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It was fun being back on the radio. It’s a much simpler (and easier) medium. You just show up and talk. I’ve been thinking for some time of doing a radio show on the weekends again, and I had just sent a tape to Premiere Radio Networks, the biggest radio syndicator in the US. I had heard through the grapevine that they were considering a tech radio show.
Turns out Kevin Mitnick had been talking with them, too. He used to do a show on KFI in LA. We decided to join forces and make a tape for the syndicator and in a nice synchronicity of events, Bob O’Donnell called to ask if I would fill in for him on Saturday. He replaced me on KSFO when I left in 1996.

Once we settled in, I think it went pretty well. We’ll see what the syndicator thinks.

Meanwhile, here are the links from radio show:

Some of the security books we recommended:

White Hat Security Arsenal, Avi Rubin

Firewalls and Internet Security, Steve Bellovin

Practical UNIX and Internet Security, Simson Garfinkle

Dr. ROM’s Review:

Product: Soundbug

Manufacturer: Olympia

Version: 1.0

More Information:

Price: $50

Web Wanderer sites

Free For All Picks:

32 Replies to “The Hacker and The Geek”

  1. Loving the show Leo! Ya know, this 6-days a week thing could get habit forming…well, for us anyway. 😉

  2. Leo…Great to hear you again…Brings back memories of John C, Gina S and trying to decipher DOS, while rooting on the Giants.

  3. Leo..
    YOu have the best radio voice. I bet the ratings went UP today.
    It was a great interview with Kevin.
    I hear WLEO….radio Leo calling!

  4. Great, now I can stop typing up the radio show like I am a closed-captioner!
    I am really enjoying it Leo! Nice work.

  5. If you do it often, People will start demading more of you leo..
    A trick, I’ve learned.. Only give them half of what you can do..
    Then You won’t be overworked, and they wont expect to much of you.

  6. This is sad. I got a higher score on the Nerd Test than anyone on the list.
    Your score is:
    Your rating is:
    Additional Scoring Information:
    You got an extra 400 points because you are actually
    running Linux right now. Your environment is:
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Linux) Opera 6.0 [en]
    But, you already knew that.
    I’m geekier than any of you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    I have no life.

  7. Why doesn’t work?? 🙂
    Lovin’ the show Leo!! Thanks for the links!

  8. And you are proud of that?.. lol?..
    I’m a modest geek… If there is such a thing..

  9. Finally, I’m able to get the webcast of you on the radio. DarciCam was a good idea too. 🙂

  10. Leo,
    If you happen to come across any more info about my multiple IRC request issues with my net cam and NetMeeting please let me know. All of my drivers are up to date, and this XP box is less than 3 months old. I would hate to do a fresh install but if that is the only way.
    Thx for taking my call today.
    Seattle, WA

  11. Kristopher,
    I’ll give you what info I have.I have a brand new Dell running XP Home Ed, as well as a new Logitec cam. When I try to use Net Meeting with my parents who are running ME, I get about 10-15 secs of video before the PC shuts down and displays the following:
    the only ref I have fouind on line is to W2K, same kernal I know, and it is very vauge.
    When I run a 3rd party ap called Eyeball chat everything works fine but the quality is not the same. I cannot use MSN msg with them because they are not running XP.
    I will try and recreate the problem if I can later on tonight.

  12. WOW!!! I got 138% on the nerd test! GEEK GIRLS R0X0R!
    I just moved to SF from Nashville, TN where I have been watching the SS for years. It was really cool hearing Leo on the radio today after having watched him for so long. It was also cool hearing Kevin M.! WOOT!

  13. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!! Hope if this happens, it’ll be streamed and the webcam will be on – that was such fun!

  14. If you do, in fact, get a radio show, pleeeeeaaaaase don’t leave The Screen Savers!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kristopher:
    You prolly meant MULTIPLE_IRQ_REQUESTS
    This points to an IRQ conflict. Go into device manager and see if you can move IRQ devices around…used to know how to do this on 98 dunno how to do it on XP tho…

  16. Hmmm…regarding the Nerd Test, I received 29.77%, which is greater than than of Steve “I Won’t Have Any” Jobs at 26.3%. I guess that this means that I am in a better position to run Apple than he is…and it certainly won’t cost the Board of Apple (and the people who buy Apple products) 90 million clams for a Gulfstream V as my bonus–I’ll take a DC 3 instead…

  17. First off, 169/36.19% on the Nerd Test. I lost a point because I’m too poor to afford a Mac.
    And YES! Radio is the simpler (and cooler) form. No makeup (heck, no pants if you can swing it), no cameras, no blinding studio lights; just you, co-host and a couple of microphones. I’d love to go full-time into radio, but things cost money.

  18. *thought occured as I was looking over my post*
    Maybe ABC Radio would be interested in your show. You’ve already got a foot in the door with your WNN appearences.

  19. Leo: That is great about your “audition tape” for the radio show! You and Kevin were very good together, I enjoyed it a lot…. Are you also in touch with the people at XM? I wonder how they are doing business-wise, I haven’t kept track of their subscriptions to know if they are viable… but if you get a show on there, I’d definately subscribe! Good luck to you in all the things you choose to do. You’re the best!

  20. Leo, the radio show was wonderful. I had almost forgotten how good it is to spend time just talking about computers, without all the artificial, “entertainment.”
    Everything seemed very relaxed and open. It was great.

  21. We recently got TechTV available on our dish up here in Canada. Ever since the channel has been made available I have been addicted to it. Too bad I probably won’t be getting the radio station as well.

  22. LEO!, love The Screen Savers, how could you hair be fake? LOL, that train set is awesome too, but i’m to old so oh well, lol…. I’d love to get on the show, 😛

  23. Leo,
    Been away from your show for about a 18 months or so (old cable did not carry it, new one does), but just got it back again (new location, they carry it). Love the new format, miss Kate… You gained some weight though! 🙂
    Keep up the great work! Loved TMBG (Who would have thought my favorite obscure band would be on the SS!)

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  25. Thanks for posting the links Leo! I had to miss the radio show, but am looking forward to checking out everything to see what I missed!

  26. I have to question the validity of the nerd test:
    Your score is:
    Your rating is:
    Additional Scoring Information:
    You got an extra 25 points because you are using
    a Mac! Your environment is:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-US; rv:1.0.0) Gecko/20020707
    According to these results, I’m less of a nerd than James Dean! That just can’t be right. Maybe a geek is something different than a nerd. I dunno. *sigh*

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