Where’s Leo?

It’s a beautiful day in New York City, a little breezy but a balmy 75 degrees. I just had brunch with my long time director, Chris Adair, and her husband Marty. Chris directed both Call for Help and The Screen Savers for years. She left us last November to take over NewsNight with Aaron Brown for CNN. She’s doing so well in the Big Apple, like other former TechTVers, Kate Botello, and our beloved booker, Casey Fisher. It’s good to see that there’s life after TechTV. In Chris’s case a pretty good life, too!
After brunch I visited the National Museum of National History ‘ it’s incredible. I can’t wait to take the kids there the next time I come out.

I’m in town to do two pieces for World News Now, ABC’s overnight newscast. I’ll tape both at around 11p tonight, one for air tomorrow around 3am, the other for a month later. It looks like I’ll be doing this every other month from now on. I brought some very cool new gadgets to show.

Monday, 6/3 I’ll be showing:

* Logitech Pocket Digital credit card sized digital camera.
* Panasonic SV-AV10 mini video camera
* POGO Flipster portable Windows media player
* Wave Industries Olympia Soundbug that turns any flat surface into a microphone
* Nyko Airflo Controller, a Gamecube/PS2/Xbox game controller with a built-in fan
* and those cute Tomy Bit Char-G mini RC Cars

Next month I’ll show:

* the new Sony/Ericsson T68i cell phone
* Motorola’s beautiful new v70 cell phone with swivel cover
* Good Technology’s G100 Blackberry killer
* the Handspring Treo 270 color PDA/cell phone
* the Sony Clie NR70V Palm PDA with keyboard, MP3 player, and camera built in

This visit I’m trying a new hotel in the Upper West Side ‘ closer to ABC, and just across the street from the museum. I picked the hotel because it claimed to have high-speed Internet access. Hah! Their idea of broadband is Web TV. There’s no way to hook up my laptop. Fortunately, I brought a little program along called MacStumbler, a port of the netstumbler program. It searches out 802.11b or WiFi wireless networks. I stuck my iBook out the window and found not one but two, unprotected connections. You’d be amazed how many of these there are. I’m finding that I can get online almost anywhere. I’m ‘borrowing’ one of the connections to post this. I have to sit near the window, but otherwise it works great. I guess the hotel does have high-speed Internet access after all!

I’m flying back tomorrow morning, but instead of going to the studio I’m going home to take a one month sabbatical. That’s right, I’ll be off the air until July 8! My publisher came to me last Thursday and asked to move the publication date back two weeks to September 1, which means they need a completed manuscript by July 1. I told them I could only do it if I took the entire month of June off, never expecting that to happen. But it turns out that the book is very important to TechTV, and they really want to get the benefit of the promotion (and resulting sales) that can happen if the book ships by 9/1, so they agreed to do it.

I’ll be using two weeks of my vacation time, and a two-week sabbatical I earned in 2000 but never took. In order to make the deadline I’ll have to write about 7,000 words a day. This blog entry is just under 700 words so multiply by 10! Fortunately, I’m seldom at a loss for words (have you noticed?) and much of the material comes from stuff I and others have already written for the TechTV web site. It’s going to be like pulling 30 consecutive all-nighters nonetheless. Come July 8 you’re going to see a guy very anxious to get back on TV!

Well I’d better post this and give Mr. Hartmann back his WiFi connection. I’ve got to run out and get a slice of pizza and then come back and rehearse for my segment tonight. It’s my last day of freedom before I have to get down to it and start writing. I’ll try to post once in a while, but you’ll understand if you don’t hear a lot from me until next month. Wish me luck!

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  1. Your going to be one busy man.
    Well Leo, good luck with the book and all!
    You’ll be missed on TSS.

  2. Enjoy New York! We sure will miss you on TSS! But, it’s for a good cause! 😉 I’m looking forward to reading your newest book!

