Meet Me in St. Louis

The car is coming for me at six tomorrow morning and it’s off to St. Louis. Paul Block, Screen Savers Executive Producer, and I are leaving Friday so we can schmooze with the cable execs at a Cardinals-Reds game at Busch Stadium Friday night. I’m so stoked to be able to add another ballpark to my collection. Patrick (who is not a baseball or schmooze fan) will stick around to do the show then fly out on a red-eye.
Just as long as he gets to Missouri in time to take me to the Steak ‘n’ Shake for breakfast.

Don’t tell Jennifer, but there’s been big flooding in the area all week. The Mississippi river crested yesterday at its highest point since 1927! The current weather report calls for sunny skies for our appearance at the Ballwin CompUSA Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing so many of you there.

We had around 800 people show up last time, so get there early. We’re leaving right at 1p to catch a flight back to the Bay Area and won’t have any time to meet stragglers. This is the first time Paul’s been to a Screen Savers appearance, and he’s anxious to talk with as many real viewers about the show as possible. Tell him what you like, and don’t like. It’s your best chance to influence the show.

See you in St. Louis!

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  1. I was kind of thinking Iowa in August, but have a good (and safe) trip anyway, Leo!

  2. And yeah, Leo. When are you coming to California? Oh…ooops 🙂 Have fun on the trip.

  3. I wondered about how/whether the flooding might affect your trip. Glad to know they don’t expect any problems. Hope the rain eases up for everyone in that area.
    Have a great trip, enjoy the ball game, and pack in enough Steak ‘n’ Shake to last a while. See you when you’re back in view!

  4. Shouldn’t that be Meet Me in St Louie? j/k Have a great trip just don’t OD at the Steak ‘n’ Shake! Chili Mac for breakfast!? Sounds like your going to jam a lot into a short period of time. Have fun!

  5. See ya there Leo! Gonna leave Illinois bright and early
    to get over there to see ya and maybe catch the Cards game at 1:15!
    As for the flooding it is pouring here in Southern Illinois right now,
    but I think the water in basement is probably higher than the surrounding
    lakes and rivers…oh well…
    Cya Saturday!

  6. Pleasant travels to all, safe trip back!
    I hope you have a great turnout for the event, sounds like fun…. and please post some pics when you get back! I’d like to see your list of Ballparks and your favorite foods from each one! Is it Busch Stadium that has the Bratwurst races????

  7. Hey Leo..
    It’s quit raining today, so your trip to the ballpark should be awesome. I have been there a few times myself.
    There’s water from St. Louis to Southern Illinois…we may float away..but you won’t
    I wanted to see you guys in St. Louis so bad, but just can’t make it. (snif, snif, pout)
    Have fun..pig out at Steak and Shake….and most of all, have a safe trip.
    For those going to see TSS gang, post pics.

  8. Leo,
    I thought Paul was with you guys when you came to the EMP in Seattle back in Oct ’01

  9. Don’t be disappointed by the temple at 250 Stadium Plaza; it might not be Pac Bell Park, but it’s got nine world championships and 15 NL pennants hanging from it, and we’ve got a new one on the way since Busch is crumbling as we speak (even though it’s still beautiful for a 60’s donut stadium.) At least if the idiots in Jeff City would get their act together; otherwise, my boys in Springfield, IL would be more than happy to find room for a new ballpark in Collinsville (you’re ranting, Peter.) Oh, sorry. It’s just Leo and the St. Louis Cardinals in one wonderful building is sort of like gods meeting; it’s too much for this simple boy to handle.

  10. Don’t worry too much about the flooding…It’s bad, but nothing like it was in 1993. For more info you can check out
    From one of the stories:
    Jeff Flock, Chicago bureau chief of CNN, was one of a TV crew of eight at the Arch. “It’s not exactly ’93,” he said, referring to the monumental flood that saturated the region. “But it’s a flood. It takes a lot to get the Mississippi up.”'t+keep+the+curious+from+catching+river's+act+++

  11. “The Mississippi river crested yesterday at its highest point since 1927”
    Are you sure?
    There has not been a flood in recent American history that was as devastating as the great flood that affected the upper and middle Mississippi Valley from late June to mid-August 1993. At St. Louis, the river crested at 49.6 feet – over 19 feet above flood stage, and more than six feet above the old record set in 1973. The Mississippi remained over flood stage at St. Louis for over two months.
    Flood bad, but no comparison to 1993, experts say
    Associated Press Writer
    ST. LOUIS – Even with rivers pouring over their banks and more heavy rain in the forecast, comparisons to 1993 are premature, experts say.
    The big rivers and their tributaries are expected to crest well above flood stage in parts of Missouri this week – but nowhere near 1993 or even 1995 levels.

  12. Yeah, Chester, about a half-hour down the river in Illinois, is having its fifth-highest crest ever this weekend, but nothing there, to the north in Alton, or downtown STL is coming close to 1993. That whole summer, especially August, was crazy. We aren’t near those levels now, but the rain we’re getting this afternoon isn’t helping.

  13. Hey Leo when are you coming down to LOS ANGELES so i can get an autograph on my 40 oz. bottle of Heineken and on the chest of a few of my personal bikini models that i photograph for. If you come well set up something so you guys can party with us at the PLAYBOY MANSION.

  14. Can’t wait to see you guys. I have made the trip all the way from Nashville, TN to see you guys. Unfornately, I am still explaining to my wife, not a geek, why this is such a cool thing to do. I hope to get a Photoshop pic I made autgraphed . Which will make it suitable for framiing and hanging on the wall.
    From the Nashville Bureau (which is on location in St. Louis),

  15. Leo, I saw you today at CompUSA. It was so much fun. I waited in line for three hours but it was worth it!

  16. I know this is kinda off topic but here goes. Yesterday i went to Barnes & Noble and I saw your book. I bought it. When I brought it home and read it, I was impressed. Great job on your book leo. I hope your next on will be the same.

  17. Boy I wish I had a cool cable provider that would invite you guys to Indiana!
    Make sure to post tons of cool pictures!

  18. Have a safe and fun trip Leo! Enjoy your baseball game, and your Steak N Shake! When you coming to Louisiana? 😉

  19. I agree with Chris. Wish Indiana had a cool cable provider that would invite you Leo! But have fun in St. Louis!

  20. When are you going to come to Grants Pass or Medford Oregon?!?!?! D’oh, I hate living in one of the least popular states in the country.

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