Fan In Training

The sweetest words in the English language are “catchers and pitchers report.”
Even sweeter, I’m on my way to Scottsdale with my seven year-old son for Spring Training. OK it’s not really for Spring Training, but I am doing a talk and book signing at the Scottsdale Arts Festival on Sunday, so I decided to go down a day early to watch a Giants game (I hope I can get tickets – they’re sold out!).

I used to work at the Giants flagship radio station, KNBR in San Francisco. In fact, I was the president of the station’s Giants fan club when the Giants won the pennant in the earthquake year, 1989. The station did shows from Scottsdale’s Pink Pony restaurant every Spring, but I was always stuck at home. In fact, I’ve never been to Spring Training. I can’t wait!

Henry’s pretty darn excited, too. He’s looking forward to the game, but he’s more interested in whether the hotel has a pool and video games in the room. His idea of a perfect vacation is room service and Super Mario Brothers.

He is more interested in baseball these days since we discovered he can really wallop the ball. I’ve been pitching tennis balls to him to prep for his coach pitch league which starts next month and the kid is a natural. Figures. I guess athletic ability skips generations. My dad was a pretty fair ball-player in college, and I have no skills at all. But I do love the game and can’t wait to share a warm spring day in Arizona with my boy.

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  1. I bet Henry is awfully excited! The Father/Son outtings are always so special and memorable. Have a great time and be sure to fill us in how Henry does with his team!

  2. Tennis Balls???
    If you’re using tennis balls, then I should be getting a MLB contract any day now…

  3. Henry has the best DAD in the universe! you go boy!
    have fun in Scottsdale and sned us a “postcard” if ya can

  4. His idea of a perfect vacation is room service and Super Mario Brothers.
    WORD. Me too.

  5. I live in Florida. I can’t believe I have only been to three or four spring training games since I moved here from Maine! Argh!! One of the sweetest things in the world is a warm summer evening at a MINOR LEAGUE game.

  6. Sounds like fun Leo!
    I caught Giants game at Pac Bell when I was out there a year and a half ago. What a beautiful stadium.
    I’d take it over Fenway any day. 😉

  7. Wow, It really warms my heart to hear about Leo spending time with his kids. With the hectic schedule that he must keep, It’s good to know that he keeps his family a high priority. Way to go Leo!!

  8. LOL, Leo!! I’ve been chanting the same exact line since the boys of summer first arrived in camp! Spring training is a wonderful time of year…the only thing better is a NY Yankees world championship parade. 😉
    Have a great time – and please take lots of pics!

  9. You’ll have a great time the weather here in Arizona has been great!! I live near Scottsdales but unfortunately will miss you both times you’re here in Arizona because the company is sending me out for more networking/programing training. Best wishes on the trip….Have a great time with your son!!!

  10. You’ll have a great time the weather here in Arizona has been great!! I live near Scottsdales but unfortunately will miss you both times you’re here in Arizona because the company is sending me out for more networking/programing training. Best wishes on the trip….Have a great time with your son!!!

  11. aw i could just cry 🙂 it makes me so happy hearing about people spending time with their kids and doing somethign special i bet your son will aways remeber his daddy taking him to a ball game and throwing balls to him 🙂 (bo ho) families can be together forever through hevanly fathers plan i always want to be wiht my own family and the lord can show me how i can
    everytime i think of family i sing 🙂

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  13. When all is said and done it’s family that really counts. Take as much time as you possibly can with them Leo. This is when life is really good. Have a great time and if possible post some pics when you get back.
    A trip back east to see grandma would be fun too. And then maybe a book signing gig on the side. Ooops, sorry, my three unsigned Poor Leo’s 2002 Almanacs made me say that. They can be a little vocal. I’ll try to keep them in line better.

  14. Leo and Henry,
    Hope you have a great time in Scottsdale. Baseball rocks! My daughter’s Little League just started up and she is really having a great time (and so is her dad, who is helping with the coaching, having played little league himself for years). It’s great for them to spend the time together. Great for you and Henry, too!

