Last Night at World News Now

Abby came with me on Sunday night to help me shoot the World News Now segments for ABC. WNN shares the set with World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Here’s a look at the familiar ABC News logo.
The ABC News set

Abby took this shot, too.

Leo on the ABC WNN set

Here I am getting ready for the segment.

Leo on the WNN set

Finally a short video starting with Abby on the WNN set. The video ends with Peter Jennings view when he does the news. The chair in the lower left corner is Jennings’s chair. As you can see he look into nothing while delivering the news. All the good looking stuff is behind him.

Click to view Quicktime video (20 seconds)

I’ll post pictures and video from today’s Regis rehearsal next time.

13 Replies to “Last Night at World News Now”

  1. Thanks for the pix and video Leo! Abby is a great photographer! I’m looking forward to the next video blog entry!

  2. Leo I can’t watch any of your video’s. Im running OS 10.1 on a 17″ iMac and it says “You do not have the plug-in needed to view the “text/plain” type information on this page. To get the plug-in now. click View Plug-in Page.” Whats up? I have the latest Quick Time version. Please help 🙂

  3. The pictures and video are really interesting. I think Abby took the most realistic shot of all.
    Remember the grandparents’ story how they had to walk miles to get to school? Well, now we can tell our kids, “When we were your age, if we took a picture, we had to wait at least a week to see how it came out.”

  4. Seems like we should expect more participation of Abby in the future on this website – great photos, great video, great everything (as usual)…thanks for sharing Leo (and Abby)…

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