Balto Blog: Arundel Mills

More video from our trip to Baltimore. Here we are arriving at Arundel Mills for our first appearance. I ask Patrick, “what happened to your pants?”
Bass Pro (17 seconds)

I’d say there were about 500 people waiting for us as we entered the mall. Thanks for making us feel like rock stars!

Rock Star (53 seconds)

The first person in line was E_B from Leoville bearing Tasty Kakes!

OMG! (5 seconds)

Four hours and 47 minutes later, we meet the last person in line afer signing well over 600 autographs.

Sign The Pictures (25 seconds)

Afterwards I went over to Books A Million and quickly signed about 50 more books – if you run over you might find one. Last night Patrick met up with friends, but the rest of us were lucky enough to score tickets to the sold out Yankees-Orioles game at Camden Yards. Ken and I had Boog’s Barbecue and I bought a laser engraved Little League bat for Henry (“Hank Laporte”). What a beautiful ballpark. We took a water taxi to Fells Point for a few drinks at Crabby Dick’s, then back to the hotel so Jennifer, Johanna, and Jane could look for Yankees.

Next stop, the Best Buy in White Marsh in about two hours. Then on to New York City for World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly.

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  1. Id like to say thanks for coming to Maryland. Ive always loved the show and always wanted to meet you. Now i can say ive met you and ive got the side of my Computer Case to prove it. Thanks.
    -Greg P.

  2. Ahh, the life of a traveling tech celebrity! Sounds like you and the rest of the crew are having a great time- thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us!
    We’ll be keeping an eye out for your upcoming TV appearances as well- suppose you will be nervous in front of a camera? ha
    Take care Leo,

  3. Once agian a great blog entry Leo. Hey guys iam looking for a way to post some pics and a page deticated to the TSS show and the fans. Iam lookign for people who want to help. If u know html and or have pics and stuff u can contrubute id love to start a great site for Leo and pat and the rest of the gang. For now if u want to see some pics from the book signing and or send me a email to help me out just visit or u can use that will take u to the page about the TSS show. Just click on the link tot he book signing and let me know how u like it. Just leave a message on the TSS board or sign the guestbook and let us know u fav TSS personality. I hope to have personlized email going up soon if u want that let me know also and email me some good domans i can use for it like (yourname) let em know your favoties. Thanks for your time and Keep up the good work Leo and Wish u the best of luck. Leo if u read this hope u like the page its all for you guys and the well over 600 fans u saw at arundelmills GO BMORE!!!!!
    Kevin G

  4. When Leo was in Charleston, WV a while back…
    1) I was first in line.
    2) I got a TechTv hat just for being first in line.
    3) Leo signed the hat, a vaccume tube, and several pics.
    4) I did not take the Leo Laporte Toupee Or Not Toupee Challenge.
    5) Got a nice picture taken with Leo.
    6) After getting lots of stuff autographed but not wanting to leave, I got back in line and waited a second turn.
    7) Did not get to make a second pass. Oh well… :o)

  5. SOB! I can’t see the Quicktime, my win 95 won’t support it! (Apple site says win 98)
    I’ll be checking in tomorrow from the p/t job to see it in it’s full broadband glory! ‘Til then I’ll have to wait to see my 5 seconds of fame!
    ::::Psssst, Leo: Can you make some Real Player videos? or is Quicktime it? The real player stuff worked great for me. thnx ::::::::
    The event at Best Buy in White Marsh was great! I posted more pix over in the Leoville Message Boards, in the Leo thread…. I had a great time visiting with the guys again, and I am sure Ken Marquis was glad there wasn’t yet another event tomorrow, he was very patient with me hogging all the face time I could soak up at “the table.”
    Check out the look on Ken’s face on the one pic I posted…. HA HA HA.
    Thanks Ken for not giving me the boot… these past two days have been a real kick for me….. Leo and Patrick you are true gentlemen and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you both.
    Best wishes and safe travels to all,
    Elizabeth Branch

  6. Hey Leo!
    It was great seeing you and Pat at Arundel Mills Saturday! I was somewhere around the 10th or 15th (something like that) person in line….I will have to post my pic up on my site sometime soon. I will also have to get that envelope sent off to you soon too. Anyway thanks for coming out to Maryland for all of us GEEKS!
    Take care Leo
    I was wearing my Screen Savers t-shirt that I just got in the mail on Thursday (9/26/2002) for winning the supergeek challenge.

