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I’m trying to contain my excitement, but I’m getting to pilot a new show tonight. We’ll tape Leo Up Late (only the working title) tonight after The Screen Savers at about 9:30p Eastern. It won’t be on the air, but you can still help out.
It’s going to be an hour and it will be much more like the old Screen Savers: all calls. Well mostly calls. We will have one guest, Steve Gibson, but he’ll be there to answer calls with me, and that’s only for a couple of segments. Morgan and Kevin will be on the show too, monitoring the calls and chat room, and they’ll both pitch in a segment each on something they’re really interested in. Morgan’s going to show me a new phone. Kevin has some cool new Winamp visualizations. But the focus will really be on answering questions, and in a more leisurely manner, so I can be more thorough. I don’t expect to get more than six calls on in the hour. I’ll also answer some emails and faxes, too, though. It’s going to be much less produced than TSS. I’m thinking of something like a call-in radio show, but on TV.

There’s some discussion about what level the questions should be, but I think that ultimately they’ll cover the spectrum from intermediate to advanced. We’ll pick calls that are of the broadest general interest, regardless of how high-end they are. We have some callers lined up already, and I’m not sure how many more we’ll need, but if you’d like to help out, call during and after The Screen Savers tonight and let Morgan know you’re interested in being on the pilot.

I’m not getting my hopes up. I did a pilot a couple of months ago for a very high-end show featuring the leading lights of tech (Linus Torvalds, Larry Wall, Phil Zimmerman, Steve Wozniak, etc.) talking in-depth about their creations, but that was nixed as “too boring.” Pilots these days have to get past the ownership in Seattle as well as local management, and that’s pretty tough. Marty just completed his pilot for a late night tech humor show that’s more outrageous and fun, and I expect that will get the green light because it’s “entertainment,” and that’s the buzzword these days.

I pray that The Powers That Be realize that TechTV needs to air at least one show a week that focuses directly on stuffs geeks want to talk about. They have to realize that we find the hardcore tech stuff most “entertaining.” I’m going to give it my best shot and we’ll see what happens.

P.S. Actually we need email and faxes, too.
Phone: 1-888-989-7879
Email: leo@techtv.com
Fax: 415 437-569

And we’ll be monitoring the chat room, as well, for people who want to be in there. The only problem is you won’t really know what’s going on on the show, but your questions and comments are more than welcome and may well be used on the pilot.

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  1. Hope it all works out. I love the screensavers and can’t wait to see what else ya’ll have coming up.

  2. All right!!! So the rumors are true then. Good luck with that Leo! So…screensavers will still be running won’t it? I can’t live without Patrick too ya know! 🙂 Good news though Leo. Hope it works out!

  3. I hope this pilot works out well for you!
    I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, but I’d like to say three things.
    1) Love your boards
    2) Great speech at Gnomedex
    3) Hope to see you at Gnomedex 2003

  4. Hope it flies.
    Might be a great forum for discussion of server-related issues (vs home PC) and especially security related issues. To many people have no idea how vulnerable they are from a security standpoint.

  5. Hope it flies.
    Might be a great forum for discussion of server-related issues (vs home PC) and especially security related issues. To many people have no idea how vulnerable they are from a security standpoint.

  6. Good luck! Even if the show doesn’t get picked up, we know you have been fighting the good fight for a show that WE THE GEEKS want. Best of luck!

  7. Yes good idea, but remember the Mac world. Think of doing an ocassional theme show, still covering simple to advanced. Plus, mention of the item is only for PC and/or cross platform. But, I won’t loose sleep if you don’t. Good luck.

  8. I absolutely love your show idea! I know it will be awesome! I’ll cross my fingers that it gets the go-ahead from TPTB both locally and in Seattle! We really do appreciate your looking out for those who want to learn more!

  9. The new show concept sounds great and good luck
    with it I think it will fly with the boss at tech
    tv.Because everybody like me we need more leo.And
    to the name of the new show poped in my head last
    night when you where talking about it on TSS it
    could be called(LIVE WITH LEO)lots of luck to you
    and yours………….

  10. Go Leo! How can we support you other than calling in? Sending email and faxes about what a great idea it is probably wouldn’t really help, would it? Do those things get read?

  11. Great idea, Leo. I just watched a videotape of a few of your last Call For Help shows. You are incredibly talented and gifted to communicate with people. (Not the best sentence structure, but you know what I mean.) I really hope your pilot is successful in the eyes of the decision-makers. I already know it will be a hit with me and millions of other viewers.
    Thanks for taking the time to try to do this show. There’s no one like you. Good luck.

  12. Yes, as Andrew P asked, where can we send email in support of it? Which is weird since we won’t be able to see it, but you know we’ll like it! Good luck!

