The End Times

Tonight’s the last night for our old set. After the show ends, we begin crating up pieces for storage. They’ll strike the set completely early next week while we tape shows in the Tech Live studio. The show will be dark tomorrow and all next week. The programs we’re taping next week will air in October while we rehearse on the new set which is supposed to be completed by then.
The new set is much more modern, lighter and airy, and will be much easier for us to work with. I’ll miss the basement, though. I have so many fond memories here, going all the way back to our first shows in May 1998. I am trying to get a hold of Kate to get her into the studio tonight to join us for the farewell. It would be nice to have a last dance with her on the old set. It’s also the end of the line for the Screen Savers Theme and the show open. We’re shooting a new open today and tomorrow.

I’m looking at the changes with some sadness. The two shows I created on ZDTV are no longer recognizably mine, for better or for worse. I guess I should feel lucky to have had four amazing years doing this. I have no idea what the next four years hold – or how big a role I’ll have in the development of these shows – but for the time being I’m here and The Screen Savers will keep doing the best Geek TV we know how, whether we’re in the basement or not. If these walls could talk…

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  1. I definately miss the “rebellious underground” days of ZDTV just like anyone else. TechTV has gotten much more mainstream and commercial than it should be and for that reason I don’t wacth it as much anymore. Hardly ever actually. In fact, I only wacth TSS, Audiofile, and Extended Play these days. Hardly anything else is any good honestly.
    TSS has always been and always will be my favorite television show on any channel. I’d prefer to wacth it when Leo is on,…Patrick and Kate (well Martian too) have seem to have brought out the best in Leo’s personality, which really is the base of the show.
    I don’t care what the set looks like, as long as Leo is on, and he and someone else are answering questions and having fun with technology, I will always wacth everyday.

  2. I’m calling in next week- I always wanted to be on the Screen Savers. Have fun in Maryland.
    I can’t believe you’ve never been here. You have to visit the MicroCenter on Elston or the CompUSA on Michigan Avenue. The local cable companies are slowly rolling out TechTV (too slowly). We just got it!!!! Visit Chicago, and I’ll personally take you out for the best steak you’ve ever had!
    Good luck with the new show. Just remeber, Leo. No matter what they tell you- its YOU’RE show and without the Screensavers, TechTV wouldn’t have half the viewership that it has. I sense that you’d love to get back to doing radio, but we love you on TechTV.

  3. Unfortunately, I didn’t have TechTV when Leo and Kate hosted the show. I have enjoyed watching Leo and Pat over the past 18 months or so. Most of the time TSS is entertaining and informative and after all, what else is on anyway?
    I don’t think a new set will hurt the show. We live in an evolving world, and everything changes over time. What do you do when your favorite sports team builds a new ballpark or the local coffee house gets a facelift. You go check it out and probably continue to go back. Everything requires change. Hopefully the new set will draw in some of the departed viewers. I will be tuned in.
    TSS has changed a lot, just in the last 18 months that I’ve been a viewer. I watched because it was entertaining and I even learned a few things along the way. Then the interviews started increasing. Calls started decreasing. What is that? What do dinosaurs and the latest asteroid have to do with tech? If I wanted to learn about the Jerassic era or astronomy, I would tune into National Geographic. Didn’t the create Extended Play for the gaming stuff. I don’t mind the hardware segments, and I loved Yoshi’s Ultimate Gaming Machine, but leave the game reviews to EP.
    I have 2 departing wishes. First, turn the show back into what it was before. Have less interviews, or at least interviews relevent to tech, and answer more calls like you used to. Second, have a segment, even if it is just once a week for hardcore geeks. I get so sick of questions about netcams and segments on the newest winamp skin. Have a segment for true geeks and professionals, whether it is VB programming or Linux network administration.
    Good luck to TechTV and TSS. Hopefully this new set will come with a few other changes and return the show to greatness. Otherwise, this time next year, we may be taping Live with Regis and Kelly to get our fix of tech, and Leo.
    Jack Dennis

  4. Leo,
    You and I know the real deal as for Kate and it is sick! Remember Greeville? That was my first face to face w/ KB. The show has degraded to (except Sumi) a group of bimbos and all *flash*. Heaven help us in the future.
    I rarely watch w/o my beloved Kate ..:-( Surely YOU could have kept that sweet girl where she belonged??? The so-called replacements and the ?man? w/ a dress are disgusting.BTW: You know it, but should you visit this site; I love you Kate! You are greater than the sum total of the new…peace,

  5. I started watching TSS in 98 with Kate and Leo. I knew very little except basic word processing at the time, but I used to stare at Kate and Leo and LEARN LEARN LEARN… I miss those days.
    It’s funny how when things don’t change, they become stale, but when things do change, we long for the past.
    Here’s to continued success, Leo… I hope you don’t self-combust with all that you do!!

  6. Sacred cows make the best burgers. Change is inevitable in today’s corporate environment, and although Leo yearns for the good ol’ days, they are gone.
    I loved the older shows, but i still watch the new ones with the same vigor. True, they have been watered down a bit, but the essence is still there.
    As for missing the shows you created, any author knows that when writing a novel, you must be prepared to kill the child you create. It takes on a life of it’s own, and you will always be recognized for your innovation and contributions to it’s successful formula.
    I’ve headed up a lot of IT/IS projects that were re-assigned to others so I could move on to bigger and better things. It was sad at first, and I thought I had done something wrong. Truth is, you did something right, and your talent was needed elsewhere to bring a new life into the world.
    Go create more magic, Leo… We know you can!

  7. Ever since they exec’s wanted to make TSS more ‘edgy’ it really hasn’t been wow stupendous but, it also hasn’t been bad either. TSS should have some kind of a grass roots thing happen.

  8. If anyone has TSS music e-mail them to me please. We shall never forget the memories like the final show or when Larson and Pirillo hosted the show or the TSS wedding. Long Live TSS!!!

  9. I still remember when transponder C4-12 lit up with the new channel ZDTV on the Big dish. I would still like to thank TechTV for having there channel be ITC and free for us dish heads.

  10. I am missing the old TSS set already but I got the TSS video
    (how to solve your computer problems) to relive the memories
    of the old basement.And I hope the new one works out great

  11. Leo, I miss the old call for help. Sorry to say, but Chris just doesnt have it. Ive been lucky to have been watching since the very first show!!!! I’ll miss the old set and sure hope you’ll be sticking around. It wouldnt be TechTV without you and Patrick. Farewell to the old set and best wishes for the new.

  12. I have been watching zdtv since day one. Sine may 11, 1998 I have seen every single epsoide. There is just one thing about all the changes tss has made over the years it has followed the tech world. Back in 98 the only people into computers were geeks and now the populars now need them too so for rateings they have to give them some thing to watch. Dang populars. Geeks rule the world we know they just do not want to accept it so they took away the very thing the made fun of us for computers.

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