An Audio Blog?

Getting ready for my trip to Baltimore. And for this trip I’m thinking of trying something new: an audio diary. My iBook has a built-in microphone. I can record short snippets along the way, then post them to the blog. It’s easier than writing, a little more intimate, and might be fun. What do you think?

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The link above is an MP3. On most browsers a new window will open and the audio should begin streaming immediately. If not, right click the link and download the file before listening.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea, Leo. Yet another good way to stay in touch with your fans. I also vote yes!

  2. Wow Leo, that is so kool! Anytime I can hear your dulcet voice is golden for me. It sounds great and I love the idea. If it makes your life easier, what with your busy schedule, even better. I’m giving it a big yes vote!

  3. Yes, I think it is a great addition to blogging. I think the written word is still critical but the audio adds a very personal touch. Great idea!

  4. I clicked on it and it played just fine, using a dial up and win95-real player.
    The voice quality is excellent, I turned it up and thought I heart a heart beat in the background, what was that? Very nice quality…. I’d say some voice-blogs would be very cool… so long as they streamed and I didn’t have to download a huge file on my dial up, I am smoking at 46,666 today…wheeee! Sometimes I get a paltry 33,000 though.
    Safe travels back east to “bawl’mer, hon” hope to see you in the neighborhood this weekend!

  5. I like it. How come the voice is so low pitched?
    How tro do this is material for another show segment.

  6. I’m amazed if that’s the mic on your iBook it was pretty good as quality goes. You have a future in books on tape with that voice! Can we see Leo’s 2004 Almanac on audio CD? A track a day keeps the repair shop away!

  7. I think the idea is great, especially if it means that you will “blog” more often.
    Keep up the great work!!!!

  8. jason i have ie6 and 98. i did have problems (as leo knows) i changed to real player for mp3’s and now it worked.
    thanks leo for patience!

  9. Hey, Leo – the old radio voice sounds great.
    As for ‘audio blogging’ – I find it very interesting. Wonder why its not done more often. Hosting issues? Laziness? I think you should do it but don’t forsake the written blog entries.

  10. Link doesn’t work for me… when clicked, it opens up Musicmatch and plays a song from my last playlist. When right clicked, it wants to save mt.html.

  11. I think it’s a wonderful idea, Leo, but it renders your blog useless for some people. Weblogs are great, in part, because of their simplicity. Now, I’m one for the latest technologies — check out my Internet Radio station at — but I’m also for keeping things as usable as possible.
    There’s my opinion. Although I do love to hear you — it definately makes give the impression of “liveness”!

  12. LOL, i like the way you said your words leo….
    I think its a GREAT idea, even thoe it may be a lil wacky its still cool!

  13. Hmm … I don’t mean to sound pervy, or anything … but Leo’s voice is kind of sexy. 😀

  14. Brilliant Idea – only geniouses think of these things (kinda teasing from the TSS show – I voted yes!). Still, the mere fact of hearing to the voice and knowing the actual communication, the actual tone, the actual thought through voice is much greater than reading. I think it is a superb idea for a trip – do keep “audioblogging” Leo, it’s great!

  15. Hey there! Long time reader, first time poster… Leo, I’m diggin’ it! I’m really diggin’ it! Why NOT do it in audio? Got your video, bought your book, watch the show- can I possilbly handle more Leo? You bet I can! And adding audio is just a little more of a good thing. Viva la Leo!

  16. Sounds like a great idea Leo. It is easier to listen to blog rather than having to read them, especially at 1 in the morning when I’m about ready to fall asleep in my chair!

  17. Love it Leo! Thumbs up on the Audio, great idea to help follow your travels. Thanks.
    Oh yes, we’re on dial-up and here you perfectly. 😉

  18. Great idea Leo but when I click on the link Media Player pops up and then this error:
    The path to the file is not valid
    Error ID = 0x800C0005, Remedy ID = 0x00000000
    So I tried to right click it and all it wants to do is save it as a .htm. What am I doing wrong?

  19. Haha..I think I kinda like it. You sound so much more like a radio host for a night time ‘Pillow Talk’ show than you do on TechTV!

  20. The Audio blog idea is pretty good. I like it. I’ve found that people express ideas a whole lot better when speaking then just writing. And with such a busy schedule like yours it seems like it would be a better idea for you anyways.

  21. It works for me it is easier to listen than to read. I may even try it on my blog using my pocket pc to record my thoughts.

  22. I am unable to listen to the file.
    I can’t stream or download and hear it. I’m using IE 6 on Win2k. Any suggestions?

  23. I think its a awesome idea. It reminds me of NPR’s (National Public Radio’s) audio diaries. Audio can offer an environment with background real-time noises that words just cannot.

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