Big Screen in the Big Apple

I’m back East in New Haven spending the Thanksgiving weekend with my wife’s sister and her family. We had a lovely snowfall on Wednesday and the kids have been having a blast with their cousins. Tomorrow we’ll take the train to New York City so that I can tape my World News Now segments on Sunday night and do Live! with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday. We’re going to see The Lion King and we’ll go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and do all the usual touristy Christmas in New York things. I’ll try to do some video blogging while we’re there.

I’ve brought the Piano Avanti DLP projection TV with me. It’s a dictionary sized projector that can handle DVI, RGB, HDTV, S-Video, and Component signals in native 780p. It’s not the brightest projector in the world at 400 lumens, but with a 700:1 contrast ratio it looks darn good in a relatively dark room. I was able to get a good looking movie screen sized picture projected on white walls and sheets. We’ve screened Lord of the Rings, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Zoolander, and had a great time. I’ll be showing it on WNN and Regis, but I wish I could keep it. At $3200 it’s pricey, but I prefer it to a similarly expensive big screen TV, especially since you can pop it in a drawer when you’re through. Wouldn’t be very good for daytime TV viewing, though.

Last week’s pilot went very well. Thanks to those of you who called, emailed, and faxed. It was great to have all that material for the show. Morgan and Kevin were stars, and Steve Gibson was his usual fun and informative self. We put about 90 minutes on tape which Ken Marquis is now editing into a 12 minute highlight reel. I think everyone involved felt pretty good about what we got – even Paul Block liked it. It’s a good representation of what I’d like to do, anyway. I forwarded a number of messages of support from you all to our new VP Programming. That should help. Now we’ll just have to wait and see. I’d love to get started in early January. The Screen Savers officially goes back to an hour December 30, so that would be a good time to put another show into production, at least for me.

We fly home Thursday and I’ll be back on The Screen Savers Thursday evening. I’ll be taking more time off for Christmas, December 16 through January 1. Maybe when I come back I’ll have two shows to do. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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  1. Whoo hoo! The return of the video blog! I’ll be looking forward to what is in store with any new programing.

  2. thats kewl
    i got a great deal on a lot of things as well
    got a wireless optical mouse from IBM for $20 and got an SMC wireless router for $50.
    happy thanksgiving(though a lil late).

  3. Best of luck in New York and with the new show. I just hope TPTB quit de-techifying TechTV. If your show is approved, it would be a wonderful step in the right direction!

  4. don’t like to hear that screen savers goes to 1 hr,But may be a good thing if they cut all the fluff(bit chat & the on-air ads for the other shows).that should make about 30 min.Plus that would make more room for your new show!!! CANT’T WAIT – we need a higher end tech show!

  5. Leo..
    It is nice to hear you are having a good time with your family this holiday. Good luck on your appearances. You will do great as usual.
    We will miss you while you are gone during the holidays.
    I do hope the late night show works out.
    Enjoy New York

  6. There’s another Big Screen in the Big Apple, at Times Square….. if the promotion is still going on, the kids can get their faces up on the billboard for HSBC bank, I hope it’s going on, it was fun! They snap a pic of you at their booth in the visitor’s center and then it goes up on the big billboard over Times Square in just a few minutes, then they rotate your image with the others for a whole month.
    Hope you have a great time in NYC!

  7. So you do know where the NE states are! j/k My campaign for a personal appearance in this area continues! New Haven, hummmmmmm, a two hour drive from here, ponders nothing to do today. Rats, sounds way too much like stalking. Ok Leo, you’re safe. This time!
    I’m still keeping good thoughts for the new show. That would be excellent. I caught the computer bug from you almost two years ago now and I haven’t lost the interest or excitement about learning and doing things myself on my computer yet thanks to you. Having another show with your expertise to look forward to would be wonderful. I hope TPTB see there is not only an interest but a need for something like this! I’m holding my breath.
    One question. If you’re taping the World News Now segments on Sunday night do you know when it will be shown? I missed the last one because I never could find it.
    Hope you and the family have fun in New York. Please, please, please video blog the skating!

  8. Hey Leo, You are only 50 miles away from me! Geesh, If I had known, I’d have invited you on up to “casinoland” and treated you and family to a breakfast at one of them! Great food!
    Anyway, have fun in NYC with the Family. I am heading there next weekend for a mini-vacation… just to see the sights and get a dose of big city to last me a year.
    Sure do hope the new pilot flies! The need to get back to basic tech stuff, without all the fluff is overdue. SS is cool, but has really … well… changed from when I first started watching, and not all for the better.. so let’s all cross all our appendages for ya!
    DJ in Norwich

  9. i really hope your pilot gets the green light. i’d LOVE to have as much leo as possible.
    hope you have a great time up in nyc!

  10. I hope the new show goes well for you Leo. I’m glad you’re having fun with your family over the holidays and I am looking forward to TSS going to one hour. Hope Leo Up Late gets approval and starts airing, can’t wait to see you doing what you do best, answering tech questions. Good Luck!

  11. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time!
    I love the idea of TSS going back to one hour if this means they cut out the fluff!
    I really, really hope that they go for your new show! I’m loving the idea, and I think TechTV needs more shows like that! I’ve said it time and again, and I’ll say it once more. If it wasn’t for what I’ve learned from you on CFH & TSS in the old days, I would not be where I am today! Thanks Leo!

  12. I think “gf” is short for goat farm. Leo’s livestock is always jealous when he goes on vacation.
    And what’s a wif?

  13. I hope Leo Up Late gets the Ok–I think we all do!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  14. hey Leo…
    hope youre having fun in NY.
    That projector RULES. I want one so bad now.
    Did anyone recognize you yet? =p

  15. Ah, I have many, many wonderful memories of the family Christmas trips into NYC – hope your family has just as magical a time!
    I am *very* glad to hear the positive news about the pilot!!!!!!!!!! Please let us know if we can do anything to help!

  16. Sounds like lots of fun, I wish you the best of luck on getting the new show as well! 🙂

  17. bruce_M,
    Leo wrote about it in the previous blog entry called “Leo Up Late.” The email address was his own, not the new VP’s, and the fax number is incomplete, but if you read through the comments someone posts the actual number to fax.

  18. Have a great time in NYC – the greatest city in the world! I loved when you were in Baltimore and did the audio blogs – they were really fun, and great for those of us who are stuck with dial-up!

  19. I hope you have fun leo on your trip and I can’t
    wati for your new show to start good luck

  20. finally only 1 hr. the 1 1/2 was taking up too much of my night. Hope to see a few “fluffy” things go.

  21. Hey Leo. My Girlfriend had the chance to talk to you today at HP. I dont support the (that printer) so there was know way I would have been the tech to talk to you…or Dave.. lol
    anyways.. Londa is now known as “lucky” in our house.
    feal free to call in for a “corporate” printer… hehe

  22. I hate to disappoint your girlfriend, Jamie, but it wasn’t me. Probably someone thought they’d get better support if they said it was. I’m sure people always get excellent support from HP no matter who they say they are!


  24. Awww, I’ve always wanted to skate at the Rockefeller Center. I’m very jealous. Just remember to make sure you have sharpened skates, and that the boots aren’t too broken down.

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