A quick update: The book is halfway done but time is running out. I’m doing 14 hour days from now through July 7 to get it done. But I’m very happy with how it’s coming. I think it’s going to be much better this year. Hope you agree!
Thanks to Jim Zorger who sent me a link to Warchalking. This both tickles my funnybone and strikes me as a brilliant idea. Hobos used to leave cryptic chalk marks on houses where you could bum a meal or a place to sleep. Warchalking is chalking up places where WiFi is available. Here are the proposed marks.


Who says tech isn’t a subculture? Back to work. I’ll resurface in a couple of weeks. See you then!

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  1. Leo: glad the book is coming along. Do you have any news of Kate Botello? How’s she doing?

  2. Leo: glad the book is coming along. Do you have any news of Kate Botello? How’s she doing?

  3. LOL! Great idea!
    Glad to see you’re keeping your sense of humor thru this process, Leo! Thanks for keeping the webcams on, it’s helping to ease the withdrawal! 😉

  4. Wow, this would have been nice to know about before I started working on the book!

  5. P.S. … Thanks for the blog update! It’s been much too long since we’ve heard anything from you!

  6. Keep going Leo,
    Everyone in Leoville is cheering you on. Don’t work too hard though, at least enjoy the 4th.
    Best Wishes and Thanks

  7. Ah, for geeks in the “know” … very clever. Not far from happening, I’m sure!
    Good luck on the book, Leo. Having never written one, I have no idea of the trials one must go to in order to complete a deadline. What do you lose if you don’t meet the deadline? Do they chop off your wife’s pinky? 😉

  8. We’re all watching, crossing our fingers and holding our breaths. Hopefully all the good wishes, thoughts and mojos will carry you swiftly to the end of your quest to finally type those two famous words. The End!

  9. Wow! Neat idea! I think the neighborhood strays must have a symbol on the trees near our house! We keep getting new animals appearing for a free meal from time to time! LOL
    Anyway, good luck on the book! We know you can do it!

  10. Cool stuff, Leo. Good luck on beating the deadline, and I look forward to buying your book.

  11. Leo, I must say thet you have an incredible work ethic. Having the vacation cam was a very ballsy idea. If it were me on your side of the cam, the frame would be empty until at least one week before deadline. Keep up the excellent work. Looking forward to seeing you on TSS again.

  12. I must echo the rest, glad to hear from you. You look awfully tired on the webcam. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get to R&R after the first of July.
    Looking at the webcams for the computer, looks like the 2003 edition will be scads better than 2002. Want it now.

  13. This is an interesting idea, and now I know what to look for if I see these signs outside my house. I am just waiting for the day that I stumble across someone who is using my WLAN for net access.
    Good Luck Leo. If you want, I’ll fill-in for you on those ABC slots 🙂

  14. Sounds like a labor of love… Keep pumping Leo! Remember the words of that great hacked Beatle tune: Almanac Writer! Heheh.

  15. hey way cool hope you and all have a great 4th and maybe you could set up the outside cam so we could watch you all on the 4th…lol
    anyway ….a side benifit is we get to see more of your kids!
    they are soooooo cute!
    good luck see ya soon!
    ps if you don’t finish in time I WILL come stock you! lol

  16. You look great on the webcam. You could be a cop on the FX show The Shield. While it’s hard to not have ‘Pat and Leo’ hosting, it’s also good to know that some tech writer doesn’t just write the books and you guys just sign your names to them. Hats off to all the insane work you’re doing.
    I was a little scared when I logged into a webcam shot of you with your fists in the air screaming at the mac screen…until it refreshed and you were just yawning.

  17. As Leo’s fans anxiously await the return of Leo Laporte to The Screensavers, they begin to uncurl themselves out of their quivering fetal positions because they see light at the end of the tunnel! Wait, is it who they think?! It’s Leo finally coming back to the show! Yippeeeeee!
    Seriously though, glad you are coming back, and I think this goes without saying,
    “We ‘all’ missed you from the show, welcome back!”
    *Stealth wipes a tear of happiness from his eye*

  18. There is an article about warchalking at: http://netscape.com.com/2100-1105-940820.html?type=pt. The only reason that I really took notice of the article was because it used the same image that His Worship the Mayor provided in his entry. Patrick Norton also did a segment about wireless security on TSS a little while back, so all of these tidbits of info about warchalking and security are very timely.

  19. Warchalking concept was in an Simpson episode Last Season. Who Said Television is not Educational!

  20. Jeez, Leo, the strain is showing on your cams, I hope you get throught this without having a TOTAL nervous breakdown. Take care, Sir, we are rooting for you.
    – Melanie

  21. Good luck on the book Leo. It’s gotta be tough with the deadline creeping up on you, but all the hard work will pay off!

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