  15. Leo – Great job on the TSS “call-a-thon” on Friday. PLEASE do ’em on a regular basis – like, say, EVERY Friday??
    Just returned from the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to see you in person. You were, as always, smart, interesting, and humorous. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you afterward, but I may just plunk down a grand to do so when you come back to our fair Valley of the Sun in April for the IT conference.
    Oh, and I want to apologize in advance for the whuppin’ the Diamondbacks are planning to put upon your Giants and the rest of the NL West again. The city of Phoenix and its fans had so much fun at the post-World Series parade, that it simply has to happen again. “Sorry about that, chief….”

  16. Leo, I just want to take a moment to thank you for your visit to Scottsdale on Sunday.Henry is a great kid, my daughters think he is cute. We would like to see you when you are here April 29th if the opportunity arises. Thanks again!
    Bill, Eileen, Tricia and Kelli.

  17. Baseball, yay! Is Henry a southpaw? Teach him to bat lefty so he can be a switch hitter and take care of you in your retirement. :^)
    “Build it and they will come.”
    Leo, did you happen to be thinking of this line from “Field of Dreams” when you created Leoville? Just wondering, because, well, it worked!
    Best wishes for a great outing, safe travels,
    (Braves fan)

  18. Sounds like a great trip, Leo! My passion for computers is only equaled by my passion for baseball. I went to about five spring training games in Florida several years ago and it was wonderful. I grew up a fan of the Big Red Machine but am an ardent Braves fan now.
    Play ball!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I feel like a fool for not knowing you where comming to Scottsdale today… I live in Scottsdale and went to theArt show on Friday…. Gawd, I cant beleave it… I should have watched TSS on friday insted.
    Much Luv,

  20. Great post, it just hit me really funny when I read the first lines… I immediately thought of the t-shirts and caps some of the people I know wear… “Pitchers” and “Catchers”…
    I know, so wrong…. you can see where my mind was.
    Anyway.. enjoy the time w/ your son.

  21. Hey leo,thats good of you spending time with your son but tell him the real
    sport is playing games on the computer well i hope yall have a good time and
    please be safe and dont get into any troble hope you get the tickets and let
    the lord be with you.(Hey henry hope you have a good time and keep on a swinging
    the bat)

  22. looks like cleveland indians are not gonna do it, not gunna, not gunna do it.
    pick up that catcher that is out there, who sold derek jeter’s glave and bat on Ebay.
    even though the other backup tribe has is a rookie.
    rounding third and heading home….

  23. As an Angel fan, I can tolerate the Giants a bit. After all, they have J. T. Snow. But I hope that the “Network Associates” Coliseum is swallowed up by a giant sinkhole, taking the Athletics with it.

  24. Baseball may not be life but it sure makes if fun! Go Braves (sorry Leo I know you are a Giants fan). I come to FL every spring. I ususally spend about a week and a half at the beginning of Spring Training and then another week at the end. Nothing is as wonderful as a cold diet coke and a hoy dog at a baseball game on a warm sunny FL day. Yes I am a major geek and a tech head but I have always loved baseball and always will. I hope you had a great day at the park!

  25. Have fun Leo & Henry. Baseball rules!
    Though I must disagree…it’s the A’s that are the BEST Bay Area team!! 🙂

  26. 1989 – The year the Giants won the National League, but NOT the World Series. Too bad, so sad.
    Go A’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  28. Leo,
    I am not much of a baseball fan but my precious hubby, Tom, was.
    He liked the N.Y. teams.
    Please enjoy your time together with your son. Time together is priceless.
    Since Tom went to be with Jesus, I have “inherited” the web pages that he so nicely put together.
    The Team that I like to cheer on is Macs.
    Go Go Macs!!!!!!
    Have a beautiful day enjoying “cyberssssssspace”

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