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A quick programming note: I’ll be hosting Call For Help on Friday while Chris is on vacation. That’s 10/11 at 5p Eastern.
Also Patrick and I will be making a rare appearance in the San Francisco Bay Area, at the Best Buy in Dublin, on Saturday, November 16. It’ll probably be from noon to two. And because it’s a local appearance we’re hoping to get the entire Screen Savers crew there, too! That’ll be a real first.

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  1. Too bad you couldn’t replace Chris permanently. You’re much better suited for that show.

  2. Hey thatt is reeelly kool “Rick”, thatt you learnd hoow to wurk compooters at
    wurk, maybe now yoo could go learn how to type and spell.

  3. So when in the world are you going to make an appearance in L.A.? Live365 recently had a meet-n-greet at L.A. International airport–you could have joined them and helped us figure out how to save Internet Radio! That’s something you may end up doing again someday, right?
    Or perhaps you could make an appearance at UCLA. Yes, a local university–I’m sure some of the locals would be glad to see you! We have a Best Buy here in Westwood now–just opened last year. Do you have alot of viewers in L.A.?
    By the way, enjoy my new Blog at

  4. I somewhat aagree with the person who said thaat you’re better suited fo “Call for Help” You have the great abi;ity of a teacher. You are very down to the point and speak plain english. I have learned alot from you on call for help and the screen savers. You guys are great. I ‘m glad they chose Patrick to replace Kate. He I cccan realate with. I have taken a couple of computers and beaten them. One was a Packerd Hell, I mean Bell. Any way , Leo I just wanted to say that you and techtv/zdtv have been a great influance on me. I’m 32 aand Have been working the same BS job since I was 18. Thanks to you and a couple of clueless/lazy bosses)whom didn’t want to read the manuals),I am now totaly involved in computers. I AM an exppert in the POS program that Domino’s works with , +n I am stasring my own computer service. I ‘m not the grreatest on computers, but I know enough to keep the simple people happy and not rip them off like some places. I also truley enjoy for the fact I cccan work out of my home and spend morrre time with my children.
    Anyway Thanks Again. You have been a great help.
    Take care
    Rick Heber

  5. Always an event worth tuning to when you get a chance to do CFH… set your VCRs, TiVos and ReplayTVs people!

  6. It was really nice to meet you today. I’m still a lil embarrassed about being turned into a wookie… but its all in good fun. Remember, I’m from Castro Valley, not Endor!
    see ya on the 23rd. till next time
    ~ Ryoga Vee

  7. Hey Leo, I will definitely be there on Nov 16. Can’t Wait. No, really, I can’t. I’ll probably be setting up camp outside there everynight until that day, only breaking to watch TechTV. Just kidding incase you hadn’t noticed. The San Francisco Bay Area Rocks! (I’m from Castro Valley, about 30 minutes away from San Fracsico by BART.)

  8. The Screen Savers, Regis & Kelly, World News Now, Call For Help…America just can’t get enough Leo Laporte! And that’s a good thing!
    Now to figure out a way to bring you to Ohio.

  9. Any chance of using the original Call for Help opener featuring Leo? That’d really be a blast from the past. Either way, it’d be 1000% more tolerable than the CFH of today.

  10. Remember what happens when you only schedule two hours, Leo!!!
    #417 in line.

  11. Everyone who is going to the event in SF, please take pictures and post them over in the Leoville Town Square so we “east coast types” can see what fun you are having! Thanks!
    And to the first person in line….. bring the gang some snacks and you’ll be sure to get a great reception!
    The Tasty Kake Kid

  12. hey…i’m just kidding. I enjoy the show, and look forward to what a call for help session is with you since I’m one of those people who didn’t see you when you were originally on it. Come to Albany, NY some day. Wait…nevermind..don’t. You’d never come back again anyway.

  13. Leo,
    When are you coming back to Michigan?? To long without a visit from you. BTW- bring Patrick and Chris along.

