I’m no Angel

A programming note… I’m taking today off to take Henry to game 3 of the World Series. Henry plays for the Angels in Little League, so he’ll be rooting for the Angels. But as a concession to me he’ll be wearing a Giants warm-up jacket to offset his Angels cap. I’ll post pictures if we don’t get beat up.
I’ll be back on the show tomorrow.

World Series ducats

Go Giants!

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  1. Fear me Giants! 2k2 is the year of the Monkey in California!
    Bow b4 me Leo and all of you foolish Giants fans!
    Rally Monkey

  2. In the land of Giants and Angels…. MONKEYS RULE!!
    EEE EEEE EEE EEEE Oooo Ooo Oooo ….
    Angels? YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Go Dodgers… NEXT YEAR!”
    Oh really, who are they? San Francisco all the way!

  4. Well it looks like Henry 2, Leo 1. Sorry Mayor, but the youngun must be bouncing! Nice you guys got to go, can’t wait for the pics.

  5. LMAO @ EB! …err… “Go Braves”. There’s no foolin’ me — I’d recognize that nose anywhere! 😉
    Hope you two had a great time!

  6. Hope you two had fun at the game! Leo, I thought I saw you on TV, were you wearing a red and orange fright wig? Maybe that wasn’t you.
    So Henry is rooting against the Giants, what a family dynamic that must be?!?
    I grew up in the NJ area, and don’t ask me why, in the late 1960’s I was a Baltimore Orioles fan. Boog Powell was my favorite, don’t ask me why. My family, however, were Mets fans. Tom Sever and the Miricle Mets and all that. I was such a black sheep of the family…… I cried when the O’s lost, such bitter, bitter tears. I think I was 8 or 9.
    What made it worse was my Mom somehow got some turf from Shea Staduim, and she kept it in a little dish in the kitchen window, for weeks afterwards. It was my job to water it, and trim it. I did a good job, I didn’t water it with salt water, I didn’t do anything bad to it. REALLY. It just sat there in the window and taunted me. Nightly. Through Long Family Dinners. I could hear it growing. I watched the New York Post, declaring the Miracle Mets world champs, yellowing and turning brittle as it hung in triumph in a place of honor, taped with cellophane to the fridge.
    Then, one day the Shea Stadium grass died. I was so happy. It was my job to throw it away when I took out the kitchen garbage. That was quite some “ceremony,” I must say. I savored it.
    This little heart warming baseball story is brought to you by,
    (Keyword: Fig Newton.)

  7. Leo,
    That was great that you and Henry got to go to a World Series game! Not much of a game, compared to the first two, but it’s still the World Series. I understand your loyalty to SF but personally, I can’t stand Bonds’ arrogance. ANGELS in 6.
    Braves in 2003!!!

  8. Sorry, Leo … I have to root against you and go for my Angels. They have Mike Scioscia. They can do no wrong. 🙂
    However, I wish your team the best of luck anyway … ::thumbs up::

  9. Hey Leo
    I thought I saw ya on TV last night during Game 3
    of the world series.Its not hard to miss leo in
    a big crowd folks did anyone notice

  10. Quoted BondsSux:
    “Bonds is such a low class roid monster…. Did any of you catch his latest profanity laced outburst after last nights game.
    No wonder even his own teammates hate his ass!”
    Whats the big deal, we had to listen to your profanity laced outburst.

  11. In other baseball-related news . . . some teams have released tentative 2003 schedules.
    Yankees at Cubs, Friday June 6 through Sunday the 8th.
    Details at mlb.com. (You gotta take Henry to this one, Leo!! 🙂 )

  12. Can wait until Dusty Baker takes a dump on the Giants… He can’t stand Bonds, it’s a shame when one jerk has to force a quality skipper to leave town..Bonds will NOT make the hall of fame, I dont know one person of authority who would vote for him..

  13. Just Walk Him….every time. Or do what Big D would have done….hit him with the first pitch.

  14. “sux” and “ass” aren’t quite in the same league as the F Bombs that Barry Bonds was dropping. I don’t see how even diehard Giants fans can come to Bonds defense when his teammates and the opposing players have nothing good to say about him as a person. Did you hear Joe Buck on Leno the other night? He said that Don Baylor had offered to introduce him to Barry a few years ago. Baylor said, “Barry, this is Joe Buck, son of the Cardinal’s broadcaster, Jack Buck”. Bonds replied, “SO?” and walked off.
    Real classless guy. BTW, the Giants are 6-0 in postseason games this year where Bonds did NOT homer. Can we say meaningless homers? ROFL!