  7. Thanks Leo! Its great to see some action on your wonderful website. You seem like a fun person to travel with. Many regards and have a happy Fall!!!!!!

  8. I love the clip of Patrick’s pants, or lack thereof. My only questions is, is he growling at the end of it?

  9. I was there, but I was too lazy to stand in line…well i had to be back at work at 2:30…sheesh…oh well i was staring at both of you from 20 feet away, lol.

  10. Am unable to see any of these clips (and it’s killing me, E_B!). 98 SE, not getting it in either IE 6 SP 1 or Communicator 4.7. Whenever I try, I get a notice: words to the effect of “you’re missing something [it never says what], and it’s not available from Quick Time site either”.

  11. Got it to work (by downloading QT6), Tony. Thanks. Strange: Updater wasn’t letting me know it was available.
    E_B: Wonderful, huh? 🙂

  12. I just downloaded QT6, but mine still won’t work. I get a message saying that componets of QuickTime I need are missing and not available for download. 🙁 I vote for Real Player clips too! Please?

  13. Ok, my pitiful Windows 95 can only get QT4 so I made my sister download 6 to her Win 98 and guess what!! Still can’t see the videos!! Oh, well. Is anybody having any luck?

  14. Looked for Leo on Regis & Kelly this morning, and I think he was pre-empted. What a bummer, the one day I’m home from work to watch him interact with Regis (which is always funny), and all I get is an hour of Patricia Heaton (from “Everybody Loves Raymond”) and comedian Andy Dick. I mean the conversations about sagging scrotums and post-birth cleavage were funny and all, but I wanted to see the gadgets! I wonder if that means he’ll have to stay another day in NY.
    BTW, for you guys having problems with QT, try these things if you are Windows users. For the ’95 users go to this link and download version 5. Assuming Leo encoded the video to be backwards compatible. I have ver. 6 for Windows, so I can’t be sure. If you are using Netscape, type in the address line “about:plugins” without the quotes, and make sure the the Quicktime Plugins are active. If not unintstall Quicktime, and then install it again. If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to make sure the Active-X Plugin object is installed. And you can check this by going to and checking the left hand side right under the 8 movie posters. The “Upgrade Today…” banner is actually a static frame Qucktime .mov file, which has code that will install the Active-X Plugin object if you don’t already have it. Once you have that plus have QT installed, you should be able to see Leo’s QT clips.

  15. You know what, curiosity got the best of me, so I checked the source code, cause of all the help posts. I found out that Leo encoded the video in MPEG-4, so if you want to see it in QT 5 you are out of luck, sorry WIN’95 users.
    Only QT 6 (and incidently RealOne Player) will decode MPEG-4 video.
    If you installed QT 6 and are still getting problems, try double-checking the Active-X trouble-shooting I posted above. Here is a direct link to the first video clip: Try launching QT 6 first, then do this: File >> Open URL in New Player… and pasting that direct URL to the video clip. If QT 6 is working properly, then it should work no matter what, and you know the problem lies in your browser plug-in. Hope this helps.
    Or, try this long shot guess. If MPEG-4 is truly a standard, and the new RealOne Player should be able to support that standard, then try right-clicking and downloading the video clip, and changing the file extension to “.mp4” and opening in RealOne Player and see if it works. I have no idea if it will, but if your geeky enough to try, post and let me know.

