Darn all spammers to heck!

Several of you have emailed me about a spam message you’ve received with the subject line:
Fw: http://www.leoville.com/mt/archives/

I have also received that spam message. The company sending it out, http://www.trafficbbs.com, is spamming – they have nothing to do with me. Apparently they’re harvesting addresses from blog comments. I will attempt to get them to stop but I don’t have high hopes. The company slogan is:

Offer you great data of 50,000+ search engines & 120,000+ BBS!

Present you to a magic world of instant & effective online communication!

And there’s no phone number on the web page. Just a fax number.

These things happen all the time. The best defense is to not use your email address anywhere on the web. As long as a page is publicly accessible, a spammer can harvest the addresses.

Since most of the time they use automated programs to do the harvesting, it’s possible to use a human readable address that confounds the robots. Something like:

leo at (die spammers die) leoville.com

I’m sorry that that’s necessary, but that’s the way of the web, alas.

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  1. I have some sites that can be useful in corralling Spam.
    Sneakemail.com and Mailshell.com — These both allow you to create unique, “disposable” addresses so you can give a different one out to each web site you use. If you start to get spam on a specific address, you can shut it off and also know where the spammers got your address. Both of these are free. Mailshell has some optional paid premium features.
    Spamcop.net — They give you a @spamcop.net address that is protected by a real-time filtering system. The filters are created on the fly by parsing spam forwarded to them from spam recipients. In return for “feeding” the filters, they automatically write and send an e-mail complaint about the spam to each ISP that is connected to the Spam. Mail sent to your spamcop.net account can be retrieved via POP3 or forwarded to your real e-mail account. The Spam reporting is free and the e-mail filtering is not free (but is really cheap)
    There’s more to these than this but it all described on their site.
    (I don’t have a stake in any of these companies, I just like to get the word out about defeating spam…pass this along if someone can use it…)

  2. hey leo and…
    as all of us ‘ADHD types’… perfect distraction from my new .com startup, digging up any info on deez spammmerkings at seekercenter.com/trafficbbs.com…
    hong kong!!?? gret offshore for spammers eh?
    anyhoo.. thot u mite appreciate following…
    from http://mail.spamcon.org/pipermail/suespammers/2001-October/006416.html
    [Suespammers] attempts to serve on SeekerCenter.com
    Bennett Haselton bennett@peacefire.org
    Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:51:21 -0700
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