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Thanks to Darryl Harris who sent me this lovely autumnal Screen Savers wallpaper. Click the thumbnail to get the full size image then save as wallpaper.

Incidentally, we’ve posted high quality copies of the original on The Screen Savers web site.

The TechTV wallpaper for PocketPC that Patrick showed you yesterday is available from PocketPC Themes. There’s another one here. Thanks Foo Fighter!

(Yes, Patrick did show my cell phone number on the air when he showed you the theme. Thanks for all the messages!)

30 Replies to “TechTV Themes”

  1. Wow, everything is centered instead of justified left…. you’ll fix it, then no one will know what I’m talking about. BTW: I called that number collect yesterday and left you a really long recipe for Turkey Tetrazini.
    j/k :^)

  2. does anyone know where i can get the one with the blue background like they use on some of the computers on the set.

  3. I love the wall paper. Is there a way to get the new Screen Savers back ground with the black back ground??

  4. And here I thought you were paying homage to Morgan, Mich and the rest of your Canadian audience (for whom Thanksgiving is Monday) 🙂
    Great job Darryl!! Thanks!!

  5. Didn’t I see on the show, something like for a good computer hacking time call Leo at # and I didn’t see the
    Or was I seeing things.

  6. Great screen saver. BTW: Leo, thanks for having this site. You get mentioned at my blogsite for being inspiration for my site.

  7. Hey, Leo, i saw your work cam today with your back to the camera. You gotta nice back! 🙂 Screen saver is a great show, i do miss ya on Call for Help though. :-)lucy

  8. The first number is my old office number. It’s been disconnected for over two years.
    The second number is not mine – it’s some number in Baltimore.

  9. I missed the phone number!!!!! I saw it, but I didn’t pay attention!!! e-mail it to me! just kiddin

  10. I have the nuber it is 707-235-XXXX. If anyone doubts it I have video tape of him talking to megan about me calling him.

  11. Great Wallpaper. It is a vast improvement over the original with all that black. Tell this guy to make one for every season….LOL

  12. What was the number again? LOL – first, there was chat, then there were spycams, then netmeeting – now introducing: Leo’s phone on the air. Take it easy Leo, still – don’t change your phone number at this point. That is so wrong…
    Greetings from Puerto Rico (transparent .gifs)
    Ricardo Alfaro

  13. i saw leo’s phone #!
    for those who didn’t see, it was 410-833-xxxx!!!
    (please dont call him though)

  14. That ‘blue thing’ on TSS is called an interactive whiteboard…and they aren’t cheap. Used with Netmeeting they can make for decent videoconferencing. It isn’t intuitive switching modes though….as Leo has seen a couple times on the show, when you want to highlight or circle something, you have to change tools.
    First Post on your blog Leo. Keep up the good work!

  15. I have the nuber it is 707-235-XXXX. If anyone doubts it I have video tape of him talking to megan about me calling him.

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