  14. The Best Buy in Dublin!?! I live less than five minutes from that place! Leo and the Screen Savers (and Gateway, Inc.) were nice enough to give away free Gateway computers (including the one that I hope to receive real soon). I will definitely make sure that I pay a visit (assuming the wife says I can.) The weekends are usually for quality, family time and I know my one-year old isn’t interested in standing in line.
    Frank in Pleasanton, CA – Gateway winner #3, for those who care 🙂
    p.s. If you get hungry, there are plenty of places to eat nearby but I would recommend the “Red Tractor Cafe.” It is a short walk from Best Buy and they serve good, old-fashioned “comfort” food. I just think that the place is a nice change from all of the fast-food, chain eateries that are also nearby. I don’t have any connection with the place other than I eat there and I love the orangeade that they serve.

  15. Public Transportation? Pretty simple actually. If you are in the SF Bay Area and you want to move around via public transportation, you are going to have to use BART (Bay Area Regional Transit). Fortunately, one of the BART rail line spokes terminates in Dublin/Pleasanton (that’s the name of the station.) Just as fortunate, the BART station is only about a mile from the Best Buy in question.
    The only bad news is that if you are inclined to walk, the area between BART and the Hacienda Crossings shopping center, where Best Buy is located, is undeveloped land and very pedestrian hostile due to all of the surrounding high-volume traffic.
    Anyways, when you get off of the BART train be sure to get a transfer for the Wheels bus. That way you will only pay $0.60 instead of the full $1.25 fare. When you come out of the BART station, turn left and you will see the islands where you can hop on the bus. (There are also bus islands on the right, but they go to Pleasanton.) You want to get on the number 1 (one) bus and take a short ride to the Hacienda/Dublin Blvd stop.
    Once you step off the bus, you should be in the north side of the shopping center and Best Buy is in the eastern side of the center. It should be fairly obvious.
    If you want more information on fares and schedules, here are some links:
    Bart –
    Wheels –
    Have a safe trip!

  16. ..or just use and get door-to-door directions.
    if it’s only a mile away, though, why not walk from bart? exercise is good. then you only have to worry about barting and not busing on top of it.

  17. Hi Leo
    My family and I love the screensavers, so when will Patrick and yourself will be in Boise ID, we have Best Buy here, would love have you visit.

  18. i changed my mind. if you do come to albany..come to the best buy and only the best buy.
    trust me.

  19. Hi thanks for your mouse pad i really like it thanks see you on the show monday

  20. Hi thanks for your mouse pad i really like it thanks see you on the show monday

  21. Hi thanks for your mouse pad i really like it thanks see you on the show monday

  22. Hi thanks for your mouse pad i really like it thanks see you on the show monday

  23. Hi Léo!
    That is so great that you guys will make an appearance in the Bay Area. It will be wonderful to see you “live” again. Make sure Marty combs his hair this time…
    See ya soon,
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  24. Leo,
    Thanks for being so friendly and gracious at the Best Buy in White Marsh, Maryland. I’m the shrink who told you that your show was my therapy, and you signed my shirt. You two guys were so nice to everyone, and it made my day. I just wish you had been selling your book there. I ended up buying it at B & N.

  25. Maybe we should say… we want leo BACK at Call for Help instead of saying… We want Leo on call for help. I used to watch call for help w/ leo alot back in the ZDTV days. Good stuff. Then Leo started disappearing… on Fridays at first… THEN HE DISAPPEARED COMPLETELY! I was astounded
    I used to be just into computers… THEN I GOT TOTALLY ADDICTED BECAUSE OF ZDTV (and techTV… even though i think TechTV is waaaaaaaay different) THANKS LEO FOR INSPIRING ME TO HAVE NO LIFE! Haha … jp.

  26. I’ve been waiting for a Bay Area appearance for the longest time! I’ll for sure, be trekking up from Sunnyvale, stopping by on the way to my mom’s house in Hercules 🙂 For those unaware of Bay Area geography… Sunnyvale is a few minutes northwest of San Jose and Hercules is about 15 minutes north of Berkeley.

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