Just A Little Bit Longer

Don’t ever lock yourself out of a Lexus. But if you do, make sure you have Internet access.
I was tearing out of the studio this evening to drive down for a Jackson Brown/Tom Petty concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View – about 45 minutes south of here.

Yes here. I never got there. I was in such a hurry I opened the car trunk, threw everything into it, including my keys, and slammed the trunk shut. Imagine if you will, the comical look of a guy standing in the street next to a car that’s shut up as tight as a gin mill on Sunday.

I called triple A and eventually Sam came and pried the door open to loud screams from the startled car alarm. But I couldn’t open the trunk. Seems the car knows it’s been broken into and won’t let me into the trunk. In fact, it won’t let me do anything. The entire engine is shut down. Even if I had a key I’d have to reset the security to start the car. (There’s a super secret sequence involving the key, symmetrical twisting, and something that sounds a lot like the hokey pokey.)

There’s nothing more depressing than a luxury leather interior with burl wood accents that is totally immobilized.

The horn stopped honking and I stopped sobbing after a while. I called Lexus Roadside Assistance. The nice lady said I’d have to get my dealer to make a new key – there’s no magic way to get into the trunk. The car is just too damn smart. At this point I forgot the Tom Petty concert and started worrying that I’d miss my plane to Louisville tomorrow morning.

My wife, Jennifer, one hour north of here, has the only other key. Uh-oh. I called. She and the kids were carving pumpkins. How could I ask her to pack the kids in the car and drive for an hour to let me into my own car then drive back home another hour and her with a dozen cupcakes to make for school tomorrow? I asked. Fortunately, she got the bright idea of sending a cab down with the key. Dan is on his way now. It’s going to cost me $100 but what’s a guy to do?

The concert is starting right about now. I guess I might make it for the encore.

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  1. Help!!!
    My MessageBoard account isnt working
    it lets me login but when i goto do a member only thing it says username/password not found
    i switched to my XP hdd and it does the same thing!!

  2. Wow… and I thought my day sucked. I know the feeling. Just the other day I also locked my keys in my car. I felt like an idiot. here I am getting ready for classes and I thought I grabbed my keys, but when I went back to the car later to get something, there they were sitting in the driver’s seat with the car all nice and locked.
    I must have waited 30 minutes for friends with an extra key to come bail me out of this mess. I don’t have a internet connection with me, but luckily I did have my little Palm Vx. Wow, I love this thing.
    Oh.. Nice Blog… 🙂

  3. You really ought to consider yourself lucky:
    1. You drive a Lexus.
    2. A spare key was available and you did not have to take a cutting torch to the trunk. *Shudder*
    3. You had a spare $100 to pay the cab driver with.
    4. You did not miss much, the concert was not all that good.
    Look on the bright side and count your blessings.

  4. Oh Bless Bless Bless you!! I had a simular thing happen about 9 years ago. But I was in a cheep-oh Geo Prism. I was on my way to Atlanta from Dothan AL, about a 4.5 hour drive, to fly to Germany, to a friends wedding. I was taking my Mom with me for company and she was going to drive my car back so I wouldn’t have to leave it at the airport. I put my suitcase and carry-on in the trunk and slammed the lid down. Jumped into the drivers seat and when I went to start my car . . . . I realized I had no keys!!!! That horrible feeling began in a knot in my stomach and I KNEW where they were.
    I did not panic. I simply got the phone book and found a locksmith and for 60 bucks he made me a new key and unlocked my trunk. Then he showed me how to disassemble the passenger front door and there is a code. If I had ever done that again, all I had to do was give the code to a locksmith and he could make me another key without taking my door apart and save me time and money.
    I had the foresight to remember that S*** usually happens when you can least afford it. I had made sure that I had a 2 hour emergency time “fund”. I got to the airport in time and made to the wedding! In the past nine years I have NOT put my keys in the trunk again.

  5. I no longer have to worry about locking my keys in the vehicle – for one thing living in the boonies means I normally don’t have to lock the doors. I found one day that I have a “military” keyed SUV – I accidentally drove away in the city police “car” – it looks just like mine… they were nice enough to bring mine to me – no charge or charges! So I just need to have the local National Guard unit come unlock it for me. However, when I went to Gnomedex I found that I can’t lock the back window anyhow – so I CAN’T lock myself out, all I’d need to do is crawl through the back into the cab… oh the forethought of our government! Guess I’ll have to borrow a “real” car when I go to the big towns 🙂

  6. I cant be sure, but I think that Leo closed the board because of all of the accusations that were being made against certian members in at least 2 threads over the past few days. In my opinion Leo made the right choice in closing the board temporarly, because if he left it open, then the accusations would have continued.

