It is done

During the writing of the Almanac I downloaded and tried a new CD writing program from Germany called InstantCD (nice little program actually). After burning a disc it puts up this message.

Seems appropriate.

I’m exhausted. Tomorrow I have to start on the Foreword. Monday it’s back to The Screen Savers. But for now I’m going to go out and get drunk. G’night!

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  1. Congratulations Léo !!! You GO Daddy!
    :::throws mass amounts of confetti into air:::
    Smooches of great accomplishment,

  2. I saw that yesterday on one of the desktop captures. 🙂
    They misspelled “successfully,” though. Although, since they are German, that’s not a big deal. I don’t even know the German word for “successfully,” let alone how to spell it. 🙂

  3. I saw that yesterday on one of the desktop captures. 🙂
    They misspelled “successfully,” though. Although, since they are German, that’s not a big deal. I don’t even know the German word for “successfully,” let alone how to spell it. 🙂

  4. Way to go, Leo!! You ARE The Man!!
    And don’t sweat the foreword tomorrow. After all, you just wrote a best-seller in a month!

  5. Leo, we had a ball watching you and rooting you on this past month, and especially tonight! Good for YOU, now go get snockered, sir!!

  6. Great job there Leo!!…but don’t get to drunk or you’ll have to take another few days off…altho unfortunatly i won’t be able to watch the show until next sunday since the place im going doesn’t get techTV…and i was really looking forward to you being back…i really miss you…theres just something missing when you aren’t there (besides you that is) 🙂

  7. Congratulations Léo!
    Thanks for sharing the creative process with us.
    Have a drink for me, and consider yourself toasted.

  8. Great job Leo! You did it!
    Go out and enjoy your vacation… or what’s left of it.

  9. A scroungey lookin’ drunk writer…I’ve never heard of such a thing…Leo sets a precedent once again…

  10. Good work, Leo! I already “preordered” it from Amazon, because I believe that it’s going to be “that” good!

  11. Leo
    I went to Amazon and bought the book. I got a golden chest at Amazon and my prize for the day was having dinner at your house. Which night is that anyway???
    Oh well. Thank you for sharing your work this month. You have been an inspiration – your patience and diligence (and you get to keep your job now)!
    Will look for you on The Screensavers. I hope they throw a party for you.
    Chris Keller

  12. Go Leo! Go Leo! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! If it’s not, go anyway! Everyone used to sing that around my home when a family member completed a monumental task. Anyway, congrats! –EA

  13. Congrats Leo ! I would buy you a drink but I don’t know what bar you went to, so instead I’ll buy your book 🙂 After watching you on the cam I now know why the book has “poor leo” in the title. I hope the book does well and you and the techtv staff continue to kick ass. Once again congrats !

  14. Just pre-ordered the book, intending it as a gift for a friend. Once it comes out I might have to get a copy for myself as well.
    Good for you! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing you back on TSS.

  15. German for “successfully” is “erfolgreich”. If you notice, it says, “The writing”, using an indefinite article. In German they almost always use an article with a noun. Here’s how it would look in German:
    Das Schrieben wurde erfolgreich beendet.
    You have to give them some credit for placing the verb in the correct position, rather than literally translating it.
    Okay, nuff said.
    Your resident German expert,

  16. Congratulations! Time to party with a drink and celebrate. You deserve it!
    I know it’s two days before your return to the TV screen but welcome back to The Screen Savers, we missed you.

  17. Thanks from all the geeks out there. The book will be a great adition to my collection……what every happend to the geek library? anyway stay away from the Zima or zima like sissy drinks…..You are a role model for all geeks lets keep em tough

  18. Way to go Leo…In fact I think i will pre-order the book off Amazon and buy last years too (in hopes to be a super geek like you some day)
    well party it up and Party “IT” Up for the whole geek world, you earned it.

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