  3. Good luck Leo! It’s going to be real hard not having you on TSS for a whole month, Ohhhhhh the withdrawal, but I know it’s all in a good cause so we’ll try to cope! Glad you gave us the heads up about World News Now. I know it had been posted there a while back but it disappeared so I thought it was off. You can bet I’ll be watching! We won’t expect many posts in the next month but please hop on when you can to let us know how it’s going. You know we all care and we’re here for encouragement, support and teasing. Remember what a big help we were last summer? Umm, on second thought don’t think about that too hard. We’ll do better this time!

  4. I sure hope they don’t replace you with Morgan’s icky spider. I will miss watching you, Leo!

  5. A whole month of TSS without you, Leo! Oh the horrors! If Martin co-hosts, I just won’t watch, I’m afraid.
    Good luck!
    Joseph (The Leoville Town Square one.)

  6. Leo, you are right, you do talk too much. I guess that is normal for a TV personality. Little too much ego, I guess. Tss has never been the same without Kate. Hope she is doing well in NYC.

  7. Good luck Leo, I hope you can get Pirillo to co-host while you are away, he’s the second best thing. Cuz nobody is better than Leo.

  8. Leo
    Long time viewer, first time commenter. You are, to many of us, a tech God, and it’s good to know that TechTV is behind you, I know you have your work cut out for you, but you enjoy what you do and it shows. Keep up the good work, and we look for you back on the air in July. Hope you come to Indiana, some time so I can meet you!!

  9. A MONTH with No Leo. I cant believe it. I am going to go thru withdrawls, oh well, gives others a chance to do more on the show, more Kevin I hope.
    Good luck with the book Leo!, Im using it for Xmas presents next year if its out on time

  10. So, what you’re saying is…. basically… I don’t need to send my TiVo out for repairs, huh? Waaaaaahhhhh. deep breath. Waaaahhhhhaaa.
    I hate to see a grown woman cry!
    even when it’s me!
    Best of luck to you, Leo, on the book… and don’t be tempted by all that wonderful sunshine outside, don’t be tempted by all the great stuff on the Harry Potter DVD, don’t be tempted by all the new video games, don’t be tempted by the 3 seasons of the Sopranos you have stored on the TiVo…. WORK ON THE BOOK!
    If you don’t eat or sleep, I figure you can be done a week from Tuesday.
    I’m gonna miss you on TSS…. I’ll be suffering from severe vitamin L withdrawal, so on your first day back to work in July, no matter how hot it is don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt or a kilt, OK? Otherwise I won’t make it through the opening segment!
    Good Luck on the book…. for old time’s sake, here are some ergs to keep you going:
    * * * * * * * * * * *** *** *** * * * * *

  11. Best of luck Leo! I’m looking forward to your book! I loved the Almanac. I should sent you a book plate in the mail (return postage included) so you can autograph it!

  12. Best wishes to you, Léo!
    Boy, will the ratings sure be low for TechTV in June! On the positive side, I will now have an extra 90 minutes free each week night. I know we all will look forward to your return come July.
    Can’t wait to read your new book…
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  13. Leo,
    I have been watching TSS for the past four years (off and on-depending if we had a sattelite dish or not) and I have to say that my wife (who is not a computer geek) even likes to sit down and watch with me. She doesn’t know what you are talking about for the most part but she enjoys watching. After telling her that you wouldn’t be on for the next month, she says that she won’t watch if Marty hosts the show in your place. Now for me, that’s a tough call. It’s a toss up between watching “Enterprise” on Wednesday nights, and eating dinner with the rest of my family. My five-year-old daughter even knows when TSS starts! She comes running in the room and yells: “Daddy! Daddy! Leo’s on! Leo’s on!” Then if you aren’t on the screen she asks, “Where’s Leo?”
    Ah, my family is wonderful! For Easter this year my wife bought me a copy of the Almanac, and I read it through in three days! I made the mistake of letting a friend of mine borrow it a month ago, and I still haven’t got it back yet. I’m betting I will have to order myself a new copy. My only problem with the Alamanac was that there wasn’t enough on it for the Mac. I would love to see more tips and tricks on more than just Wednesdays!
    Anyway, thanks for all of your help, and thanks to you, the people in my office think I am a computer god!

