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  1. I think certain PTB should just stick to running a perfectly good channel into the ground and not bother with us unhappy few.

  2. EB makes a good point. “I think some of us ‘old timers’ just feel a bit tweaked up that we are not the ‘desired’ target group.” At the same time I’m used to
    not being the targeted demographic of a channel…as long as TSS isn’t meddled with too much the channel can target programming and ads at semi-sentient crack smoking pygmy cross-dressing mold spores, I could care less. Excuse the bad grammar.

  3. “I guess I better watch my Ps and Qs around here!”
    So, Leo? Does this mean no more “TPTB can bite my white @$$” comments? 😉

  4. That’s an interesting thread…. lots of changes at the network, some are bound to be a turn off for some, while others enjoy the changes…. It would be nice though if instead of getting rid of all the things the original viewers liked, they would keep some… but then again TV is all about getting (and keeping) viewers of a target demographic for the advertisers. I think some of us “old timers” just feel a bit tweaked up that we are not the “desired” target group.
    I doubt I’ll like the “NEW” Vanilla Coke, either. But luckily Coke still makes the one I like.

  5. hehe leo,
    if you want out of your contract early DON’T mind your P’s and Q’s

  6. I highly doubt Leo would ever “get into trouble” for what he says on his site. If he ever felt opressed in any way I’m sure Regis would scoot Kelly’s chair off-camera and Leo wouldn’t mind wearing a wig…

  7. GO LEO!! this is not techtvs boards so leo is not obligated to post pro-techtv things. derbin should remember that we keep him in his job. if it werent for us viewers there would be no techtv. leo keep speaking your mind!

  8. What Tech Tv needs to understand that there will be another New Station tommorow as far as Technology is concerned and they will loose all their viewers. But I agree, Leo should be able to speak his mind. And we all love him..

  9. Say whatever you want to, Leo. This is your space, and because you’re a talent in your own right, the “so called” PTB won’t try anything silly.

  10. I think what Stealth meant is what Bloke commented about being a new Technology Station. I mean currently TECHTV has no competition. But if there was a similar station it would be challenged. I have been watching TECHTV since its opening when it was ZDTV and Leo, Patrick, and all the old timers made this station. Without them its nothing.

  11. I am one of those that have been left behind by the channel. Not part of the demographic I suppose. (My bad. As the kids say these days. doH!)
    I suppose making the kinds of decisions that network people have to make is an extremely stressful and difficult proposition. Hard to decide if the numbers actually mean anything and how to make them shift more to the positive column. All things have to change even if you have to leave some faithful behind to get more new people to become profitable. While I disagree with the program changes personally I can see why they are making them.
    Think about this… Remember when MTV actually used to play music videos? They had to change. Now I think they have a block of them somewhere between 1 and 2 AM 😛 .

  12. Well, I’ll be following Leo wherever he goes. (Are you on the bus?)
    Blogging is just the camel’s nose under the tent flap of traditional media. I won’t bore by elaborating; people are starting to “get” it. I noticed in the recent TTV interview with Clint Black that Clint certainly gets it.
    Advertisers might be keen to know how many times Leo has led me down the primrose path of busting my budget.

  13. he he he! If I could only come to terms with the fact that my Dell is only a tool and not my significant other I would be doing allright!

  14. I know it would hurt ratings, but I think TTV would do alot better if it targeted a more advanced audience, IE HACKERS and people PEOPLE WORKING IN THE INDUSTRY. I turn on the Screen Savers and I get nothing out of the show except for a few good laughs. I really dont need to know how to fix my modem, or how to change my monitor resolution.
    What appeals to me and people like me is HARD CORE INFORMATION. A show that would cover topics like why wireless security is so vulnerable, how buffer overflow exploits work, like IMPORTANT STUFF. I know the home users are a big market, but give me a break.
    Heck, fly me out there for the summer and I’ll help you guys put together a killer show that teaches even “The rest of us” a thing or two. SERIOUSLY! I can handle the camera! Bring it on! =)

  15. I love TTV and all it offers, it may lack in a few things, but as I said in my post on the thread, TTV is still a baby in the entertainment industry, it still has yet to grow…
    The fillers, or entertainment value shows starting to peek in, IMO are a good addition. Granted I miss Mr. Dvorak in Silicon Spin, Kate Botello, Jim Lauderback (SP?), and Patrick’s Kilt, I will still watch and still support TechTV as much as I can.
    Just to make sure I keep on top of things, I bought Leo’s book, grabbed a few TTV Video’s for b-day presents, and will continue to pick up products with the TTV label.
    I agree, they need a show for the more hardcore technology folks, and would do anything I could to help it get there, but saddly I think a show like that would be hard to keep on the edge, let alone the opportunity to assist a project like that would even arise.

  16. I started watching about 2 years ago. I have been using computers since the first computers hit the market. In my business, we build automated machinery with PLC’s built in them. I have to program each machine. So I know computers about as well as anybody, but there is no reel expert. I think Leo comes as close to one as anybody I have seen. I love watching Leo and Patrick. Techtv would be crazy if they lost Leo. I use to watch callforhelp, but after Leo left, I stopped watching for the most part. Use can always get tips no matter who you are. So Rock On Leo. Your the best.

  17. First time on here, find it intellectually stimulating.
    The guy who wrote the long letter to TechTV is
    probaly doing what law schools teach their students, which
    is the longer the criticism, the more likely a jury will side with you.
    Of course it seems it did the opposite on the posts.

  18. Personally I don’t think that this is fair, Leo should beable to say what he wants on the topics he wants to comment about on his site without worrying about TPTB watching him.

  19. Thanks for the verification that we have the real Greg on the board. I hope he stays in touch with us, because it’s a lot more fun to second guess him if we know he’s seeing us do so… (Then again, “we” don’t work for TechTV and you do…)

  20. Stealth, are you talking about that G4 gaming channel? I don’t think 24 hour game coverage will beat a channel that … only … has … one … good … show … uh, nevermind.

  21. In response to: “a channel that…only…has…one…good…show”
    Only ONE good show? Well, yeah. I suppose Tomorrow’s World IS pretty cool. LOL Just kidding. :oP~ TSS RULES!!! :oD

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