Balto Blog: Crabby Friday

I’m also capturing a little video on the trip using my Olympus C-3040 digital camera. These are Quicktime movies encoded in MPEG-4. If you haven’t installed Quicktime 6 you will be prompted to do so. They should stream well even on a 40 kbps connection. On Friday, Mario Armstrong, the mayor’s Technology Liaison, took us on a tech tour of Baltimore, which included a visit to Bo Brooks, the classic Maryland crab house. Here Johanna Hall and Jennifer Crist from Affiliate Relations teach me how to eat a crab while producer Ken Marquis looks on:
Eatin’ Crabs

Later in the day Ken and I went to the DC bureau so that I could be a part of the fun during the Mitnick-Wozniak version of The Screen Savers. There we met with Peter Barnes and Gary Nurenberg. We also got a gymnastics demonstration from producer Alina Mesenbourg:

Perfect 10

Then Gary and Alina took us up to the bureau’s roof for the live shot. They have a beautiful view of DC from up there with the White House and Washington monument as a backdrop. You are supposed to call the White House when you go outside, however, so the snipers on the roof won’t pick you off. We forgot to call, but fortunately, no one shot at us:

White House View

A great day in Baltimore, despite the rain. Saturday dawned clear and bright and I’m getting ready for a trip to Arundel Mills for our first appearance. We’re hoping to take in an Os game at Camden Yards tonight.

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  1. Leo and Pat you rock! W000t!!!!
    I am the first to report that Pat wore a kilt to today’s event in Anne Arundel!!!! Leo was so handsome in person I was completely speechless, someone make a note of that…. I was so nervous that I almost forgot to hand them their Drakes Cakes, which I brought for the Jersey boy.
    Comcast doesn’t have multimedia hooked up to this demo, so I can’t hear the audio blog until I get home to my lovely dial-up service; but thanks Comcast for bringing the boys to Baltimore, a very grateful fan!
    EB, weak knees and all, reporting in from Arundel Mills Mall.

  2. It looks like you are having fun in Baltimore. I’m glad you were able to avoid the snipers 🙂

  3. My QuickTime is corrupted. I can’t view or hear the videos. I’ll have to fix it and try again later.
    EB! Thanks for the report! I hope you got pix to post later! 🙂

  4. My lowly point ‘n shoot camera had a measely flash, so my pics are not the greatest, but I have a very nice one of the calves of steel and me taken by media professional Aaron B! Unfortunately my pics of Aaron greeting Leo and Pat did not turn out, I was too far away. Sorry Aaron!
    I took my camera to a one hour film developer and had 2 scoops of Ben and Jerry’s pistachio ice cream and took in all the drama of the signing session while my pics got developed…. Leo and Pat were exceedingly gracious to all the multitude of fans, someone thought there were over 700 people there today! They smiled and signed and smiled and signed until I got tired just watching them! I left at 3:30 pm and they were still going strong! Iron men you rock!
    The gentelman who won the ebay auction for the TSS dart board was there to get his prize signed! Very, very cool!
    Also on the scene today was Evan and a friend of his, they kept “hacking” the Comcast demo computer (which was facing the stage) to put up full screen messages to Leo and Pat, then they started putting up pictures of Leo gleaned from Leoville, it was hilarious, the Comcast tech dutifully came around from time to time to put it back on the Comcast homepage.
    If you are interested in joining in the fun come to White Marsh tomorrow everyone! The more the merrier.
    btw: I’ll post my pics on the messages boards in the section on the Baltimore trip.

  5. Too cool EB!! One by one we’re all finally getting a chance to meet Da Mayor!
    Leo the videos were hilarious–thanks for posting them!

  6. Hey, Leo! Sorry to get in your way while you were going to the stage at Arundel Mills… even if I was cheering for Patrick’s kilt. It was a blast seeing you.

  7. Get to see you are having a great time. It is nice to see things from your side of the camera. Please keep up the good work.

  8. Great to see you and Patrick at Arundel Mills today. We were near the front of the line and got a minute or two to talk. When we left the line was huge! Did you get to meet everyone!
    PS- Tell Morgan I’m in love with her!

