Call for Help from The Screen Savers

If you’ve always wanted to ask a question on the Screen Savers, but have had trouble getting through the busy signals, here’s your chance.
We’re taping shows all week to air the week of September 16 and since we’re not live we’re having trouble getting calls. In fact, if you call us this week, Morgan says you’re pretty much guaranteed to get on.

Call 1-888-989-7879 toll free…
Wed 9/4, 7-8:30p Eastern (call as early as 6p)
Thurs 9/5, 7-8:30p and 9:30-11p Eastern
Fri 9/6, 7-8:30p Eastern

We especially want people with netcams.

Morgan and Kevin are standing by. Call now. Please!

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  1. Do you think I can promote my Internet Radio station,, on the air? Leo?

  2. Hmmm . . . I’ll try to think of something wrong with my laptop. Of course, since you posted this in your blog, there will probably be 50,000 calls, now.

  3. Ok, so I’m both embarassed and happy, it was a weird bit from Max Headroom… yaknow, I like the show more as a radio show!

  4. We could always watch Leo or Patrick’s vacation movies instead of taking live calls until Screen Savers is once again live.

  5. I finally got through to Morgan, but didn’t get on the show with my question. But it was cool to talk to her, especially because I’ve been trying to get through to TSS for the past 3 weeks, on both Netcam and Phone.
    I felt really weird when she picked up, because I was always used to the ringing and ringing and ringing. But, all of a sudden, I was talking to Morgan!
    Can’t wait to see some new TSS in a couple of weeks, and I’m trying to patiently wait for the new set! Can’t we just build a time machine and get to the new set NOW?!?!?!?!? Somebody out there must know how to do it! 🙂

  6. Be like a salmon or a bass… swim against the current… but all the time… not just during mating season.

  7. I called the show, but Morgan just yelled “Bite Me!” into the phone. Then, reportedly, she handed the phone to Kevin who stuck his tongue out at it, and then slammmed it down to very rudely hang up on me.
    Just what kind of people are you associating with, Captain?

  8. Wow, just the week that I actually had real questions, was really in need, and I missed this BLOG post …….
    By the way, I hope we get to see more of your home web cam! That is always exciting!

  9. Hey, leo.
    The cheapest way for M$ to fix that XP bug in everyone’s computer is for them to set up a webpage (or send an email to all registered users) that contains that evil URL code. They could have the evil URL delete the uplddrvinfo.htm file and all will be fine.

  10. I need to get a cable box for the tv set in my office, (it gets only 102 channels, and tech is on channel 129. ($6.50/ month). Right now, I have to go in the main house to see it. BTW, it is digital there, (digital cable box there, 500 channels). Much, much, much better than Dish TV, men. 🙂

  11. I just wanted to say i just bought my copy of the book from so that leo can get a lilttle comething for his hard work and dedication to his fans. Love the work leo and can’t wait to have my copy for Leo and pat to sign it wen i see them in Maryland on 9/28-29 I cant Wait YEE Haaaa. i have a problem with my mac osX i kep getting a kernel error when i install OSX i need to find some help to fix it i live in MD of corse so if anyone is willing to help me probly back up my data (since i dont have a drive or burner nor ok with doing it) and clen install i think might fix it i would be so greatfull to them. Iam willing to pay for it i just see the compusa and another place wanbt like a total of $450 just to fix it for labor and parts. Please if anyone can help me please email me at Thanks for u time and Leo Thanks for letting me use this space for this. And congrats and can’t wait to see u guys on SAT….. Love ya all and the TSS family you Rock!!!!

  12. Hey Leo, when are you going to come to Arizona? Would be an honor and privilage to meet you. And have you sign my copy of your book!
    I REALLY enjoy your show.
    Questions: How do you put a blog on a web page? Can you easily delete a post? I use Frontpage and have my page up on net. (
    -Kevin, the God Monster!
    PS: Please don’t tell Chris about the name of my web page, thanks!

  13. OK< so its 6:47 and I’m on hold and the hold music is the strangest most wonderful stuff in the world… what is it? (Thought I heard Patrick in there somewhere…… (Sounds Like Firesign Theater meets… er… Negativeland… meets…. Hackers)

  14. I have a Lexmark Z43 printer with drivers (on disk and updated online) that won’t work with XP. I checked online, and many, many people are having the same problem. The same printer works in 98, but not in XP. The error message says either the printer is out of paper (it isn’t), or that bidirectional communication can’t be established.
    What I would like is to install a “generic” or compatible driver. Do you know of one?

  15. I was concerned that the show was going to run as repeats all month until the new set is built. Thank goodness for “the show must go on”, as I enjoy the techtv show.
    Kevin, the God Monster!

  16. I agree, it is great to have fresh episodes again, but personally I’d rather see TSS be broadcasted from a storage closet. All of the shows that are filmed at TechTV’s studio are on the same set…

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