  7. Wow, Leo, that does suck that you got locked out. Maybe the Lexus is too AI for its own good. I can empathize with that kind of day. I live in Louisville and I missed your appearance the weekend after my birthday (Halloween). I was going to go over to Mall St. Matthews and have you-all sign my ancient Blackberry Powerbook 500 series, but then I couldn’t find the e-mail that had the info on the times before I left work. The library closed Friday at 5pm, and I don’t have an internet connection at home. As you all mentioned on the show, Louisville is lacking an internet cafes as far as I know. I should have written the time down on my (organic) Palm Pilot.
    Argh! I’ll just tune in to your show everyday as usual to make up for it. Thanks for being so entertaining and educational, like a neo-Mr. Wizard.
    Mia Coleman

  8. I have a couple of LoTech key stories to share.
    I am notorious for locking the keys in my car and one blustery Canadian winter eve I left work in an ice storm and stopped half a block away at a variety store. I HAD meant to leave the engine running to warm up the car (I live in Orillia Ontario AKA Hooterville CDA) but HADN’T meant to lock the doors! As I said, this was during an ice storm, so CAA said that unless I was blocking traffic it would be 2 hours before they could send someone. Did I mention that my old Honda was carbureted and had a maze of vacuum lines and high idle detentes that required a blip of the gas pedal to ‘kick down’ the idle once it had warmed up? Within 15 minutes the engine was screaming and I could see through the window (clear of ice long ago) the temperature guage climbing dangerously high. I HAD to shut off the engine or it would be a puddle of slag by the time the tow truck arrived. Having seen the banana trick on Beverly Hills Cop, I found a clump of ice and jambed it up the tailpipe. Backpressure stalled the engine and I left a note on the windshield that I would be waiting in Tim Hortons.
    Story 2 gleaned from Readers Digest. Daughter lends Mom her Lincoln. Mom can’t get into car because of flat battery in keyless entry fob. Mom grabs cell phone and calls daughter for keyless entry code for numeric pad on door. Neither one thinks to tell Mom to PUT THE KEY IN THE TUMBLER AND TURN IT!

  9. This happened to me about 3 years ago. Locked my keys in a running sedan on a freezing cold day and couldn’t even pop the lock open with a coat hanger or slim jim. I know its anal retentive but I now carry two separate sets of keys on me because I swear this will never happen again.

  10. I remenber that, like Path, I accidently left my lights on in my minivan. Fortunlately, I left them on in a mall-type area and there was an auto shop on the premesis; all I had to do was walk to the auto shop and ask them if they could help me jump-start my minivan. Well, in short, I got my minivan started and was able to make it home okay.

  11. Who was getting mad, I mean what was the main reason he shut it down, and who, was it me?

  12. Leo, when you get home, if you read this, tell us why you did it, please. I get alot of fresh air, probably more than anybody at Leoville, it’s 8:00 p.m. here, nothing to do, except reading and posting at Leoville.

  13. hey ben franske, i dont think leo needs you to “stick up” for his decision, thanks.

  14. Tell me why…though I try to forget…
    Tell me why…though I think of you yet…
    Why cant I be free
    What has happen to me…
    Tell me why…

  15. That sucks, Leo. I’m so careless, I’ve locked my keys in my car more times than I can count on both hands. The best way is to keep a spare set of keys in your wallet. A wallet is the best place because it is almost always with you, and it’s still secure versus keeping a magnetic key box under your bumper or something. and you’ve got a thief-magnet lexus… thats why they have all those ‘User Friendly’ security features 🙂

  16. Man, does that ever hurt? I made that same mistake myself once. I have three keys to my car. One that stays on me, one that sits in the middle console of my car (in case I forget where I put my main key), and one I keep in my wallet. Well, I came home from work and had my wallet sitting in the passenger seat. It was late that night and I guess I wasn’t thinking. To make a long story short, I locked all three of my keys in the car. Fortunately, my sister (I had to call her and have her come over) had a fourth key and she was able to bail me out of this jam. I hope that I never do that one again.

  17. I tend to lock myself out of my apt. once a year or so. Luckily, the front desk/security is always around to loan me a spare these days.
    The downside of having a Lexus is, like the Acura, the keys are way too bulky to fit in a wallet (my dad has that problem), and you may have to PAY for a 3rd & 4th key.
    Hmmm….now THERE’S an upside to not being able to drive. ;-}

  18. Rule number one about owning a car…Never own a car that does not allow you to open the trunk even after a “break in”. This usualy means shoping for that nice little Nissan you’ve been secretly admireing for a long time.

  19. gee know how that feels. when i was 18 i took my dad’s car to a party in montreal (quebec, canada) (an hour away from my house). there where alot of shadey characters so the 5 people i drove out there put all their stuff in the trunk of the car for safe keeping. later that night we went to get a bag out of the trunk and the key snapped off in the trunk lock. my dad had to drive out there the next morning to unlock the car, ’cause the trunk key also unlocked the car doors, but it was a different key to start the car. aarrgghh! =)
    montreal, quebec

  20. Losing the car keys an expensive mistake
    Vehicles: To frustrate thieves, high-tech ignition systems have gained popularity. Just make sure you don’t lose the costly keys.
    By Bethany Halford
    Special to the Baltimore Sun
    Published September 26, 2002
    I’m curious if these keys are waterproof. I asked a salesman and was told sure. Then I said I took the keys jetskiing – then I was told to keep them in a waterproof container. Hmmm.

