Next Year Already!

Alas, book sales are dropping off and it looks like we’re pretty much out of steam for the first edition of Poor Leo’s Computer Almanac. Que will have sold 35,000 books in five months which I’m told is very respectable. Thanks so much to those of you who bought copies!
On the strength of this year’s sales, the publisher is planning a first printing of 50,000 for next year’s edition. I hope to sell even more. I can tell you that it’s going to be much better with a lot more content. Laura and I are working our buns off on it already. She’s doing the “this date in history” stuff and I’m collating existing web content and writing a bunch of new material.

I’m using Movable Type, this blog software, to create an online database that she and I can use to collaborate on the book. (She’s in the South Bay and I’m in the North Bay so we can’t work face-to-face.) In fact, I’ve just imported nearly 3,000 web articles from Call for Help and The Screen Savers into the Poor Leo blog. I’ll use Movable Type to edit, categorize, and assign articles to each day of the year. MT’s calendar interface will make it easy to access one day at a time. Laura will add her daily bits to each day. And then I can export it to a big text file and use Perl to process it for the publishers.

We’re scheduled to finish the book by the end of July to get it into bookstores by September. The new title is tentatively, “Leo Laporte’s 2003 TechTV Almanac.”

Meanwhile, if you’d like me to autograph the 2002 edition, send your copy to me with a postage paid self-addressed mailer to:

Leo Laporte
650 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA 94103

I’ll sign your copy and pop it right back in the mail. I’ve done this for several dozen folks so far and it seems to work pretty well. I can’t be responsible for copies lost in the mail, but as long as you’re willing to take that chance and pay the return postage, I’m glad to put my John Hancock on it.

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  1. Laura is working her buns off . . . tell me something I don’t know 🙂 Good luck to both of you.

  2. Leo if I ever had a chance to get u to sign a copy of ur book, I wouldnt want u to sign it John Hancock, I would rather u sign it LEO LAPORTE: Ruler of Tech!!!

  3. Thanks for doing another book the 2002 book comes in hand and is very helpful so Thanks again.

  4. It is great to hear that you are working on another Help book. It is also great to hear that you are going to release it earlier this year. Please keep up the good work. Is there a such thing as a Politer for help books?

  5. Love this years book so I know I’ll love the next one. Please add a little more about Windows ME will you? Some of us may not be happy with it but still have to use it until we can save up for XP.
    Thanks again for a great book that is also handy for us “newbies”:)|

  6. IMO, I liked the, “Poor” and “Computer” fraction of the title. Donchathink TechTV is already associated enough with the book? Like, say, the largely sized TechTV graphic logo on the left? Either way, I’ll get a copy, without a doubt. Sounds like the sequal (if that’s what you call it) is going to surely over-do the current one, especially with all the extra help from Laura!
    Thank YOU for putting out such a wonderful book for all us geeks!

  7. hey leo what’s up , just wanted to invite you to check out my blog , I use greymatter to update it and what not , the URL is I also wanted to share a sweet tip I just uhh.. possibly came up with? i dunno.. but I use live counter from and what it does is use a java applet to update the counter automatically as people visit the site.. it’s rather cool to watch and you can see as visitors come ….
    well what I did was make a small .html file , and used the code they gave me and added the .html as an active desktop item. now I have a live counter on my desktop , luckily I have a black desktop wallpaper right now , I’ll take a snapshot of the desktop and post it up at the counter is down in the bottom right hand corner about the clock when you see the picture.. =).. Feel free to use this tip on your show , if you haven’t already hahaha.. i don’t get to see all of them , but i watch most , and haven’t heard of this yet.. it’s been very interesting watching visitors come to my site.. if you check it out , feel free to drop a comment on any of the posts just to say hi and what not.. Well I’ve taken up enough of your time , check out the counter it’s rad!! later leo!!!
    Josh Wright

  8. Well Leo add another number because I’m asking for your book for my birthday. I like the idea of continuing this years title with a different year. It’s a nice tribute to the original almanack (old spelling) Poor Richard’s by Ben Frankiln. You may want to take a pen name if you want it to be a true tribute but I digress. Keep up the entertaining program and do another video like “Leo’s Angels” like the one i submitted a long time ago. That is all. Have a nice day.

