On the Lam

Our new lambs are arriving today. I’ll put up the Lamb Cam so you can see them. (Please keep your eyes peeled for predators, too. They’re very small and we’re worried about dogs and coyotes going after them.) The lambs are still on the bottle. They’re bummers – lambs that were rejected by their mothers. These are Suffolks and are quite cute I’m told.
After a brief hiatus, it’s back on the road for me. Next week I’m going to Arizona for the Scottsdale Arts Festival. I’ll be talking and signing books (if they can get any – they’re in short supply) on Sunday.

I’m returning to Scottsdale on April 29 to give the keynote at the ITactics 2002 conference. If you’re a computer training or help desk professional I hope you’ll attend.

And Patrick and I have scheduled a personal appearance in St. Louis on May 18. We’ll probably be at the same CompUSA we went to last year. That was the best attended event we’ve ever done, with nearly 2000 fans, so I look forward to some fun this time. And Steak ‘n’ Shake, too.

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  1. The heck with Steak ‘n’ Shake. If you want the best burger in town, I would highly recommend O’Connels, at the corner of Shaw and Kingshighway. And, no, I have no financial stake in O’Connels. This is just a carnivore’s love letter.

  2. Leo,
    I live in Georgia, and we have several Steak ‘n’ Shakes. There’s almost nothing better than some of their hamburgers, onion rings, and a large chocolate milkshake!
    Joseph Todd

  3. Oh by the way , get a chilli mac, and double steak burger with cheese. YUM…
    Just ate at Steak and Shake last week.

  4. About the lambs, Leo…watch out for big black crows, too.
    They tool out one of our newborn goats in under 30 seconds.
    I’d tell how they did it, but it was REALLY gross, so let’s
    just pass on that one!

  5. Hey Leo, See ya on May 18 here at St. Louis, I’ll save you and pat a steakburger…

  6. What a great addition to all the other farm animals you have!
    That should be exciting to watch the little guys grow up and become viable. Abby and Henry must be so thrilled!

  7. Leo, which CompUSA? There are four in the STL area, and I wasn’t a TechTV fan the last time you came around.
    I look forward to seeing you. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the Steak ‘n’ Shake is SO on me.

  8. I love steak n shake! i just had a frisco melt a few hours ago ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Leo, think East. Think, East Coast. Think, Boston/Providence area. Think, I have family out that way. Think, I have fans out that way. Think, WOW wouldn’t that make a great place for a personal appearance? Think, HEY, I know someone who has three copies of my book that need autographing out that way. Well just think about it anyway, please.

  10. Bahbah Baaah,
    Baaaaah, bah-bah baaah baaaaaah. Bah bah-bah-bah baaaaaaah? Baaaaaah. Baah, bahhhh baah bahhhh baaah bah? Bahh-bahh-baaah baaah bahbah. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Dearest Mayor,
    That Arts festival is interesting, isn’t that a new kind of gig for you? Did TTV book it? Or maybe it’s not a tech-y thing and you’re going to be throwing a little pottery for the crowd. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sheepish Smooches,
    (who actually isn’t sheepish at all)

  11. Hey Leo,
    You should get some Llamas to protect the sheep, their big and make a cool alarm sound if pradators come. You guys should come to the Ojai/Ventura area. Ventura’s got some good punk venues for Patrick (Flogging Molley on the 14th). Hey Leo, you guys should do a special for ppl who are moving to the country and what tech. they might need to switch to (i.e. Sat. Internet, fuel cells, etc.)

  12. Er… why are you getting lambs?! Sheep aren’t very common pets… unless that is, you plan to eat them. Figures.

  13. I just looked behind my cable box and it has an s-video out port now I need some cables to check it out. Thanks

  14. I seen Your new vhs tape with you and patrik at walmart, cool. How about gettin your book there also then the rest of us can get a copy. Oh ya, If im not mistaken abandoned lambs are called Dougy lambs, Good luck with em Youll need it.

  15. Leo – Leo – Leo,
    I told you, you MUST come to Columbus, Ohio to our CompuUSA.
    We have Steak n Shake’s all over the place!!

  16. Leo, I heard Osama Bin Laden loves lamb. I’ll keep an eye out for him on your “Lamb Cam” Last I heard the reward was $50 million! I’ll split it with ya.

  17. Hey, be sure to warn the local St. Louis pizza places you’re coming.
    They need to plan to have enough staff to serve all those geeks coming their way!
    In Joy! Diana
    For those who haven’t seen these yet, these are my photos from Leo & Patrick’s previous trip to St. Louis.

  18. Leo this is what I want to do. I am looking for a way to record through the s-video in port on my TV tuner card. I am having great difficulties on finding anything that has a s-video out port. What the hell am I to do its driving my crazy. You see I want to record TV on to my pocket pc, but my TV tuner only picks up 99 cable channels and I don’t get tech tv if I got tech tv I would not care. so Now I want to record the TV through the s-video port but don’t know of any devices that have an s-video out to record from. What can I do the TV tuner card only has the coaxial cable input and a s-video input.

