Screen Savers WiMP skin

Gary Rockrohr from Joplin, MO send me this awesome skin for Windows Media Player. Nice job, Gary, and thanks!


Right-click the thumbnail and select “Save Link target as…” to download the screensavers.wmz file. Double-click the WMZ file to install it into the skins folder.

9 Replies to “Screen Savers WiMP skin”

  1. How about getting the blue background used on the main TSS computer when the show starts?

  2. I’ve tried to install this and other skins. My PC keeps associating them with WMP. No idea why. I have un-installled and re-installed winamp 2.81. Any ideas what settings I need to change to get the skins to work?

  3. Poor, poor chahn. You see…this isn’t a WinAmp skin at all. It’s for Windows Media Player! That may be the reason it doesn’t work with WAMP!

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