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  1. Excellent clips Leo! It gives me ideas to make my own local television production in my school more professional. Keep posting them up! (as your webspace can hold)

  2. Yeah as u have read before mine Leo keep up the good work love them video blogs its great for us who are not local to go see the show makes us feel like part of the show

  3. Hey Leo,
    You should do more audio blogs insted of the video blogs. Video seems more cool, but look at how many people are having trouble with it. It also takes forever to load when you are using dial-up.
    I have been trying to get it to work, but once it finaly loads (if the video is 5 seconds it takes about 15 minutes) It tells me there is a problem with quicktime. My opionin, stick with the audio blogs. You don’t have to get dressed for them niether. You can were you’re pajama’s or just be plain naked. Well, my fingers are getting tired so i better go.

  4. Wow, who were those guys in the back row of the studio audience? Actually it was me(in the Oakland A’s hat)and my friends Dave and Joe. We had a great time and look forward to doing it again soon. Tech TV and Baseball are about the only things that’ll keep me in front of the tube. Thanks again Leo , Patrick , and the TSS crew for a great time!

  5. Leo, the clips are great. Keep up the good work, this is what the net’s all about.

  6. I haven’t had a chance to see the new set in action yet, because half of my channles where temporarily taken away by the evil cable company.
    Thanks for sharing the video. 🙂

  7. OK, so I’m running Mac OS X, and I can’t see these clips in either Mozilla, or IE. To the best of my knowledge I have the QuickTime plug-ins for IE, and the clips run but i get no sound or video.
    I tried doing “Download Link To Disk”, and dropping it on my (registered) Quicktime icon, but no joy there either.

  8. Nice to see from those videos that TSS is still out there!
    The canadian TechTV folks decided to drop the 1 AM rerun of the show, so my only opportunity to see it is now gone. I tried to write them about this last week, and received no feedback whatsoever from them.
    Taping the show is out of the question for me, as my family needs the TV set for other shows during the 7 PM and 10 PM airs of TSS.
    Help, Leo!

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