  19. Hey Leo,
    I’m looking forward to seeing you here in St. Louis.
    When you go to your favorite Steak’N Shake, make sure
    that you don’t use the wait(drive) through.

  20. leo, you fat bodied guy, you need to lost some weight, this much weight isnt good on yer heart, MACS SUCK!!!

  21. Leo,
    I’m from Kentucky and grew up on a farm with Suffolk sheep. Watch out for dogs more than anything else. For us, German Shepherds were the worst at running and killing the sheep. I also remember feeding and shearing them too. Still remember quite a bit about caring for them. Willing to share knowledge if you need it.
    Good luck with the lambs.

  22. Hey Leo and Patrick!!
    Can’t wait until your trip to St. Louis!! Seems we’re a pretty big market for ya, hope that wasn’t to surprising. So have you guys attained rock star status yet?? Are people camping out to get a glimpse of you and Patrick every where you go? Rock On Dudes!!
    It’s great to have a source of information that we can all understand and presented in way that can make you laugh too. The whole on-air staff at The Screensavers should be commended for the great job they do at being entertaining and at the same time passing on some really useful infomation.
    Keep up the good work! and what’s Regis really like??

  23. Sheep? You need some dogs to chase them?
    Honestly I would choose black and white on my computer over any real animals.
    Umm, do you enjoy attracting visitors computer stores?
    Mmm, steak ‘n shake. I wonder if there are any in cali…

  24. Leo,
    How about you and Patrick making a trip out to the North Texas area like around Dallas and Ft. Worth? That would be great.

  25. Leo,
    When you get to STL, Steak ‘N Shake is good, *BUT*…..if you want a uniquely STL treat, try to get to Ted Drews. Best frozen custard you’ll find.
    Will definitely be looking forward to the visit!

  26. Wahoo!!!!
    Great to hear you’re coming back to the Gateway City! I tried to see you last year, but was overwhelmed by the turnout. I’ll plan ahead this time!
    For those who don’t know, it’s the CompUSA located at the intersection of Watson Rd. and Lindbergh in Sunset Hills.

  27. Leo,
    Give us the full scoop (NOT poop) on the lambs…what breed?
    As to the predator problemm seriously, you should look into getting a Great Pyranees dog. Big, beautiful, white sheep guardians. Nice with children,too. Go to the Great Pyranees Club of America web site. These dogs really take care of the varmints….of course, the feed bill is a bit much (these ain’t petite hounds). GO GIANTS! (of course, they use MY breed of dogs i.e. Portuguese Water Dogs to retrieve balls hit into the bay)
    and the Bayou pack

  28. You and Patrick need to come to Las Vegas for something other then Comdex ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Hey leo scottsdale is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from me, i will sure try to be there to meet you!, what day or days will you be there?

  30. Leo, I have some great recipes if you want them: Rack of lamb, moussaka, garlic roasted lamb with oregano pesto, lamb chops with mint jelly.
    You may have to wait a few weeks until they’re big enough to feed a family of four. Wait a couple of months, and you can have us all over for a dinner party.

  31. Leo..
    I am excited that you are going to be in St Louis in May. You mentioned it last week briefly on air.
    I told my husband that I want to come and see ya there. I live about 2 hrs from St. Louis…in Illinois. I havent traveled much since I started using my vent several years ago, but I am going to make it a point to be there to see you and Patrick.
    Good luck with the new lambs…we have been thinking about getting some goats in the spring to add to the zoo that we already have.

  32. Leo – I don’t ever remember hearing about TSS making any visits to BestBuy. Is there a reason for this? I know of a store in NJ that would love to see you guys there (including me) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. dont’ mean to be rude or anything here leo but u out west what do u expect u get out west alot of momons and that means that hardly any stores would be open and that means harldy anyone will be out on sunday

  34. Leo,
    Scottsdale is just a few miles away. Will see you there on Sunday! You and Patrick
    planning on stopping at a local CompUSA anytime soon?

  35. Hey leo,
    Forget the requirements of having to be invited by a cable company or whatever. Come to Fort Worth, TX. I wanna meet you in person, but I can’t afford airfare to come out to where tech tv is located (LOL). I bet there are TONS, er rather a whole lot of fans of TechTv and The Screen Savers/Call For Help and whatever else is on the tube (grin).
    I just Love you guys/gals on TechTV. Tell Martin and Patrick they are funny.
    Your Friend,
    Jay Chapman
    Fort Worth, TX

  36. Just received your book “Poor Leo’s 2002 Computer Almanac” from Amazon. It arrived just 2 days after I placed the order on-line. I find it very interesting and useful.
    However, there are some reference links that are no longer active.
    I HIGHLY recommend the book to friends, even the ones that think they know everything about “Personal Confusers”!
    Best wishes

  37. GREAT CURE FOR PREDATORS; just shoot a couple coyotes and hang em on the fence, the other dogs will avoid your area because they know its dangerous. This is not a joke, louisiana is host to many wild predators and a few democrats also. We know how to handle them both. lol

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