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  1. The cast of a techtv independently trying to interact with,
    or providing an interactive way of communication.
    The question I am wondering:
    Is the opening of such forms of communication the idea of individuals at techtv.
    Or is the techtv corp behind all of this, trying to grasp a new market?
    Using the success of the characters of techtv,
    to grab your attention and lure you in.
    Hmm, this is very intriguing

  2. Leo,
    I was looking at some of the old blog entries, and noticed the video entries. They were great. I would really like to come out and meet the entire cast if I could just afford air fair (lol).
    Anyways, I wish You, Your family, The cast of The Screen Savers, and everyone else at TechTV a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. I wondered the same thing. Leo e-mailed me when I asked for the code. I put it on my site, and it didn’t work. Maybe the code is bad.

  4. Ozzie,
    Leo probably got tired of shoveling the stuff- something us folks in Maine have to contend with as well!

  5. Leo, I saw your webcam (of what I assume is your living room), and it has saddened me. I expect a technophile, such as yourself, to have a huge tv, or some sort of insane set-up. I don’t know. I like all the books though, good stuff on that end. But back to the lack of technology, here’s what you do. Ok, you know Yoshi, you know he’s got the skills to pay the bills. “Accidentally” break something, then take it off of the hands for the people at Tech Tv, and have Yoshi fix it. BOooyah!

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