  14. You go Big Daddy! Even for a person who always seems to have something to say, writing 7000 words a day has to be grueling. But what the heck, it’s a job. Right? Have fun!

  15. Have fun in New York Leo. I’m sure you will finish the book in time with a month off and Laura helping you. I can’t wait till spt.1 to get my copy of the new book. It’s going to be rather odd without you on TSS for a whole month.

  16. Wha? Huh…. No Leo for a month? AWWWW Darn it! I hate when your gone. I like Patrick too but he just so dry! Marty’s kinda cool, but that lonely angst riddin single guy act gets a bit old.
    On the other hand Leo, I wish you sooooo much luck, and i’m happy to know that you’ll be able to see your family more this summer, your kids will be pumped!
    Keep Keepin’ on Leo.. We love ya.

  17. Good luck on the book Leo!
    One request, whenever possible keep the spycam on! If we can’t see you on TV we’ll at least be able to spy on ya! 😉
    I’ll miss you even though 1 month will seem like 1 year, but oh well.

  18. LEO! Use your webcams!!!!!!!
    Techies might go in withdrawals not seeing your humorous personality LOL! Seriously though, you’re a funny and intelligent man. Don’t lose your comedic and witty charm. Thank you for being you.

  19. The book is coming out in september. Oh, god does this mean we have to look forward to more than four months of nonstop plugging.

  20. ….and right about now, Patrick is saying… “and I have to do boot camp for a MONTH?????”
    Hope you have a productive month. For a break now and then, maybe call in once in a while. Remember to call in an hour before the show.
    Yo, TSS guys who lurk here: you’ve GOT to come up with a blowout show for Leo’s first day back.
    I wonder if that Brett Larson fellow will co-host any this month? He talks so loud. He frightens me!

  21. The “Big Apple” and Leo what a fantastic combination! Hope you have some time there to say hi to Soledad…. Since I can no longer watch TechTV, I had no idea that Kate Botello had left….
    Where is she now? And what is she doing?

  22. 7,000 words a day, huh? Ouch. All I can offer is encouragement, gratitude, and this important reminder: Blink!
    Five weeks is awfully long for a busman’s holiday. Hope you can spend at least a little of your vacation/sabbatical time doing some fun stuff.

  23. I’m gonna try and persuade all the bloggers on here, to write in their comments, to get Leo to turn on his webcams during June. I agree with some of the bloggers above, a month without Leo’s humor will send some into convulsions, ok maybe not, but we all will miss him. So, all who read this, “Please tell Leo to turn on his webcams during his month long vacation.”

  24. Hey !! What this about “not watching when Martin is on”….I LOVE WATCHING MARTIN !!!! Of course, we’ll miss you, Leo, but Martin and Patrick are certainly acceptable replacements. You all have your own personalities and are all entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work !! Patricia Miller

  25. Well i didnt even know you had a book but when i herd you had one i went out and bought it right away and i will surly miss you on tss cuas martin is messed in the head (in a good way) well when this book comes out i cerntly will buy it good luck

  26. Good luck on the new book Leo, I’ll miss ya on TSS but I’m also looking forward to the new book. Good luck and God speed.

  27. Good Luck with the book…7000 words sounds like an awful lot, but if anybody can do it you can. I will miss seeing you on TSS, but if you would be so kind as to turn on your cams, I think I should be able to make it through the month. Now quit reading and get to writing. 😉

  28. Please Please let Martin Sergent take over for ya.Because he acts just
    like ya sometimes.I hope Chris prillo don’t show up on TSS he scares me
    some times.

