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Normally I’d be very slow to change versions on something as complex as a message board, but everyone is raving about UBB.Threads 6.0, and it’s been out for six weeks now so it’s fairly stable. I guess I’ll take the chance and update Leoville’s Town Square this weekend. The boards will be down for a few hours on Sunday morning, but barring catastrophe, should be back up by the early afternoon. (They better be, I want to go to the beach!)
It will take me a little longer to modify the appearance to suit the Leoville style, and there may be some bugs at first, so please bear with me.

I know how important the message boards are to many of you, and I think you’ll like the improvement once the dust settles.

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  1. D’oh! The boards went down just as I was posting something.
    Looking good there Mr. Leo!

  2. Hey Leo…I just wanted to point out that you are now updating your blog ever 7 days. July 7th -> July 14th -> July 21st Keep it up, I love conformity! GO LEOTV!!!

  3. Is this bulletin board available for Mac OS 9, Leo? I’d like to get a bulletin board set up on my website…

  4. How responsible is to place the links to SS# access websites and then tell everyone that you must be a P.I. to use it “you hope”? Leo, you should be setting the example. Don’t paint yourself a leader in cyber-journalism (You DO have your resume on your web site.) if you can’t be more judicious with your own web site.
    It’s my guess that legit P.I.s know how to obtain the information without your link. The link was not placed there for this profession’s edification. Any suggestion that it was is nothing more than a lie.
    I’m disappointed. Damn shame that there doesn’t seem to be more “personalities” who are adult enough to stand up and say some things are just wrong. Cyber snooping just for the hell of it is one of those things that clearly is. Just as irresponsible web site management is.

  5. Hey Leo, great site! The Screen Savers is the best show on TV for people like me (considering I tape it everyday). Keep up the great work!

  6. Hey Leo, great site! The Screen Savers is the best show on TV for people like me (considering I tape it everyday). Keep up the great work!

  7. Great looking BLOG. Makes me think about starting one. One question Leo, if you read these. I tried to follow your advice in your book (which I bought) on page 20 on setting up partitons and I accidently changed my cache size and disabled it. It now reads on booting Total Cache size 192mb disabled. I was trying to make the swap file and something happened. You said to make it around 150 so I decided 192 mb. I tried several times to delete dos partitions, extended and anything else in the fdisk menu. Finding no help anywhere I am hoping beyond hope you might help me. Thank you for reading.

  8. Good work Leo! I like the new boards. It seems like quite an undertaking to convert all those posts. I am curious, phpbb 2.0 came out recently, it is free and it seems to do everything UBBThreads does. I was wondering if you were aware of it.
    P.S. It would be nice if Mr. Chewie would explain what he is talking about, I can’t make heads or tails of his comment.

  9. Hi Leo,
    Great blog! I’m so psyched to see you and the gang (well, almost all of ’em) are blogging.
    Has anybody thought about indexing the blogs?! You know, I’m sure, how hard it can be to sort through blogs and find those specific posts on whatever you it was you read that one time, oh, maybe last week or the day before. Not many bloggers provide any sort of indexing or sorting for easy access. Why not provide an index? could be an easy little bucketing system, that’s all you need. (yes, I confess, I’m an indexer. a book indexer, really, and I’m happy to stay with books, but I do use the Web a lot, as we all do, and it really irks me how little indexing there is on the Internet. don’t tell me about that automated stuff, that doesn’t count. even some of those so-called AI contextual judging algorithms don’t make it. you need a human to help sort through all the cool — an uncool — stuff out there. maybe I should send this to Megan?! hmmm. rant off)
    Thanks for a great show. good luck with the radio gig, too. I would love to hear you on the radio any time!

  10. I love the boards..
    It’s almost the same..
    Only better… So lovely….
    I’m amazed by the work put into it..

  11. I should have posted this on the blog about the Book, but it was so… yesterday. Well, I’d imagine that this year that you’re going for a higher Amazon ranking than last year. However, keep in mind that Tom Clancy’s new book (Red Rabbit) comes out 28 days before yours (according to Amazon), on August 5th. He’s already at number 1, and it doesn’t come out for a week. Maybe if everyone on Leoville buys 2 copies at the exact same time, it’ll spike and you’ll get number 1. Oh, yah. I got a propeller cap just like yours from CompUSA. Tell me, does yours have a Bear, a Pig, or something else?
    Life, Love, and Linux
    Joshua White

  12. Says Username/Password not found, when i click something it don’t keep me logged on

  13. Your show is very useful and funny. You are very charismatic. Rock those Hawaiian shirts, man!

  14. Leo, tell your producer to update his blog. I depend on it to know if you, Patrick, Martin,Morgan,Megan(boy, so many mmmmmmmmm s) are going to get fired or something. Get that producer to update his blog,……..please.

  15. cool leo…
    now about the kilt, i feel that as long as clothing is kept decent and presentable then a perosn should feel free to wear it. i mean after all, what is wrong with the kilt. it doesnt cause any trouble to the intgrety of the show and well, it doesnt keep make patrick any less professional. one thing is for sure, why not have management lighten up. i mean, what is it hurting anyone and well it is degrading or anything, just some guys like skirts. 🙂

  16. sorry, heard that Leo was going to have a radio show on technology. Don’t have a show like it in canada

  17. I’m new to the boards (just singed up today.) Nice site.
    And Leo, I’m truly humbled that you wrote me this morning. Thanks.

  18. Pilar: There is an index of sorts, in the archive…. click below.
    it sorts them and each has a title, so maybe you can guess what the topic is from that, although I admit they can be cryptic.

  19. Hi,
    did anyone hear about the new G4TV channel that comcast has created. Any info on this channel and avaliablity would be great..
    I’m still a die hard TECHTV Fan!!!


  21. oops ignore my previous comment.. it seems that disqus thought that this post was new 😉 It was listed on as being posted “5 minutes ago” and was at the top of the list when in reality it was posted well nearly 6 years ago haha.


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