Where’s Leo?

It’s a beautiful day in New York City, a little breezy but a balmy 75 degrees. I just had brunch with my long time director, Chris Adair, and her husband Marty. Chris directed both Call for Help and The Screen Savers for years. She left us last November to take over NewsNight with Aaron Brown for CNN. She’s doing so well in the Big Apple, like other former TechTVers, Kate Botello, and our beloved booker, Casey Fisher. It’s good to see that there’s life after TechTV. In Chris’s case a pretty good life, too!
After brunch I visited the National Museum of National History ‘ it’s incredible. I can’t wait to take the kids there the next time I come out.

I’m in town to do two pieces for World News Now, ABC’s overnight newscast. I’ll tape both at around 11p tonight, one for air tomorrow around 3am, the other for a month later. It looks like I’ll be doing this every other month from now on. I brought some very cool new gadgets to show.

Monday, 6/3 I’ll be showing:

* Logitech Pocket Digital credit card sized digital camera.
* Panasonic SV-AV10 mini video camera
* POGO Flipster portable Windows media player
* Wave Industries Olympia Soundbug that turns any flat surface into a microphone
* Nyko Airflo Controller, a Gamecube/PS2/Xbox game controller with a built-in fan
* and those cute Tomy Bit Char-G mini RC Cars

Next month I’ll show:

* the new Sony/Ericsson T68i cell phone
* Motorola’s beautiful new v70 cell phone with swivel cover
* Good Technology’s G100 Blackberry killer
* the Handspring Treo 270 color PDA/cell phone
* the Sony Clie NR70V Palm PDA with keyboard, MP3 player, and camera built in

This visit I’m trying a new hotel in the Upper West Side ‘ closer to ABC, and just across the street from the museum. I picked the hotel because it claimed to have high-speed Internet access. Hah! Their idea of broadband is Web TV. There’s no way to hook up my laptop. Fortunately, I brought a little program along called MacStumbler, a port of the netstumbler program. It searches out 802.11b or WiFi wireless networks. I stuck my iBook out the window and found not one but two, unprotected connections. You’d be amazed how many of these there are. I’m finding that I can get online almost anywhere. I’m ‘borrowing’ one of the connections to post this. I have to sit near the window, but otherwise it works great. I guess the hotel does have high-speed Internet access after all!

I’m flying back tomorrow morning, but instead of going to the studio I’m going home to take a one month sabbatical. That’s right, I’ll be off the air until July 8! My publisher came to me last Thursday and asked to move the publication date back two weeks to September 1, which means they need a completed manuscript by July 1. I told them I could only do it if I took the entire month of June off, never expecting that to happen. But it turns out that the book is very important to TechTV, and they really want to get the benefit of the promotion (and resulting sales) that can happen if the book ships by 9/1, so they agreed to do it.

I’ll be using two weeks of my vacation time, and a two-week sabbatical I earned in 2000 but never took. In order to make the deadline I’ll have to write about 7,000 words a day. This blog entry is just under 700 words so multiply by 10! Fortunately, I’m seldom at a loss for words (have you noticed?) and much of the material comes from stuff I and others have already written for the TechTV web site. It’s going to be like pulling 30 consecutive all-nighters nonetheless. Come July 8 you’re going to see a guy very anxious to get back on TV!

Well I’d better post this and give Mr. Hartmann back his WiFi connection. I’ve got to run out and get a slice of pizza and then come back and rehearse for my segment tonight. It’s my last day of freedom before I have to get down to it and start writing. I’ll try to post once in a while, but you’ll understand if you don’t hear a lot from me until next month. Wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks for turning on the webcams! A month without your humor is too much for us techies to go without lol!

  2. Watching the ScreenSavers right now is like trying to trek through the desert without any water. I like Patrick. Martin is a lot better than he used to be. But Leo, there is no replacing you, and it is getting to be unbearable. Well, at any rate, good luck on the book. I can’t wait to see it. Just please get it done in time so that you don’t have to take any “emergency” leave or anything like that!

  3. I read that Leo didn’t receive any $ for his “2002 Poor Leo’s Almanac.” Anyone know if he’s receiving any payment for this one?????????

