Screen Savers WiMP skin

Gary Rockrohr from Joplin, MO send me this awesome skin for Windows Media Player. Nice job, Gary, and thanks!


Right-click the thumbnail and select “Save Link target as…” to download the screensavers.wmz file. Double-click the WMZ file to install it into the skins folder.

9 Replies to “Screen Savers WiMP skin”

  1. I’ve tried to install this and other skins. My PC keeps associating them with WMP. No idea why. I have un-installled and re-installed winamp 2.81. Any ideas what settings I need to change to get the skins to work?

  2. Poor, poor chahn. You see…this isn’t a WinAmp skin at all. It’s for Windows Media Player! That may be the reason it doesn’t work with WAMP!

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