  9. Congratulations on the book sales! Having your name *first* on the title won’t hurt sales of the next book, don’t worry! It can only help! (and it WILL HELP searching for it on Amazon, I’ll tell you that!)
    Can I go there and pre-order it yet?
    Any material changes in the way the info in the new book will be presented? Will the Mac and Windows and Linux stuff be in their own areas? Rather than a random tip each day? I think that would help the folks who will read it like a book, rather than use it like a “tip a day” calendar. In any event, you can count me in for at least 3 copies of the next book, I loaned MY COPY of the last book out and NEVER GOT IT BACK…. so I had to buy another one!
    Best wishes to the author….. and Laura, the researcher!

  10. I think that from a marketing standpoint, you’d do well to stick with the “Poor Leo’s Computer Almanac” title. These days, any angle that a person can use to make his or her product stand out from others of the same type must be “run with,” so to speak. You only need to look at the “…for Dummies” series of books to get an idea of what I am talking about. I respectfully submit that if you carried on with the “Poor Leo” aspect of your book, even down to the same type of cover picture and illustrations, that you would be putting yourself in very good company.
    Like Shayne said elsewhere in these “Comments” the TechTV logo is prominently featured on the cover, and given extensively discussed in your book. You’ve got to consider that Paul Allen isn’t exactly hurting for money, so it’s not that one of his companies needs more in the way of promotion.
    With warmest personal regards,

  11. I came across your show Leo (it is yours right) and now TIVO it everyday!
    Then I read your book and THAT was very good also. Full of great info and ideas for the novice like me. Thanks.
    What other books should I read?
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Not only will Leo sign your book if you send it to him, but he also does something quite disturbing to it.
    Forward your book to him at your own risk; I won’t tell you what he does, but I’d hate to be the owner of one of those books when I get to page 137…

  13. It’s great to know that there is more Leo knowledge coming our way in print format. Soon you’ll have to make a desktop calendar out of it. And I am definitely going to be sending my copy of the Almanac that way. Congrats and good wishes for future success!

  14. Excellant book Leo. I bought one for myself and my geekie younger brother. The book has been real helpful on a number of occasions. Thanks. Are you planning to be on the East Coast at all this year for any events? DBL

  15. Wow, I came back to Leoville after a very long hiatus, only to find a load of spam and irrelevant comments. Too bad.

  16. Leo,
    The new book sounds like it is coming along nicely! That’s great that they will do more in the first printing now! My local Books-A-Million finally got copies of your 2002 book recently!
    You are so full of it! 😉 You had me going there for a second. I actually went and pulled out my autographed copy and went to page 137! There was nothing special there! Nothing at all! Then, I reread your post above, and that was when I understood! I saw your name that time! LOL If I had seen your name next to the post the first time, I never would have pulled my book out to check! LOL

  17. Hello LEO I watch your show every day befor i go to school its always a rerun but i still love them i know i should prolly write something constructive here but im in school right now and ill prolly get in trouble soon for doing this but…. any way uuuh I was was wondering if you would do me a faver well its not really a faver its kind of stupid any way here it go’s It would be soooo super cool if one one of your shows out of now where say my name or make refernce to it. it would make me super happy it would kind of be my 15 seconds of fame it would also be the closest i would ever be to being on your show lol ( i can dream cant i) any way thats my stupid “comment” sorry if i wasted your time reading this but in a way your and the people on your show are kind of my “role models” any way see you on the flip side LEO
    (ps)>>//Y //ame Is LEE HALL from Oakland Maryland (pit of the universe)
    [ps2] I Would love to have bought one of your books im sorry i couldn’t

  18. At last maybe he will stop pushing his book durng the show, although he stopped doing that for a while witch makes the show a lot less like the internet with all its pop-up.

  19. I love watching your show. Keep it up its great. I also love the fact that I can be a thousand miles away and give the feedback. Isn’t technology great.