  21. Sounds like something I did with my new Kia Sportage. Went to start it one morning to go to work…..it wouldn’t start. nothing, nadda, zip. I was MAD! I called the 800 number for them to come get the &*$@# thing. While waiting for the tow truck they dispatched, I realized the light switch was on…DUHHHHHHH! Guess I didn’t hear the beep beep sound when you leave your lights on after shutting the engine down.

  22. Leo,
    Sorry to hear about the car prob. You should do what I do. Keep a spare key in your wallet. This way, if you leave the key in the car, you have a backup.

  23. Leo,
    Sorry to hear about the car prob. You should do what I do. Keep a spare key in your wallet. This way, if you leave the key in the car, you have a backup.

  24. Too bad you didn’t just call a qualified Locksmith to begin with. We can open such a vehicle (passenger comparment) without dammage in a few seconds.
    If the keys are in the trunk ….. the first choice would be a Locksmith with a special lock pick that pops open the Lexus’s high secuirty door lock or trunk lock in a few seconds The locks can also be picked with convetional tools but it requires more skill.
    If the Locmsmith has the “Sidewinder” type key machine the key code is right on the passenger door lock and a new key could be made on the spot.
    If no special key machine is available ….. it’s a simple matter to open the car ….. jump the alarm contact wire in the drivers door cavity …. then bypass the Valet lockout and activate the trunk release.
    There are also other well documented methods to open the trunk besides these.

  25. damm, that sucks leo. but, i have 1 question: do u really have a lexus, or ar u just bluffing?????

  26. When we were living in Lincoln, Nebraska, I locked myself out of my car. I had just gotten into the car and started it when I remembered I had left something in the living room. I thought I’d just run in and get it.
    I opened the car door, and, out of habit, I automatically pushed the button to lock the door, shut the car door, went to the house door, and discovered I had no house key. Oops, I had left the car running and locked the car.
    No problem, I had an extra set of car keys in my purse. Oops, my purse was inside the locked car!
    My husband had an extra set. He was in Denver, Colorado, but he left his set of my car keys in our bedroom, and the locked, running car was in our driveway. Oops, the house was locked!
    I tried getting in a window, but didn’t want to break a window as our landlady was a real trip. No luck.
    I ended up going to a neighbor’s house, calling the landlady (luckily, she was home), had her come over to unlock the house so I could get my husband’s keys to unlock the running car.

  27. At least you know god forbid someone tried to mess with your car, they wouldn’t get too far. I hope you make it to the concert!

  28. Whoofta, that’s one smart car! I guess that’s what happens when you try to live luxurious, you get locked out of your car. :p
    Oh well, worse things could have happened. And you learned a valuable lesson you all ready knew, never lock your keys in the trunk.
    Oh well, best of luck with the next concert!

  29. Did Leo ever make it out? Did the taxi arrive? do I stay on this same leo channel, same leo time next week to find out?

  30. Sounds like when I went out to start my car and locked the house door, started the car up and locked the car door. Then I went to go inside and the door was locked so I went to the car to get the house key and it was locked. How embarasing!

  31. HaHa Thats funny.
    I wish I was rich and could complain about stuff like this.
    well got to go pick up my $210 check at BK.
    I wish i had techtv still f-ing cable company got rid of it.
    Still love you leo(not like that)

  32. want to here this,
    I lost my keys in my car, I live in canada. This hapened during the winter, it was freezing, I locked my keys in the car, but get this, no word of a lie. My friends were in the car, laughing at me, they wouldn’t let me back in. Finally when the joke was finished, 40 minutes later, I got back in. Luckily I beat the Shit out of all of them. Now they treat me with respect, and they are all my Bitches!!!!!!! lol lol LMAO!!!!!
    Just kidding, good story, though huh??

  33. Buy a car with OnStar…most General Motors vehicles have this as an option. I locked my keys in my Tahoe three times in one week…OnStar paid for itself in that one week alone.
    Ironically, I was thinking about canceling my subcription to OnStar the week before.
    When I called OnStar to unlock the door, the rep. told me you car will be unlocked in 7m 40s.
    On the seventh day, God said the door will unlock.

  34. That was the most pitiful thing i’ve ever heard, teaches you not to buy probably some 80 thousand dollar lexus, its not even worth writing about, you’ve probably got enough money go buy another one. write about something that isn’t such a joke, have a nice day

  35. I guess people don’t realize how expensive those Lexus keys really are. (Just make spares to give to everyone…sure) P.S. the wallet key thing doesn’t work for Lexus’…or is it Lexi…Lexuses…whatever.

  36. i did that too once, i had left my keys in the trunk of my 98 es300 i called CAA, they got the car (with the alarms going off)open, luckily on my car theres a opening to put your skis through in so i got the keys out, iff not i wouldve been screwed because my parents were out of town and my house keys were also with those keys (i had thought about going home and getting the keys but realised that wouldn’t work)

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