  13. You know you have our support, Leo. Entertainment may be the new buzzword, but what is entertaining is in the eye of the beholder. Go get ’em, tiger!
    :::makes power fist:::

  14. Leo,
    Those PTB just don’t get it. Your’e ideas sound terrific. The true geeks that watch TechTV want the “geeky” stuff.
    Many, including my husband has been a bit turned off by the bit chat, and want the true “geek” stuff that TechTV once had.
    Another idea would to be something similar to Silicon Spin.
    When seeing John C. on TSS, it really made me miss the ol Silicon Spin and the insight many of the panel had regarding the technology world.
    Good luck with the show tonight, and you’ll be the great host that you always are.

  15. So you mean a radio show without the radio? Sounds great! 😉 (this coming from a guy, of course, who always liked going to Burger King and asking for a cheeseburger without the burger)
    I really hope something like this happens for both you and us, Leo. It sounds like they’re being receptive to new ideas: the Top 20 Holiday List sounds intriguing, and the idea of showing anime sounds like it could really be great. I can only hope they’ve figured out that the audience is too diverse for just flashy shows with big-named stars (though I have to say the Kevin/Dana interview last night was AWESOME).

  16. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and your pilot program. It would be great if there was more of a complete call in show on TechTV. But you really caught my eye with the talk of a possible geeky show. I’ve been waiting for such a thing for ages! I get by with the brief things on TSS (like, you and Pat had me rivited to the screen on your recent discussion on IDE), but no offence, I’m getting rather bored with the lesser technicial stuff that goes on with TSS and have completely written off CFH unless I have an urge to learn about new shareware. I hope to hear more if you do start working on a true geek show. I know I for one would be a dedicated viewer.

  17. Actually we need email and faxes, too.
    Email: leo@techtv.com
    Fax: 415 437-569
    And we’ll be monitoring the chat room, as well, for people who want to be in there. The only problem is you won’t really know what’s going on on the show, but your questions and comments are more than welcome and may well be used on the pilot.

  18. Great news Leo! We’ll be watching. And calling in for the 1st time. Have a question that tech support can’t answer for me. Good luck, it’s a wonderful idea! 😉

  19. The best of luck to you Leo! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this pilot and what could become of it.
    J, would you please kindly remove your fist from my face. Thanks. :p

  20. hey leo looks like it went fairly well just so you all know we posted about 160 screen caps in the spycam section of the boards.

  21. Man, oh, man this is a great idea!!! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help encourage TPTB!

  22. Thanks Leo, I was just saying the other day that you,chris,morgan,&kevin should do a show that was more geek focused. thanks again & good luck

  23. How couldnt this idea make it ? More Leo… It is that simple. Who else shows technology better ? TECH TV get back to your core audience. We want our LeoTV !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously good luck Leo I think it is an excellent idea and it may bring back the rawness of the Old ScreenSavers.

  24. Like your idea for the new show leo. Hope it work’s out. I watched silicon spin, I don’t unstand why boss’es thought it was boring. I like tech, I use it everyday at work.

  25. Léo,
    A show like you described above (“Leo Up Late”) would be a terrific addition to TechTV’s line up. TechTV needs to drop the annoying space puppet show and put more useful shows on. TSS is wonderful, but a show with you as the sole host, answering our questions, would be ideal. Your balance of information and entertainment is very enjoyable to watch.
    Thank you for keeping the faith and continuing your great work.
    Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California
    P.S. I would not include Morgan on the show. It would bring the integrity of the show down a notch. Go with Cat. Cat is fun to watch and does not try to be something that she is not.

  26. SUPER. TechTV needs to return a little to it’s roots. I’m glad to see there is a possibility of that happening.

  27. The new show sounds great to me. The more tech the better. The wife says my head is a black hole that never fills with tech knowledge.

  28. hope the show is a go leo. u guys at techtv practically taught me to use my pc. i’m all for the geeky stuff but i’d like to see mainly gaming content and maybe some projects like really creative stuff like yoshi’s box.

  29. I read your blog and I like your idea about this new “Leo Up Late” Pilot much more like the “OLD” screen savers. I used to watch the old screen savers almost every day and I would watch the entire show. Then you guys got the new set and over time it has become “not quite as interesting”. So I only watch while I’m channel surfing and if I find the topic I’m interested in, I’ll stay on the TechTV channel. But most often in the last year or two, the topics are not interesting to me, so I continue to channel surf. (sorry about that).
    Just a little demographic information about myself. I’m a 58 year old retired California Highway Patrolman with a bad back, but I can sit at my desk and mess around with the computer while watching the TV. I’m a self taught semi-geek. I find the computer very interesting but I don’t have a lot of money to keep up with all of the “latest & greatest”. The “NEW” screen savers obviously is geared to “Entertainment” and not geared to helping people learn about the computer.

