Airport in the Airport

I’m in the Denver airport waiting for a plane to Des Moines and have just enough time for a quick entry. I’m on my way to Gnomedex, Chris Pirillo’s Nerdstock on the Raccoon River. I’ll be giving the keynote on Saturday. I’m planning to deliver my grand opus on what’s actually going on in tech today, drawing on the history of similar revolutionary technologies like the printing press, steam engine, and radio. It’s a work in progress, but I’m beginning to think it would make the basis for a good book. There’s still time to attend the conference – it starts tomorrow at the Downtown Marriott in Des Moines. Tickets are $99 from Hope I’ll see you there.
This trip to Des Moines marks the last leg of my cross country vacation. In the past 10 days my family and I have driven over 2,000 miles, following the Oregon Trail backwards from California to Wyoming. We spent a few days in the shadows of the Grand Tetons at the lovely Jenny Lake Lodge. My brain doesn’t function well at high altitudes – the lodge is at 6,000 feet – but the beauty of the Tetons is spectacular. We then drove to Reno via the old Emigrant Trail through Nevada. I caught a plane this morning in Reno and returned over the same territory, taking less than an hour to rewind a journey that took the Conestoga wagons months (and our Toyota minivan days). On the plane I started reading a novel about the plague year, 1666, called Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. It’s a moving story and well worth reading. All this history has proven excellent grist for my speech. History offers excellent context and guidance for the confusing world we live in today.

I’m blogging thanks to a free wireless connection in the Denver airport. As you may know, I often open my iBook just to see if there’s any connection. Wonder of wonders, Denver is trying out free wireless in the terminal. it works great. They’re calling my plane now. See you in Des Moines!

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  1. Knock them dead in Iowa. I hope that your speach goes well. Would love to have heard it.

  2. I was just in the Dever airport a year ago. I think they got a very nice new airport.
    Go Broncos

  3. Uh HUmmmm!
    Leo, are you making fun of geeks..(nerds) or us folks from the midwest? We are pretty darn geeky.
    Welcome back from the family vacation. We missed ya…
    Glad you and your family are safe and sound.

  4. Thanks for blogging, hope you have a great time in silly-corn valley. I also really wish we all could hear your speech…. is it too late to send a crew from TSS to tape it? :^)
    Safe travels on the way home.

  5. You asked me if I had Wireless access on my iBook. 🙂 It seems to be a whole lot more stable now.

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