The new set

If you’d like to see drawings and models of the new Screen Savers set, they’re online now at,24330,3397811,00.html.
You can watch construction when it begins on Tuesday via the spycam link there, too.

Supposedly we’ll be live on the set for the first time on 9/23. Can’t wait! Until then the show will come to you from the TechLive set (except for next week’s re-runs).

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  1. Looks cool, but not a place for a Slash Hammer 😉 I agree on the DS9 look, new nickname could be “the promenade”.

  2. 🙁 Change is good. Change is good. 🙁 Maybe if I keep telling myself that, it just might help. 😉

  3. The basement will be missed, but it is definately beging replaced by something worth it. Cannot wait to see you, Pat, and the rest of the crew on the new set!

  4. At last, Leo can relive the happiness of years passed…he can become head fry cook at the TTV McDonald’s franchise…
    Kinda weird they’re building it inside a studio, tho…
    I’ll take a 20 piece McNuggets with Honey Mustard, please.

  5. I really like the design for the new set. I’ll call it a eclectic mix of Star Trek’s ‘Deep Space Nine’ and Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural work. (look at those stairs!)
    BTW I noticed that the “window” seems to show the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. That would be cool, but as someone who has been to the studio I would wonder how that would be possible. It’s a lot closer to the Bay Bridge!

  6. As I posted this exact same thing on the last story I noticed Leo was posting this new entry. DoH!!! This is just as relevant here, if not more so
    If you really love the basement set it is a neccesity that you download the Quicktime VR of the Screen Savers basement studio. For the life of me I can’t understand why they don’t link to that story as an “homage” to the old set.
    From the story from September 21, 2001 “Look at the ‘Screen Savers’ Set in 3D”
    (Prepare for the deep link! doh!),24330,3350349,00.html

  7. It looks cool enough for me. It’s “workable”, just while Leo, Pat, and the rest feel comftable working in it.

  8. Where is the wall of 20 Plasma HDTV video monitors? Where is the Peet’s coffee espresso bar?
    C’mon folks let us set some priorities here!

  9. As long as Leo, Pat, Martin, megan Moran Yoshi and the whole crew stay, I’m happy. 🙂

  10. I hate to say it but I hate the new set. It just doesn’t match them. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. But if the TSS people are happy, I’m happy …… ( I guess ).

  11. Dig the new look/design. Hope everyone realizes the set does not the show make. The hosts make the show. Screen Savers has the best people possible working on it. Leo, Pat, Marty, Megan, Yoshi, Darci, Morgan, et al really make the Screen Savers the best computer show ever. Hopefully my plans to be in the live studio audience 10/12/02 will come to fruition and I can live a moment to remember.

  12. hi leo,
    man,the new set looks so cool.i am sure it will be a worthwhile investment and maybe even attract more audiences.
    good luck and hope to see u on air soon.

  13. If the show changes much more they will have to change the name to Super-Happy-Tech-Time! (sorry, resistance was in fact, futile)

  14. There’s an old showbiz saying, “No one ever leaves the theatre humming the scenery.” While I’m looking forward to the new set, for me it’s the people who make The Screen Savers my daily Tivo ritual and I’m glad they’re not changing that. For me it’s not just entertainment it’s ‘edutainment.” Every week I add so much to my computer knowledge. My friends often come to me to solve their computer problems and they always ask me how do I know so much? I just tell them to watch TechTV (especially The Screen Savers) for one month and you can be a “guru” too. Good luck on the new set to the SS gang!

  15. Well, they brought back the stairs… that’s one cool thing… 🙂
    For me, it’ll be fun to see how the Savers adjust to the set. I think it could all really work, but the most interesting part will be seeing if the show changes a lot due to the move “upstairs”.

  16. I like the new set, its kinda like going to a 64bit Opteron CPU.
    It would of been funny to see Pat tear down the old set and Yoshi
    modding it.

  17. I like the new set but i think i like the basement better. it has that geeky retro feel to but the new one feels so state of the art technology so i like it too!

  18. I like the new set but i think i like the basement better. it has that geeky retro feel to but the new one feels so state of the art technology so i like it too!

  19. WOW! the new set looks great it looks like something from star trek
    And that well kind of be a late birthday present for me since your show
    is my favorite one to watch of TECH TV.Because my birthday is on the 20th
    just a week earlier.I think there will be plenty of room for leo to go
    crazy and run around in can’t wait tell the 23rd.Please don’t let chris
    prillo close to it you know what happens when he is around ha ha……..

  20. it a killer set it like the best hacker set up you can get and now cant wait to get enough tech tv

  21. Thank you for the link to see designs for the new ScreenSavers set! We have watched TSS & CFH since 1998 and have been very happy with the basement. However it will be good to brighten up the dungeon for a change.
    Leo, if it wasn’t for this site we would be left in the dark most of the time about what is going on with TSS etc. 😉 Thanks!

  22. Hello TSS:
    I like the new look. Definitely a DS9 feel eminating from it.
    Godspeed TSS!

  23. I still remeber the “Money Machine, Internet Tonight,” shows. Leo hosted “CallFor Help with Kate.

  24. hello leo,
    I am miss davis here in North Carolina. I am also an New Author as well. I would like to say God bless everyone and prayers to all for their love ones health and well being to the world.
    I so looking forward to the NEW! set. And The new chips coming up. As well to doing my own computer. Because right now I have an IBM 233Mhz with an 3.2 gig drive with 160 Ram which had only 32mbs of RAm. Right now I have an new Antec Case, 40 gig drive and an Shuttle mainboard also an fairly new CD burn from my old pc too. All is left is the Processor chip which praying to be an AMD Athlon 1GHz. And maybe an Graphics Card later.

  25. I cant help but miss the old low budget days with Kate and Leo, and I cant help but wonder if this new set is going to cost us more somehow?
    When we went to 1.5 hour shows the nature of the show changed somehow, more time, more commercials, less callers. I guess there is a focus group out there that wants change? (BAH)
    The set looks great tho, cant wait!

  26. I am a old school fan of techtv and I miss seeing some of the old people like kate batello, jim laderback and even that dvorak guy from silicon spin (I can’t remember his first name) and what happened to internet tonight? Forgive me if I am late asking these questions but I have been without cable service for about 2 years and I recently purchased a satellite system and I was confused because I couldn’t find the ZDTV channel, LOL well now I know it’s techtv and things have drastically changed. My main question is what happened?

  27. it’s different. its got that futuristic/computer technology feel to it. the miniature model almost gives me a feel of Star Wars, Episode I.
    I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this page.

  28. Ah, ZDTV….those were the days. Two hosts and none of the useless garbage…pure geek heaven. I agree with Sue on this one. But I’ve been telling myself that since April 2nd of last year (the old gang will know the significance) and it still hasn’t helped.

  29. This kills the basement hacker like feel of the set. I don’t care for it. Not like it matters since New Jersey isn’t important enough for TechTV.

  30. Actually, the new set is quite an interesting mix of the “old” Screen Savers set with some more modern elements. The “spirit” of TSS seems to be present in the design of the new set, so as long as the same people are on the show, it should all work out wonderfully.

  31. is it just me or was there more hype before the new set was released. the first show on the new set didn’t really make a big deal about it. “Yeah, we have a new set, ok, on with the show”. maybe it’s just me because I think I expected a little more introduction and talking about the new look at the start of the show.

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