  4. I for one think that the whole entire group is great…and that any member is great as a cohost, especially Martin.
    I truly believe that TechTV needs to get themselves into the Reality TV buzz that’s swept the nation. Turn the studio into a flat, and lock yourselves in for a month. Call it “The Geek World” and get some sponsors. TechTV has waaay too much down time anyway, which could be graciously filled with the midnight antics of caged geeks who were bordering on insanity before they even got locked in with each other.
    I’ve been ambushed by “Paid Programming” at 2am on TechTV too many times just because the remote’s too far away, and by the sixth showing of CyberCrime in a day, I’m ready to commit some crimes myself.
    Now I know this would be hard on the significant others, but we all know that Megan is just pretending to be married to discourage the crazed hoardes of admirers, and the rest of you could just deal with it for a few weeks. “Leo’s Boot Camp” takes on a whole new meaning…as does “Call For Help”

  5. Whoooaaaa, whose the gorgeous (and I do mean gorgeous!) girl on the ‘Cam’ page. Did she work for TechTV?

  6. Im boycotting the show until you return!
    Patrick is dressing up in skirts, and Martin cant keep him under control without you backing him up! They’ve got spiders and all sorts of craziness all over the set. I may suggest that you hire some muscle to keep the joint in order! Until then i am going to watch Extended Play reruns.

  7. It’s true we’ll all miss you…
    It’s good you’ve taken time to read this…
    Hey… Wait a minute… Get back to work!
    Come back soon.

  8. have fun writing Leo. Please do us all a big favor and make the next book just as good (hopefully better!) as the first one!! I Loved your first book and I can’t wait till the next one comes out!!

  9. Leo,
    Miss you from the show tremendously. Martin is driving me nuts. Although I noticed he’s toned down a bit this week. I was so glad to see your home office space is as disorganized and piled up as mine. The desktop on my computer screen is always cleaner than my workspace. Keep up the hard work on the book. I am a elem. school tech. coor. and your show has really helped me out of a lot of jams. I hate calling for support from IT or IS. I just love the rush when I solve the problem by myself. I like the rumpled work at home Leo look more than the TV Leo look by the way. I promoted your show at a workshop with principals yesterday,only one of them had heard of it. The instructor didn’t even know about TECH TV. Where do these people come from anyway? Toodles,

  10. Hi Leo & visitors
    I think that we should have a contest in July, for the most unique snapshot of Leo’s bookcam!

  11. Leo, are you live now? I’m watching your webcam and can’t tell (even though it says the correct time)…
    You’re obviously busy, but don’t forget about The Plight of Internet Radio. Are you still going to create a webcast?
    Check out mine if you get the chance! It’s VoyagerRadio.com, and it’s enabled by Live365.com (no, I don’t work for Live365, but without them, I couldn’t afford to webcast!).

  12. Ugh! Your fans are all curled in fetal positions and quivering
    from Leo withdrawals!

  13. Did Leo turn into an ederly woman wearing a scarf? (Webcam-Friday,
    June 14 2002-6:25 PM Pacific Time.)

  14. Wow! There are 89 post’s in here. Do you read all of these Leo? Anyway I have a Leo cam shot that appears to have captured a picture of a ghost. Or you just got up really fast.

  15. Wazzup Leo? I tryed to post a coment the other day but my computer crashed before I could click the botton 🙁 One time the thing crashed and I lost my entire hard drive. Anyway good luck with your new book. I checked out your web cam and it looks like you need a break or something. Turn on some music or something. You look really bumed out.

  16. sup,Leo it isn’t the same wathin tss without you.you and patrick are the coolest!

  17. Dang, in a profile shot, which I saw on the webcam today, Leo looks
    identical to my dad. Shocker!

  18. Leo,
    Good luck with your new book! I know it will be a success.
    Best wishes,

  19. If you stay out any longer Chris Pirillo is going to turn your show into one long Call for Help advertisment.

  20. What! Pirillo is taking advantage of The Screen Savers for the commercialization of Call For Help?! LEEEOOOOOOOO, COOOOOOMMMMMEEEEE BAAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. …You’re taking a whole month off? Well, good luck with the book, and remember to find some more time to relax.

  22. You are going to be missed on the show for a month by me and other TSS fans ! Can’t wait to have you back though. You and Patrick do and EXCELLENT job at hosting the show, and everyone else at TechTV does an EXCELLENT job!
    Good luck on the book, but be sure to use your vacation for some outdoor fun stuff as well.

  23. Enjoy the time off, Leo you earned it. That is the time off to work blech. Me and Ray Weigel reviewed the Panasonic SV-AV10 for CES, it’s a nice compact flashy little sucker. I think the only thing Ray and I thought was missing was a built in cigarette lighter. I really wished it didn’t use those SD memory cards and I think it’s video quality is limited (like .3 megapixel), but it does look very cool – it would have been great if it was $199.

  24. Leo…
    Sound like you have your work cut out for you. Almost like you are in college again writing the ultimate research paper. You know you will be missed by all in Leoville, and TSS just won’t be the same.
    Like others, I am going thru withdrawls already.
    Enjoy your next several hrs in NY and good luck on the book.
    we’ll miss you.