  20. Hey Leo,
    I watched your show from the day you went live on DirecTV to about two weeks before Kate left – that’s when I started up working 40 hours a week as well as being a full time student. I’m now majoring in Computer Science in Washington DC, and stumbled across a copy of Eudora on a computer I don’t use any more still faithfully downloading the show notes and archiving them… 651 emails from June 24th, 1999 to today – wow!
    Hope things are well on the show – we don’t get ZDTV (TechTV) here at GWU, but the show is still steaming ahead it seems (albeit with a lot of new staffmembers – where’d everybody go? (and more importantly, is anyone else going to go? Cause I’d love an intership heh)).
    Night Leo,
    Ben Williams

  21. Leo, I and others i kow really like the ‘Poor Leo’s 2003 Computer Almanac’ Title. I think its fun and has a bit more of a ring to it than the other title….No offence to haveing your name on it of course, but it just rools off the tounge better 🙂
    Looking forward to getting a copy!
    Jason Crimmel
    Scott Depot, West Virginia

  22. Leo….have become addicted to TechTV in the recent past, and to ScreenSavers in particular…excellent show great content never dull or boring! My post is a question. I just started a blog site and need some advice, pointing to, or direction on how to improve the template for my space…any suggestions? Please email or stop by EYESAW (Leo or anyone with the knowledge and direction), let me know where to go, what to read, or how to do what I need to do! Thanks and all the best!

  23. Hello Leo! I’m really missing you and the rest of the Tech TV family ever since Comcast took Tech TV off thier chanel lineup here in NJ. I’ve set up a small web page for people to write to comcast and let them know we want our Tech TV back. Here is the url, I hate the long url’s you get with AOL, but what can you do. I hope to have Tech TV back on my cable soon, but I’m not holding my breath!
    Peace Love and Blessings,
    Richard W. Wosnik

  24. Let me be the first to say on this reply list that what you, yes you crappy mc crapperson, is wrong. Why don’t people get that spamming and nitpicky crap doesn’t ever advanmce anyone? Anyways, unless it was an inside joke, I’d suggest an apology.
    So the book is coming into print for another year? I’d get it but I don’t think I can find a copy offline. Good luck on your future sales and getting movable type to work.

  25. Hey Leo, I’m new at this game being a traditional gal. That is great about your new book, I hope to read it soon. I watch you from rural n.e.Colo. nd catch you when I can, still tring to win my low tech husband toward your way. Have web tv as a jump of to a computer. Realizing you enjoy the rural life with the animals as us, Did you see the world news last night? About US sending out dated pc to china and India to be decomposed to there basic componants and poluting land, water and living beings with deadly solvents and poisons to break down the elements to sale back to us. It looked like Mad Max or Waterworld of a land in the far future. Maybe we should figure out how to reuse upgrade or decompose better or just be able to hold on to our tools longer then a year or so. What happened to the policy buy for 10 years or more like Dads reliable Chevy. Are we going to kill to have such convience. Enough of the heavy stuff. I really enjoy you guys even I’m not able to work all of the functions yet. I’m learning so much. Take care, Keep us safe. I’ll be watching. Sincerely Ralf

  26. Hey Leo, informative board, hope things start going better at Tech TV. Your show and the show by the hyper Gerbil Chris are the only ones I watch

  27. Leo,
    Love your show, but man please set your bg color on your web pages. Those of us who don’t use default system colors see your photo and graphic *hanging* in mid air.

  28. 35,000 copies w/ an advance on 50K 2003 editions. No wonder he can’t call himself “Poor” anymore. I can’t wait for “Filthy Rich Leo Laporte’s 2004 Vulcan’s Ziff-Davis’s TechTV Almanac.”
    Love the show and the book.

  29. Hey Leo…
    I dont want to insult you or anything but I noticed something the other night on The ScreenSavers that I never did before … it looks like you wear a toupe , do you? Now don’t think it really really looks like it or anything… I spent allot of debate looking at your hair trying to decide. Maybe it was just the way you combed it that day but … it raised the question and I thought I’d see if you would tell me! So do ya?

  30. I really like this site and I really, really like TSS. It’s the best show on Tech TV. I am not really commenting on the article, I justed need some traffic on my site. I would really appreciate it. I am haveing a really hard time on it. I would really like to thank you if you come. I can even make custom Icons for you, pictures, names, letters, anything you want, I can make it into an icon, for WINDOWS only, sorry Mac fans.

  31. I really like this site and I really, really like TSS. It’s the best show on Tech TV. I am not really commenting on the article, I justed need some traffic on my site. I would really appreciate it. I am haveing a really hard time on it. I would really like to thank you if you come. I can even make custom Icons for you, pictures, names, letters, anything you want, I can make it into an icon, for WINDOWS only, sorry Mac fans.

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