  30. Leo, I’m so happy to hear about the pilot. There’s no doubt from your description that this is your brainchild. It’s exactly what we all miss about ‘The Screensavers’, but then again, I doubt if that’s any news to you. I think we could all live with a little less entertainment, and a little more substance. Quite frankly, it really isn’t all that entertaining anyhow. The show’s strength does not lie in the off-the-hip jokes. Thats what late-night TV is for. Unfortunitly, I just checked your message board and missed my chance to call in. If there is ANY other way to help, PLEASE let us know. Good luck, Leo!

  31. As a long time Laportean and tech fan I’d really hope this works out. I don’t watch the Screen Savers anymore unless I am surfing and I see something that happens to catch my interest. The show is still entertaining but I don’t learn anything anymore.
    HOWEVER, I’ve always complained that the segment you used to have at the last 2 minutes of the show where you did viewer mail was the BEST part of the show cause I learned more in that 2 minute segment (or less if you ran late) than in the preceding 58 minutes! Then it seemed to totally disappear altogether. My favorite part of the show, gone. That was the radio on TV part! that was the part the show needs more than any other. People asking questions all over the gamut of technology and your responses. People in the chat room could even partciapate by helping answert questions if they knew the answer.
    Anyhow, the interviews are still very good on TSS. Just too few and far between. I find myself listening to the “C” Network radio show 4 hours or more a day because on radio you can have 10 big name guests in one hour. No satellite time, no transportation costs to the studio, just the price of a phone call. On TV I am sure it is very expensive to get anyone on camera.
    Good luck with this new pilot and feel free to pass my comments on to TPTB.

  32. I don’t agree with your mean way of saying it, but I do agree that the girls on TSS really detract from the original purpose of the show. It’s really too bad Paul Block and whoever else makes those decisions is more concerned about eye candy than computers. Anyway let’s face it — there are many other cable stations out there that do “bimbo” stuff a lot better. Like E! and Comedy Central has models or at least women who look like they could be models. Either be a computer show or be an entertainment show. But you have to choose one and go all the way, and not try to have some lame in-between thing.

  33. You should suggest a show that part “This Old House” and part “MTV Cribs.” In it, you (or Patrick, or Yoshi, or whomever) could oversee the installment of high-end computer and entertainment systems in stars’ homes. It’s got everything! Star appeal, tech gizmo wizardry, and someone would get to travel around and peep into the lives of the rich and famous. Total winner, I tell you.
    Also, “The Screen Savers” is probably my favorite show. I have to roll 2d10 every night against my wife to determine whether or not it’s TSS or Buffy that we’re going to watch between 7 and 8. (2d10…I have geeked too far…shameful.) Anyway, good luck with the new show!

  34. TechTV has obviously nixed the idea of an all calls show (which explains why TSS gets more calls than Call For Help), so here’s my idea. Call For Help is a really beginner’s show, people learning the tips and tricks. TSS is really all about the culture, but the actuall computing techniques are about Intermediate.
    How about making “up late” an advanced computing show? it’s the only area of the spectrum not already covered after all. Plus i think tptb might go for it a bit more?
    Anyway, thanks for your great work leo!
    Justin Hook

  35. First off, I really really really hope this works out. I would love this. I think this is a good idea. Hope it goes well.

  36. Leo, entertainment is all well and good, I can accepted that TPTB want a more diverse audience to a degree. However as long as they keep the Tech in the title of TechTv they must see they have to keep in some programing with true, geeky technology in it. I so hope this pilot flies for both you and the geek I have found within myself thanks to you. I want to learn, learn, learn, more, more, more and you are the one I trust to teach me in a clear, understandable and enjoyable fashion. You have my support in any way needed just point me in the right direction. Best of luck tonight in the old theater axiom, break a leg!

  37. Hope it will fly. If for some strang reason it does not fly may be you could run old episodes of tss from the begining. I know that i would like to see them all over again and this time put them all on whs then transfer them to my ibook to watch in year to come.

  38. Maybe with the new PTB it will get approved?!
    Bring back the original concept of CFH and TSS that Leo had would be a great move for TTV.
    Thanks Leo for trying!

  39. Leo,
    Where can we email management to support your projects? I would love to see your show featuring the architects of technology. I don’t think it would be as boring as the higher ups think. Thanks.

  40. Hey Leo,
    Honestly??I’ve not been keeping up with Tech TV of late. The 25th presentation of “How to install a Motherboard” when you’ve been doing it yourself for several years now gets VERY old.
    It’s been my hope (stated here and other Tech TV theme sites) that the TT Big Boys would realize the value of intemediate/advanced “tech talk”.
    There is, in fact, a more than large enough audience OVER 15 years old, who would greatly appreciate a more mature and advanced call-in show!!!

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