  25. Hi Leo,
    I enjoyed your programs so much, but when I lost my job i had to lower my expenses, one of them was digital tv from cox net in Newport News Va. I can still watch tech tv in Martinsville Va. when I visit my mom there. They offer it on a lower cable scale. Is there any way I could encourage Cox Cable to do the same?
    Miss You So Much,
    Lonely in Newport News [lol]

  26. I think I may know why you are finding so many unprotected wireless access points. I just finished installing a router with 802.11b access. Instructions on how to encrypt the connection were not in the main instruction sheet, and no mention was even made of it. I had to dig through the installation CD, and even then it warned that it would slow down the access. If I didn’t know about it from TSS, I would never have known to look for it.
    I’ll miss you very much while you are gone.

  27. I was going to watch that news cast on the PC tonight “World News Tonight” with Leo’s segment but they use Real player and I hate that media player so much. A lot of internet shows use it I wish they would give you more choices….I prefer Quicktime myself. Good luck with the book Leo. I’ll buy this one as well. And just a quick question ….I am also going to buy the IBook what one do you have the 14″ or the 12″…..I’m not sure if I should bother getting the larger screen. Leo probably doesn’t have time to respond so if someone else has any IBook suggestion please email me. (Just click on my name at the top of the post)

  28. Leo, Leo, Leo !
    Don’t do this to us ! Leaving our sensibilities to the tender mercies of Tech TV ? Not even a surprise visit ?
    Oh well, hopefully when you make it back to TV wonderland you can show us how to install Gentoo.
    Best wishes on your further success,
    John D.

  29. Leo,
    The American Museum of Natural History is in New York, the National is in Washington, D.C. It’s a stupid trivia thing, but as a native New Yorker I couldn’t resist the correction. Good luck in your writing, come back to TechTv sooon. Is Kate doing any TV here?

  30. Good luck with your book Leo… I enjoy watching you on SS and look forward to your return.
    Martin is doing a great job filling in for you. He’s a pretty funny guy and deserves more airtime in my humble opinion.

  31. Leo
    Greetings from your neighbour to the North- Ontario, Canada.
    Good luck as you venture to pull 30 all nighters. Just remember to keep the coffee pot full.
    Now that I have been coverted to the dark side “MAC”. I am counting the days until your return.
    I still use my PC for playing games.
    SS is still enjoyable to watch.
    Cheers Eh!
    P.S.I think Patrick should wear his utilikilt for your first day back

  32. Patrick is in skirts, and Martin is letting spiders swarm the set?
    Man, I wish I could see that, it’d be down right
    halarious LOL!
    (My cable company cancelled TechTV here;
    actually they just aren’t having it anymore.)
    But still, that is funny!

  33. I never thought Leo would use someone else’s WiFi connection. Isn’t that stealing? But, if they didn’t protect it shame on them. No one is getting into my wireless network that easily. I have the SSID Broadcast turned off (will not respond to beacon requests netstumber won’t detect it), 128bit WEP Enabled, DHCP is turned off, Wireless MAC Address Filter Enabled, non-standard private ip range, the whole nine. You would have to use Kismet to sniff out my SSID and an authorized Mac address. Then you would have to spoof one of my Mac addresses on your wireless card and crack my WEP key. I hear it usually takes a minimum of 1 gigabyte of intercepted traffic and up to 10 hours of processing time. Then you would have to manually configure your settings to my lan ip range. Anyone that does all that deserves access as far as I’m concerned. Oh did I mention I change my WEP key at least once a month. You never know when your neighbor will try to steal your broadband. The only other thing I could do is tunnel all the wireless traffic through an encrypted VPN. But I don’t know anything about them and that would really be overkill.

  34. Hey, Leo. Good luck on the book. TSS won’t be the same. I like Martin, Kevin and all the ladies. Is there anyway you could get Patrick to take a month off? Sometimes he comes off arrogant and all. I hope he’s not really like that.
    Looking forward to reading your next book. I, for one, will look forward to July 8th, a day when the class act of TSS will be back on the air.

  35. Phew, I’m glad to know you’re just taking time off to write a book. I thought you’d left the show or something!!
    For Pete’s sake though, hurry back! Patrick looks stressed-out and if I have to hear him say, “Let’s take a step back shall we”, one more time during Boot Camp, I swear that the TV is going out of the window! It’s almost getting as annoying as Canada’s own David Chalk’s line, “If you’re looking for something to do (insert task) the (insert any old free-from-the-manufacturer item) will certainly get the job done.” Don’t even get me started on his side-kick Mike’s dreadful abuse of the word ‘literally’.
    Come back soon Leo!!

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