18 Replies to “Forget Leo – Here Comes Woz!”

  1. I will be at Arundel Mills! I live in Columbia, MD, so that place is the closet to me. I can’t wait!

  2. I wish I could afford pay tv. I miss Leo and the countless other great people at TechTV. Sould like a great show though.
    Thanks for the rss feeds Leo. Every sight should have them.
    Dr Gonzo

  3. HEY, let’s not all forget to give proper credit where credit is due. If it wasn’t for TSS’s own Darci Woods – this show with Woz and Kevin would never have happened! Everyone who enjoys the whole show Friday or mentions it should also thank Darci for helping bring it together! Darci rocks! 🙂
    Wanna thank her yourself – head on over to http://www.labmistress.com – her last day is the day Kevin and Woz co-host this Friday!

  4. If Woz comes out of retirement to run Apple Incorporated replacing Steve “I Can’t Pronounce ‘Jaguar’ Correctly” Jobs, I pledge to purchase some kind of Apple system within 3 months of this momentus event happening.

  5. Wow, it’s like watching a car wreck. You just can’t stop watching.
    Great show!

  6. man i’m sorry i missed that show.. had i only known .
    /me slaps his knee..
    maybe i’ll catch the rerun some day..

  7. Leo,
    Amazing show today! You are my favorite supergeek.. but SHHH don’t tell Steve W. Thanks for the photo I’m taping it to our fridge right now.
    Have a blast in Baltimore.

  8. I really enjoyed Woz’ discussion of phone hacking (I forget what it’s called). He seems to have been a real geek when he was a kid. I love that! (I was a geek too, always playing with toy robots like 2-XL and trying to program on my friend’s Apple IIe computer.)

  9. Genrader, the answer is yes. He is also coming to Louisville, KY.
    Check the front page of this site for dates.

  10. Woz & Kevin’s show was fun. TSS should have them on again.
    Vincent, your right. Going to Darci’s site right now.

  11. Humm… The Screen Savers with Woz and Kevin! I wonder if we will ever see The 2004 Technology Almanac by Steve “Woz” Wozniak, and Kevin Mitnick. The 2003 Tech Almanac could be a collector’s edition. Who knows, Leo could might become a permanent part of World News Now, as their technology guru.
    Just Kidding Leo, but then again I’m not in charge of TechTV

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