  16. I had the same trouble viewing the videos. I fooled around trying all the things I saw here in the messages to no avail. In desperation, I uninstalled my quicktime, reinstalled version 6, checked the “recommended” install components button and viola!! i tried again and viewed them no problem. go figure!! oh these wacky confusers. Lucy 🙂

  17. Success! I was able to get Quick Time 6 to work on my win 95 computer.
    This is what I did:
    * Uninstall your current version of Quick Time, I was running ver. 5.0.2 and for some reason it would not update to the newer version AND I could not download it and have it install over top of the old version. You have to uninstall it.
    * Go to and get the ver. 6 and install the recommended version, the minimal installation wouldn’t work for me at all, so I started over and installed the recommended version.
    NOTE: When I had uninstalled QuickTime using the Add/Remove programs Uninstall feature, it still left some directories around, so I moved all my QuickTime moive files (.mov) to a safe place and then deleted any Quick Time directories manually. (I know Patrick said on the show tonight not to do that, but after you run the uninstall from add/remove programs to do the most of it, I guess it is ok to mop up manually afterwards.)
    Anyway, see if that works for you guys.
    I am now able to view my 5 seconds of fame…. :^)
    Yep, I sure look like I won the lottery or something, don’t I Arthur!?!

  18. I just figured it out, this is Leo’s evil plan to get all us dialup kids on Broadband, huh?

  19. OOooops, sorry Lucy, right you are! Exactly the same thing!
    (I was pretty excited, sorry I didn’t read your post more carefully!)

  20. I was fortunate enough to attend your appearance with Patrick at Arundel Mills with my fiance who is a huge fan of your network and your shows “Call for Help” and “Screensavers.” For my fiance, it was bigger than a rock concert – he attributes his getting the job he now has with his viewing of your shows and the way you artfully and humorously explain the ins and outs of computers and technology. Thank you for signing his book and thanks for making him a very happy fan. As for myself, tell Patrick that he has nice legs and should definitely “keep the kilt.”
    Again, thanks for a chance to let your fans “press the flesh” and see that you are real guys in spite of your notoriety and television presence.

  21. So, EB, my fellow Win 95 buddy (are we the only ones left that use this, lol??)
    you are telling me that you installed QT6 that says it is for Win 98/NT/Me/2000/XP on Windows 95 and that it worked with no issues?
    I was worried something would go horribly wrong!

  22. Suzie S, I wouldn’t exactly say “no issues” ! I had ver. 5.0.2 and it wouldn’t upgrade itself to 6, then when I uninstalled it, there were misc things still laying around and I kept getting this message that I shouldn’t delete QuickTime, that IE needed it, it really, really needed it, Plllleeeease don’t delete Quick Time, but I did anyway. Then I started from scratch and installed ver 6 and all is well, but it wasn’t exactly easy, I figured since apple’s web site didn’t explicitly mention win 95, that that was why it wasn’t working. I needed to be a bit more persistant, but I think you know why I was motivated to fool around with it so much!
    Lucy, LOL ….. I felt the same way!

  23. Thanks for coming to Baltimore! Also thanks for being honest about the PC products. If you take a close look at the first frame of the OMG vid you can see me in the VERY back. I’m standing by the poster near the left-middle. I was wearing a white shirt and it stands out against the black wall.
    Finally i have a suggestion for The Screen Savers, Could you guys put a dictionary for l337 on the show? I think alot of people would find that funny and others would actually learn how to type it. If you do thats awesome, if you don’t doenst make a diference to me (I’d still like to see it done though).
    Thanks for listening!
    ph34r bill teh pony!

  24. Hi Léo!
    Wow, your audio and video blog entries were terrific. It really made me feel like I was along with you. Actually, it made me feel like I was you. Trippy!
    Thank you so much for doing the blog entries for us. Sorry that Patrick kept raining on your parade. How do you put up with him anyways? I bet you would of had more fun with Martin. Next time ditch Patrick! 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful trip. Looks like you did. Welcome back.
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  25. Leo,
    Love the Olympus C-3040 digital camera. Show it off on the show. Please post more video clips of your trips.

  26. Hey Leo, Thanks a million for coming out to Maryland. You guys were awesome and I had a great time. Now a lot of the other geeks, uh I mean kids, at school are jealous because I got you and Patrick to sign the drive bays on my PC. (Better watch out the next time I go to a LAN Party)
    I was a great pleasure to meet you and Patrick, you guys are so awesome!

