for years and I’ve always had my favorite parts. Tonight you lost one.
    I first saw Erica Hill during a news blurb when you used to do call for help. Something you said made her lose it and I couldn’t help but laugh with her. Her infectuous laughter is something I’ll miss. I think the two of you would have made a good pairing in a show of some sort. I can’t count the times I lost it during your little chats. It often spilled over to everyone and it was like break time on the show. I doubt there’ll be much of that on CNN. It’s too bad you couldn’t have been there to wish her well.

  12. 2 (686)
    3 (685)
    4 (421)
    5 (321)
    6 (316)
    were ahead by 5 spots and i just conquered madagascar!

  13. Leo,
    I MEAN IT!
    (I can’t wait, I mean, I really can’t….. it’s been a long, cold winter so far and this whole war with jumping monkeys signals to me you have had enough rest and relaxation.)
    PS: What up with the TiVo? ….. do tell.

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