Friday Schedule

Here we are in the airport with another audio blog. This one introduces producer, Ken Marquis, and Jennifer Crist from affiliate relations. Jennifer is filling me in on my schedule for Friday.

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18 Replies to “Friday Schedule”

  1. Wow! You have a busy day planned! Have a great time! Don’t forget to drop by EB’s place! 😉

  2. I’m really liking this audio blog, Leo. I think I might try it out some time. 🙂

  3. Leo, this is a blast! I just have to wonder what the people walking around watching you talking into your computer think … 😉 Keep it up!
    LOL @ Ken!

  4. man, you start early… sheesh… Ummmm, you’re missing one event in your day there Mister L, the part where the water taxi takes you to my place so that you can defrag my hard drive, …..that should be in there after the videophone thing, please re-sync for your schedule update….. :^)
    I love the audio blogs, keep doing them… they are hilarious. PS: Your crack producer should feel quite at home here.

  5. Thanks for the Audio tour. Whew! You are really on a whirlwind schedule this weekend, and then to ABC WNN, & Regis Tues. We’ll set the VCR.
    Just received your new book from Amazon yesterday. 😉

  6. Everything you’re doing just sounds like some amazing fun! Listening to your audio blog could get to be a habit, Leo. It sounds great and it brings all us Leo fans just that much closer to you. Way groovy! Viva la Leo!

  7. The book & calendar bundles are now in stock at my local Borders! Last time I looked at their website (this morning), the bundle was not showing up, so check your local Borders.
    Leo, have a good trip. That water taxi might not be a bad idea – yikes – and let us know when there’s more info about the trips to Louisville and/or Birmingham in early November!

  8. The Audio Blog rules…And I have to say that you guys are cool…
    If youre ever near Houston and need a place to appear, I can think of several stores that would be great. 🙂

  9. Hey…maybe Woz and Kevin can plug the book and all the hardcore security people who are fans of TSS will go out and buy it…or else we can convince B&N to host a book signing to plug Leo’s book 🙂

  10. LOL @ EB!!
    I think the audio blogs are a lot of fun, especially from the people we’ve never seen or met IRL. Keep them comin’ Leo!

  11. So tell us again, Leo, how much do you want to do radio?
    And yeah, don’t forget about EB!

  12. Leo!
    If you’re meeting with Comcast please PLEASE tell them to put TechTV back on the air here in New Jersey, specifically in Woodbridge. They yanked it off the air awhile back and instead air the YES network (Yankee baseball blegh!).
    I want my TechTV back!
    By the way, love the audio!

  13. I thought that the whole point of being a computer geek was to avoid O-Dark Thirty. Bill

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