  29. I hope ya come back soon I guess I will have to watch my
    TECHTV’S solve your computer problems video to see leo over
    and over during June ha ha.See ya in july I am a TSS junkie

  30. Leo! Say it isn’t so! Gardenhubby and I will miss ya on TechTV, but we’re looking forward to good things with the new book. Thanks for giving geeks humanity and humor. 🙂

  31. Best of luck to you on the book! And Leo, can you PLEASE turn on your webcams every once in a while. We’d so love to watch you work on your book! I’m sure I’m not just speaking for myself.
    I hope you have fun using unencrypted WI-FI networks! Once I save up enough to get an iBook I’m going to see if I can find one, for educational reasons of course….
    I sure hope it isn’t to dry and boring while you’re gone from TSS. I know that many of people will miss you! I sure hope Martin acts crazy like he sometimes does to distract us from your absence. And I also hope that Patrick isn’t too dry.
    ~ iWatch
    P.S. Episode II: AOTC is great!

  32. Eek, a whole month without Leo!
    I say TechTV should mix up the co-hosts a bit… let Martin co-host one week, then Megan, hey maybe Yoshi perhaps… Pirillo maybe. Just not Larson, he scares me a bit. heh

  33. So Sorry, your book has been canceled. You’re needed on TSS. You can’t go. I heard this from a burning bush. Everything is okay, we used a fire extinguisher.
    You’re a GREAT TEACHER Mr.LaPorte.-keep it up. Good Luck.

  34. Good Luck Leo… A month will fly by. At least it is summertime where we can get out and enjoy the outdoors.

  35. Gee Leo I Would Not Say You on Vacation? “I’ll have to write about 7,000 words a day.” At this rate you will be up 24 hours a day to make this Deadline. I one could do this It will you Leo!
    Still i feel for Tech TV is Taking advantage of you, talent your vast computer knowledge! To Write a Great Computer Reference Book Takes time to do the proper research. For Tech TV decision rush out your new to book to ships by 9/1 cutting close! “very important to TechTV, and they really want to get the benefit of the promotion (and resulting sales)” but Leo Will you get cut of the Revenue?
    Also it seems Tech TV is banking Everything on your New book. Can Poor Leo 2003 Computer Almanac Save Tech TV? The Last time check the Calendar Sept 1. is not New Years Day for 2003? I do not know what Calendar they are using (i guest windows ME?) But Serious they Should Push Back the Release Back is early as Oct. 1 The Steaks are high. Can you Leo Take the Pressure and up for the Challenge? Well if you going be up All night and day, You Watch all of the 64 Mens World Cup Soccer Matches. (btw USA Plays Portugal at 2:00am Pst Tomorrow!)
    Well Anywhooo Leo Try a to have Great Vacation, Even Though You Will In front of your computer all of June.
    While Leo is gone. Will Martin, Brett, Chris Magan, or Morgen Ever do The Boot Camp Segment. or only Patrick Norton will Have the Plivage to do the this Segment??
    At least I can watch the Leo Desk Cam!
    Have fun Leo.

  36. Coooool, the webcams are on. I agree, a month without seeing Leo would drive us crazy! Keep’m up and running!

  37. Taking a whole month off from your program Leo is not a good idea. You are a key member of The Screen Savers team. A prolonged absence means a possible ratings drop. You are the senior member of the show. It’s like a yin/yang relationship between you and Patrick. Marty is o.k. but his delivery during his segments are almost always funny, even when he deals with serious topics (check out his segment concerning black history month). Two people who can be serious and humorous are required in my view. Marty is good at funny segments(‘What is a froot???’ still rings through my head and that segment was very funny), but can he do serious segments or come across as thoughtful and serious?

  38. yo Leo,
    good luck on the new book. don’t strain your brain from staring at the computer screen all day. don’t forget that everyone will greatly miss you while your on your “vacation”.

  39. I agree, everybody will miss you while you’re on your vacation.
    *wipes away a tear*.
    And yes, keep the webcams on, pleeeaaassse.

  40. Hey Leo good luck on the book.hey see if you can get bootcamp put back to 7:10,or neer the begining of the show. i go to work at 7:45 and miss it. Martin as always is doing a good job while you are gon. hurry back.

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