An Audio Blog?

Getting ready for my trip to Baltimore. And for this trip I’m thinking of trying something new: an audio diary. My iBook has a built-in microphone. I can record short snippets along the way, then post them to the blog. It’s easier than writing, a little more intimate, and might be fun. What do you think?

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The link above is an MP3. On most browsers a new window will open and the audio should begin streaming immediately. If not, right click the link and download the file before listening.

60 Replies to “An Audio Blog?”

  1. Turned out good. Audio blogs, I find, are more personal than your usual typed out blogs, however, bandwidth is a major issue. My last audio blog sucked back half of my allowed bandwidth for the month.

  2. Sexy? Oh man, come on! It’s more of a very laid back game show host voice. But it might sound a lot better if Leo talked a bit faster.

  3. Can’t wait to see you in MD will see ya soon in Arundel Mills “Please sign my books” Just kidding i know u will hey great idea with the Audio Blog Great Idea Id love to Hear Some LOL
    Kevin ,Bowie MD

  4. I tried to listen to Leo’s voice. It sounds scary. Not to be mean, i mean everyone sounds different to different people. I guess it depends on how well u can here. But anyway i’m jsut a minority, sounds cool but what about those that can’t hear 🙁

  5. For those high speed users that can’t get enough of you Leo , check into Vogging 🙂 That is Video Blogging 🙂 The Vogging manifesto is at It’s also not what you think in that its more then someone filming themselves. The guy seems to have turned it into an art form . Kinda makes me wish I had a high speed connection rather then my 56k connection 🙂 By the way the audio blog is pretty good.

  6. I like it, but it cuts out the ability for people to link to your posts… They can link to the mp3 but it’s not the same as the good ol’ permalink. Overall I like it. Especially how Curry did it (he posted an mp3 of him reading the entry).

  7. Great Idea!! But an u do us all a favor, and talk a little Louder? Thanks!!!
    your biggest 10 year old fan (besides Abby)

  8. I really like this. I’m a fan of multitasking, so this really helps. I can listen while I do other stuff. Plus, I think it’s more interesting to be able to hear spontaneous comments and inflections in your voice that you just can’t get in text (not that it wasn’t intersting before). Keep this up. I like it.

  9. forgot something in the oct. 1st post. I too am using dial up (but i’m using msn explorer and it has a built in media player) and it works great. I am trying to do it to. if anybody knows how to in blogger, tell me. no wait, better yet, e-mail me

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