  9. I don’t know what to say Either guys/gals. Leo/Pat you ricked today at Arundel Mills. I can say i was one of many hundered fan on hand today. Got to see you 2 come in the doors and arive in the car. Pat that kilt works for ya Bro. Leo love the shirt wered you get it from. I got autographs and cool stuff to show everyone my dedication to Leo/Pat. Just click on my link or follow this url to my site for todays book signing. It’s at
    Hope you guys got a chance to go down and see them today it was awsome. Leo/Pat they are even better in person then on the show. Leo as u guys will tell u have more fan base in the wash/bmore area then most places i think. So you should make sure to come visit us agian next year or sooner. Leo if u read this please if u have any free time to surf over to my site and sign my guestbook that would top off the best day in history for me. That would be the iceing on my cake. Leo/Pat take care and keep up the good work and thanks for much and god bless for the time u gave to your devoted fans and I would like to see the audio/video blogs moe often of possable. One of many devoted fans in Baltimore,MD Arundel mills 9/28/2002 The Best Day Ever!!!!!!!
    Kevin Gourzis (p.s. you signed my red cube n 2002/2003 almniac and my birthday is 7/19 )

  10. Wonderful to see Leo and Patrick at Arundel Mills today! The crowd seemed quite large — we arrived about 45 mins early (11:15AM) and we were (according to the TechTV assistant on stage helping to usher) the 89th person or cluster of people to meet L/P at 1:15. Went to have lunch afterward and passed by the stage after 2:30PM and the guys were still there — what troopers!
    By the time we were able to meet Leo & Patrick, their voices were already going somewhat, but both were still smiling, laughing and in high spirits — I am in awe that they can sustain that energy level, although it must be a natural high to be the center of attention of so many adoring fans. Was able to get great pictures and my book signed. My 3 yr old son Jacob had a lot of fun, although I’m pretty sure he hadn’t a clue why the funny men on stage were there! Wife Robin and 1 yr old son Joshua were in front of stage filming for us and others needing her to hold their cameras while they met L/P also. She enjoys TSS from time to time, but only admitted afterwards that the visit was more fun than she expected, and that it was thrill to meet Leo and Patrick. Of course I watch almost every night, so I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks.
    In all, a red letter day for us, and an honor to meet both. I’m happy that Leo had a chance to experience some of the best things about Washington, Baltimore and Maryland, I hope you both get to come back with your families soon and enjoy more seafood and experiences here. -Gary

  11. From audio blogging to video blogging? Leo, you spoil us!
    And that Ken … he’s a knuckle-head. 😉
    I look forward to more soon, Leo. Enjoy the trip home. 🙂

  12. great videos!!! now all we need is some video from their aooearances to show how many people really show up.

  13. I beleive that a greeat time was had by all. Ken was such a nice guy. The way he stopped to thank us for comming and asked us questions about the show that really made the waiting time go by so fast. Kudos to Ken and thankyou Leo and Patrick for the autographs.

  14. Loved the audio and video blogs. Great idea!!!
    When are you coming to Chicago??? (I’m not going to stop bugging you until you come!!!!!

  15. Well, here is my 2 cents worth, I loved the video Blogs of the trip to Maryland. You guys, and gals, At TSS are the best, and keep up the good work. I just love it!
    So. Calif. trip planned for the future?

  16. I am so jealous of you EB I can’t find words! Leo, loving the audio and video blog updates. This is really fun! Gives a whole new dimension to your field trips. BTW, am I to understand you never ate crabs growing up in RI. Shame on you!

  17. yup yup!
    it was wonderful. got a blank CDR signed and won a TSS on the road Tshirt.. To win, I had to answer the following question:
    “The theme of the old TSS set took place in which ‘room’?”
    Answer: DUH, the basement…

  18. I would like to watch the video clips but only see a empty white box. I tried installing QT6 but no joy. Wish I knew the format of the clip? It might be better if the link pointed to the actual clip file so the file type could be determined. Hopefully its a file type supported outside of Microshaft.

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