Road Trip!

I’m going to take a vacation next week. We’re driving to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. It’s a 19 hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area, and since that won’t be enough time for the four of us to really get to know one another, Jennifer, Abby, Henry, and I will be driving north for a day to Ashland, Oregon first. Then we’ll head out east over back roads to get to Jackson Hole sometime early next year. Er… week. We’ll be driving back the following Tuesday so I can fly to Des Moines for Gnomedex on August 23/24.
There’s nothing like a road trip to really get a family at each other’s throats. I’m planning to shoot it on video in hopes of selling the rights to MTV.

I will be offline the entire time, and since we’ve been having some trouble with trolls in Leoville in the past few months, I’ve decided to take some steps to protect the integrity of the message boards.

1. No new message board users will be approved while I’m gone. That alone should keep the troublemakers out. All our current members our great. I apologize for those new folks who have to wait the two weeks to get in, but you can read the posts without registering, and I promise to approve you the minute I get back.

2. I’ve upgraded a number of people to moderator status. They’ll have the power to delete messages and threads and ban users while I’m gone – just in case some trolls do sneak in. The new moderators are the most long term members of the Town Square and have earned my trust over more than a year of posting. You’ll notice that their names are now in red (or green if they’re assigned to patrol a particular Forum). Be nice to them – the pay is low and the work hard.

I’m also going to put someone in charge of this Blog to keep an eye on the comments.

I’ll miss you all. Have a great time while I’m gone and try not to stain the carpets.

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  1. Enjoy your trip out to Wyoming and then the flight out to Gnomedex. Be safe and enjoy the time off. After all you said yourself on TSS last night that you only get what? 23 weeks a year off. lol. You work hard and you should enjoy the free time you have with your family.

  2. WOW, Leo, I thought you had stopped posting. I had an outdated bookmark pointed at:, where the last post is from January. Silly me!
    Just wanted to say Hi, and that I love the Screen Savers, but don’t get Tech TV yet. I’ve begged the cable company to no avail. It’s nearly enough to make me switch to DirecTV, but I can’t get the DirectDSL in my area. So much for living in a vacuum (Northwest Iowa).
    Have a nice vacation!

  3. Have a great time Leo! I know I wouldn’t be able to survive 19 hours in a car 🙂

  4. I few well-placed chairs and you’ll never know any stains were there. I promise.

  5. Have yourself a good time, Leo!
    My family can’t even get out of the driveway before we’re fighting. Good luck! 😉

  6. I hope you will like wyoming. i live on the east side on yellowstone in cody.
    i will also be in the tetons on the 17th,18th and 19th off aug.
    hope to see you there

  7. Umm, Leo? I’d like to give you a helpful suggestion. For the good of everyone in the car, please don’t mention Erica at all.

  8. Have a great time, Leo!
    Maybe when you get back you could post some pictures of the trip on the message board… I’m sure everyone would love that!

  9. The show won’t be the same without you!! Don’t have too much fun, we hate to see you gone so long. 😉

  10. Have a great vacation. Watch out for all the smoke over in Ashland! I live 30 minutes away and with all the fires in the area, it makes for a difficult time breathing. 🙁

  11. leo if u leave the screen savers it will only be half as good dont leve leo dont leav. will if u do we still have megean

  12. Man your gone agian but I know you deserve a vacation and a break from the
    job.I was kind of wondering where the heck you where the other night when
    I saw none other then Chris Prillo doing your BOOT CAMP segment on TSS I thought
    oh no.I hope he did not mess up your computer that you use for the segment because I noticed that it kind of acts funny when he has had a hold of it.Well
    anyway have a great time exploring the Grand Tentons and Jackson Whole Wy…..

  13. Hey have a great time when you go to Oregon and you should stop by Grants Pass its a great vacation place to visit. Laterz

  14. YIKES! I just went to Leoville, was reading and went to reply and all of a sudden Leoville blew up, weird like HTML code dumps and everything. Hope it’s re-bootable yikes!

  15. Have a great time Leo! If MTV doesn’t want the rights to your video, maybe some of your fans would like to see it. 😉

  16. I hope you are back for the show on the Wednesday the 21st. My daughter and I finally got an invite for the audience and that is the day we will be there. We are hoping to see the whole crew and possibly get some autographs while we are there. It would be a shame to not see you after all this. Have a good trip and watch out fer them thar b’ars!
    Roger and Heidi

  17. WOOT!!! The man is gone… Lets party!!! hehe.. umm,
    He’s really gone, whatever shall we do.. hah

  18. Hey Sue, go see if Leo left us a key under the door mat. If he did, let’s take over the Mayor’s house for a week or so. 😉 j/k Have a great time Leo…wear your seatbelt!

  19. Enjoy the vacation Leo! You deserve it! Oregon is beautiful… I’ve made a few road trips down there myself.
    If MTV doesn’t catch on, I’m sure VH1 would be more than happy to take it. “When Behind the Laughter: ‘Leo Laporte and Family’ continues…”

  20. The Grand Tetons are the shizznit. The first time I drove through the area I wasn’t in such a hurry to get to the Grand Canyon (for the first time) after all. You will marvel at the spectacular scenery – drive safe and remember enjoy the ride!

  21. I would never stain your carpet! Well not until I get the required amount of alcohol supplied to my system.
    Enjoy the trip, I’ve mever been out there, but heard its quite wonderful.

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