  27. Leo and Patrick,
    Thanks for coming to Baltimore (White Marsh). I didn’t think I would make it to meet you as I was rushed to the hospital last Thursday w/chest pains (already have bypass surgery). As it was they tested me and let me out Friday night. I waited in line on Sunday for about 1 1/2 hrs (1st time since Navy in 1962).
    I was wearing a ‘Crabby Dick’s” golf shirt. Was told you were there the night before. My wife actually says it’s a club for “Grouchy old Men”…
    I’ve been retired from DOD for 7 years, but was in on ‘personal computers’ since Sep ’82… responsible for all aspects of Apple, Radio Shack, IBM compatibles for 10 years and finally got training in 92 by Scott Mueller – although I trained a couple of hundred people before that…
    Watch the shows on TechTV everyday, even if I have to tape them. I have 3 hobbies GOLF, FISHING, COMPUTERS… Golf at least 4 to 5 times a week. Fish whenever I can. Am on computer or watching your show everyday. Sort by that criteria….
    Come on back to Baltimore…

  28. I’m addicted to the Screensavers! I want you guys to come and visit us in Detroit! You should bring Marty, he needs to get out.
    The quality of the video you shot looks great! What kind of camera is that?

  29. I’m back again. Duh….your camera is mentioned a billion times right above my last entries! After seeing the quality I got jealous cause my Sony DSC-S85 does video but it looks real bad. I played around with it and found I could change the resolution. It looks better but not as clean as your Olympus. I love tech!!!!!
    That was a great idea, the video blog! Give us more Leo!!!!

  30. Hey Leo another entry is posted by me love the show and you and pat make me laught every day. Day after day. Well i hope u make it back to baltimore and or maryland sometime u have a rather large fan base i think. Dont you think guys let him know who rocks lets tell Leo that Maryland is the largest geeks around and support Leo and the show. I was wondering I really feel bad now that i have forgot my Line buddy;s names and would like to have them email me if they read this. I was in lince toward the middle i guess there was 2 couples one from virginia and one from closser to maryland. The husband name was Dennis and his wife. The others i have lost in my old memory. I feel really terable about forgetting them cause they even envited me to lunch but i had to say no because i had to rush to the hospital. I had came to the book sinign before going to see my sisters having her baby. Thatws how much i had to see leo and pat ment to me. i love you guys even marty and the rest of the bunch ok you too Kevin. Since my names Kevin i have to like kevin also cool name. i have porvited a link to pics i took and had taken from saturday at Arundel mills. If u can look at them if u think thats u and please email me at I would love that. I would really like to talk more if thats cool with u guys and maybe get togeother and have lunch and or dinner sometime since i missed it that day. Iam sorry i had to say no i really wanted to go really bad. Hope this can bring strangers togehter and become friends that would be very cool. i also remmebr Dennis works for Verizon also just like me doing or has done DSL work so if this is u please email me and view the pics at the URL below thanks agian for u space Leo and your time guys/Gals. Leo i hope u dont mind me blabbing on its about fans getting togehter bonding as one maybe we can all 5 of us go to the next book siging togehter that would be cool take care all and Love the show Later All you TSS fans

  31. leo can I ask you something I was wondering like if you were Chinese what does there html and css code look like. I know this sounds funny but I was just wondering. like is it different if you speak another language just curious thanks sorry it was off the subject but I just need to know

  32. I’m using dial-up on winme and I can’t get it to work. it takes forever to load (even the 5 second one with e-b) and when it finally does, I hear pat sayin “were going down” (I have the tss sounds) and an error message.
    What gives?

  33. Wow! Great movies! Now I know to try to be either first or last in line in Birmingham to get the extra treatment.

  34. Leo,
    Thanks again to you and Patrick for coming out to MD (Arundel Mills). You have an awesome show and the two of you, along with the rest of the crew, seem to have a lot of fun. I don’t watch the show everyday, but everytime I do tune-in I learn something new, timely and have a laugh along the way. Thanks again.

  35. HI Iam one of Abby’s friends,and ya know ,it’s kinda funny to type in her name at google and find this.Oh.Please go to !

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