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Happy Holidays, everyone!
I’ll be on the Allan Handelman show for half an hour tonight at 10:30p Eastern time. Listen on one of his many stations or on his web site at alhandelman.com.

I’m doing the Ronn Owens Show on KGO, 810 AM in San Francisco, Friday, January 3 at 10am.

We’re heading to Las Vegas to cover CES January 9-11. I’ll be signing autographs in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center from 4-5p on Thursday, January 9,and from 3-5p on Saturday, January 11. Cat, Morgan, and Patrick will be there, too, at various times. We’ll also be doing live show feeds for The Screen Savers, Friday, January 10, at 4p Pacific. You don’t need admission to CES to visit us, so stop on by. You know how we love a live audience!

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some Tivo hacking during my vacation, with some interesting (and ultimately disappointing) results. I’ll do a full write up in the next couple of days. We’re celebrating Christmas at home then Jennifer is taking the kids to her folks for a few days. That should give me some time to work on the Tivo more seriously. The goal is to be able to get my Sopranos episodes onto DVD as a fully digital copy. If I can get it to work, and I can get the lawyers to say OK, I’ll demo it on TSS in the new year.

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  2. Leo, Hello and I miss you on the show. I have to tell you that I received your 2003 book for Christmas and I love it! I am especially impressed with your pictures! How adorable. Thank you for all the help that you and the people at TechTv have given me this year and I am looking forward to the next. God Bless you all!

  3. Forgot to mention a couple other things. 1) I’ve got my fingers crossed for your latest pilot. I miss the old days of having more on-air tech-help calls. 2)What does a guy have to do to get somebody at TechTV to read a treatment he’s written?

  4. Hey Leo! I just listened to you on the Allan Handelman Show. Wow! You can really tell that you spent many a day on the radio. If you got your own call-in show on the air I can guarentee I’d be a regular listener.

  5. Merry Christmas Leo!!! I just don’t know how I am going to be able to live wiht reruns of tss. I guess I’ll have to, he he.
    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

  6. You were awesome as usual on the Allan Handelman show last night Leo! It would be great if you could get a regular radio gig!
    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for you on the new pilot! TSS just isn’t what it used to be. Boy, it sure is hard to type with crossed fingers! 😉
    Have fun with the Tivo hacking! Happy holidays!

  7. Merry Christmas Leo!
    I hope you are enjoying the Holladay’s with your family. I know I can’t wait for this New Year to start; my parents got me Direct TV in my room for Christmas, so now I will not miss any of your shows.

  8. I listened to you on the Alan Handleman show. We bought a dvd player the day before though (boo hoo)

  9. i’ve got the sopranos on dvd-r already and i didnt need to “hack” anything =)

  10. Hey, is there any reason they do the CES and NOT MacWorld? Everyyear they do this and every year they aggravate me. They do Comdex too. But not MacWorld? Not even the KEYNOTE?
    Considering the tech Apple is shoving out is shaping the market and making pc makers play tag along if not catch up, you’d think tech tv would throw us mac users a bone, I’m sure MW would love to have them.
    Hell, I’ve been watching TechTV Since DAY ONE when It was Zdnet TV on DirecTv (when you still had NO advertisers) praying and writing all the time for a Mac show a week! (not even one a day, just once a week) There is enough new shareware, tech stuff, news and neat people in the mac world to talk to warrant a 30 min show a week. ALl we get is a tip of the day that has an infantile tech level.
    Oh, well, enjoy your blog, you’re my favorite TechTv’er. Was so sorry to see they canned Scott Herriot, he was my next favorite. If they get rid of you the channel goes on lockout. I sometimes just want to throttle the Gnome dude, even thogough he linked my PixelDecor site on his page once and gaveme a ton of hits. he’s just a bit…. hyper.
    http://www.verybigdesign.com | http://www.pixeldecor.com

  11. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family. I got your book for Christmas and it is terrific!

  12. I knew you were a Sopranos guy. But on another note, you mentioned lawyers. Last night on the Help-a-thon I saw Rodger look over his shoulder when he answered a “grey area” question about dvds.
    Lawyer stories will make a great chapter for your autobiography. I think you should call it “Working Without a Net”.
    When can we see the first drafs?

  13. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your write-up. I just purchased a Tivo for myself, my mom, and my mom-in-law. (Who says the tech shows don’t bring in revenue?) But I’m taking you at your word, Leo. 12-22: “Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some Tivo hacking during my vacation, with some interesting (and ultimately disappointing) results. I’ll do a full write up in the next couple of days.”
    Only teasing. I see from boards you’ve been really busy. But not teasing about I’m looking forward to your writings.

  14. Speaking of TiVo, I wonder if TSS will ever do a segment linking sites for the abandoned (me being one of them) Microsoft UltimateTV users. My 40 Gig Seagate died in my UTV unit, and I’ve heard that you can just put in a new hard drive, and the software should automatically download through the satellite. Of course it died 3-4 months after the warranty expired, so go figure. But it wonder…

  15. All I want for Christmas is a fully hacked TiVo! That would make recording TSS so much easier than my PC method. 😉 I’m up to the middle of season 3 of The Sopranos via DVD rentals…so no spoilers, K?
    Looking forward to the radio show tonight. 😀

  16. Leo, I don’t believe I’ll be able to stand you not being on TSS until Jan. 🙂 It just isn’t the same with out you. Good luck with the Tivo hackin’…. AND PLEASE, PLEASE COME BACK SOON!

  17. Just got directTv with Tivo… cant wait to get it up and running! (I will go HDTV only when I can Tivo in HDTV…. priorities are important yaknow) if the lawyers arent OK with you airing a segment on digital backups of popular series… then you can always leak the info out on the net. I promise not to tell.

  18. Try the vid extraction on a Mac too. I’ve not had a lot of luck with the biggest problem getting the video and audio to sync.

  19. Speaking of Macs and things PowerPC, did TTV get in any coverage of Genesi’s booth, and/or did you have a chance to traipse over in your spare time?
    Sometimes I wish I could stand to watch the network during ‘business hours.’ 😉 [Props to whoever came up with running Max Headroom and the anime nights…]

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