  15. I attended game 1 in Anaheim (I live in LA). I’ve never heard anything so load in my life as the Thunderstix under the grandstands. I had a great time even though the Giants won.
    So far it’s been a great World Series and we got thru the SF games without an earthquake. All the games were close until tonight (game 5) when the Giants spanked the Angels.
    Go Angels!

  16. Y’know that’s funny because I interviewed Barry at Comdex some years ago and he was nice as can be. Take it from me it’s no fun to have microphones thrust in your face by a media swarm, especially under the charged circumstances of the World Series. He’s quite professional under normal circumstances.

  17. Oh, and are you kidding, Barry NOT in the Hall. That would be a travesty. He’s the greatest player of our generation, possibly of all time. If Ty Cobb, a truly mean and vile sucker, can make it to the Hall, Barry can.

  18. I am no fan of Barry. However, he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Possibly unanimous..

  19. Even though I’m not a fan of Barry Bonds the person he should be a first ballot hall of famer because his exploits between the lines are what he should be judged on as far as the HOF is concerned. I just wish that he was more like Big Mc when it comes to dealing with the fans and the media.
    I’ll be both games this weekends sceaming my head off as the Angels make one of their many come-backs from the brink.
    Fear The Monkey – 2k2 Year of the monkey

  20. Leo, How do you like Jon Miller doing the radio broadcasts? We used to have him here in Baltimore, I enjoyed him a lot, his is a bit goofier on ESPN with Joe Morgan, I wonder is he like that doing the regular Giants games? Or does he drop that schitck and just call the games?
    As a matter of fact one of the reasons I like the Braves so much is that I really enjoy the TBS broadcasters, Skip Carrey (sp?), Joe Simpson, Pete van Weirren (sp?) and Don Sutton. Those guys crack me up, I love the fact they can call a game and actually NOT talk the whole time, they don’t feel like they have to fill every moment of air time blathering like the Fox guys.
    If you listen on the radio, don’t you get a really bad delay using the satellite? When I watch on cable, the radio is always ahead of the picture.

  21. Great series so far–looks like your Giants woke up, Leo! I’ll help you cheer ’em on to victory!

  22. Well I just got back from one of the most incredible experiances of my life! Oh what a ride!
    Two mistakes from Bonds as he fears primate-power!
    Wow – what more can I say my son, daughter, wife and I have almost lost our voices after willing/screaming/beating our Angles back into to this game when they were 8 outs from losing it all!
    Every single player was a hero yet again for this never say die group of players!
    I’m going to have a few drops of brandy and honey in my cup of tea and hope my voice recovers for Sundays winner-take-all showdown!
    I’ll be there with my wife and kids and whatever happens I’m determined to lose my voice!
    Go Angels – Fear The Monkey – 2k2 Year of the Monkey In SoCal!

  23. Our Angels have got thier wings at last!! Thanks Gene Autry, we still love you…..

  24. Leo, hoped you guys enjoyed the game. Great series, but not as good as last year (GO D-BACKS!). At least the Angels won (can’t stand many of the Giants, especially Bonds).
    About the Fox broadcasters, Buck regularly calls games for St. Louis and McCarver I believe calls games for the Yankees, so they’re both bitter about their teams not being in the series (remember the Yankees lost to Anaheim in the Division Series and St. Louis lost to SF in the NLCS).


  26. Hey leo want to adopt another kid?? I haven’t been to a Giant’s game since, well Will Clark was still playing for them. Hope you two enjoyed the game, this is one enivious kitty here

  27. GO ANGELS!! Since my Padres couldn’t even make the playoffs, I gotta root for the next Cali team closest to me. I think the Angels will win this by Game 6!!
    How bout them Chargers?? 6-1, baby!! The Bay Area is goin down against the Bolts!!

  28. Bonds is such a low class roid monster…. Did any of you catch his latest profanity laced outburst after last nights game.
    No wonder even his own teammates hate his ass!
    And were there any Giants fans at last nights game cos it sounded like a wake!
    Go Angels – 2k2 Year of the Monkey

  29. Bonds unloaded a F-bomb outburst at a group of reporters including 3 female reporters. That my little friend Charles is why 90% of the baseball fans hate his roided up ass! He should act more like Mays – But no he acts like someone having those roid-rages – hmmmmm……
    Oh by the way remember Bonds likes to beat his wife too – such a nice guy huh.

  30. Incidentally, Buck and McCarver’s antipathy towards the Giants are very obvious on the TV broadcasts. I turn off the sound and listen to the radio. The analysis is better and I don’t have to listen to B&M’s snide remarks.
    They showed B&M on the scoreboard on Tuesday night and they were roundly booed by the fans at Pac Bell. McCarver is truly hated in this town.

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