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I was looking at my list of referrals (something new I added to the front page, mostly as a little Perl project) and I noticed a link from Turns out they were probing my site as part of a study they’re doing on every first page on the web!
The site itself is kind of interesting if you like Internet factoids. Did you know that 71.8% of web sites are active? Or that .NET is the fastest growing top level domain? Kind of a fun site. I look forward to seeing the results of their latest survey.

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  1. Cool stuff leo. I did not know that such a web site exsisted.I like the factoids and other stuff like that.

  2. Hey Leo and everybody else, I would like to put a Blog on my webpage, but don’t know how to set one up. How should I go about doing this? Thanks guys

  3. Leo,
    There used to be a realaudio feed of the audio portion of many of the techTV features.
    Is there still such a feed for your Screensavers show?

  4. Hi Leo, I love your homepage.
    I visit it all the time. I was wondering if you could help me on some info, i need to clear, just for this one time. Do you know where to find free software on the internet, i mean, like “freeware” or something like that. I would love to see what kind of sites are thoses. Anyway, i was watching zdtv when you and kate were still on the screensavers.

  5. Leo, I think it’s great that Abby is getting into community theater at such
    a young age, it will be a great “character” shaping experience, no pun intended.
    My own daughter is in her first year of college and this last semester participated in an on campus production of “Out of the Frying Pan” as stage
    director and is now working on an off campus production of “Hamlet”. I think
    the sacrifice you and Jennifer are making for Abby’s sake is wonderful, just
    seeing my own daughter beaming at me the night of the play brought tears to the
    eyes, you are very thoughtful parents.
    I attended Comdex 99′ tuesday and wednesay were I was able to meet you and Kate
    at that whirlwind photo signing after tuesday nights show. You and Kate were kind enough to sign a photo for my daughter, which has became her prized possesion. Thank you so much for this. Through your work on the Screen Savers you and Kate have heavily influenced my daughter Jane who is now a computer science major at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. She has shown such
    a willingness and great appititude that last summer before starting college she
    was asked to help redesign the college’s website and is now a part time employee
    in there web department. She was also just asked if she would like a full time job this summer! I’m not going on about this to toot my daughters horn about how
    proud I am of her accomplishments which obviously I am, but to let you guys know what a profound influence you have had on your viewers over these past few years. Thanks again and please share this with Kate, Jane so loved her antics.
    The women of the Screen Savers have certainly been one of the shows great assets. Kate, Cat, Megan, Morgan and Jessica have proven that tech is just not
    a guy thing! I think it has helped bring together men and women who have a
    common interest in technology, ‘Yeah Baby! Yeah!’, and let them stand together
    as equals. It has show cased women for possesing more then just physical beauty. I think this will be one of your greatest legacies. Thanks guys & gals!
    Sincerely, Paul D. Taylor
    P.S. Leo, did Henry like the train videos I gave you at Comdex 99′?

  6. How interesting. I saw the same exact thing yesterday in my referral tracking for
    After I noticed this, I went to their site like you did to see what was up. After learning their intentions, I checked the referral tracking on ALL my sites. They hit them all! That’s pretty darn amazing. Technology is groovy.

  7. I remember seeing a tip on TSS about being about to preview video like you can do pictures in windows… I was wondering if anyone can remember how it is done…. Thanks…..

  8. Hello Leo and all,
    Not much of a comment on the Blog.. I mean it’s cool that you can get the specific facts about your site.. But I just wanted to suggest to everyone who’s posting questions on the blog, that they can go and post them on the message boards. They’ll most likely get a better naswer in there, because of the wide range of people reading them, plus it will take some of the load off of these blog comments..

  9. Here’s something even more Retro… not Leoville, but a post from Leo from 1985.
    How many of you Leovillagers weren’t even born yet?
    (from the Google usenet archives)
    by Leo Laporte, Sysop
    #202 6 15 Dec 85 13:54:38
    From: Sysop
    To: All
    Subj: MultiMac
    I’ve picked up some info about MultiMac.
    For those of you who don’t know – MultiMac is a multi-tasking shell that works
    like Switcher. Unlike Switcher, however, MultiMac allows multiple programs to
    be working at the same time. Clicking on the window of a program will make
    its menu bar active. Any processing the program is doing continues even if
    its menu bar isn’t active.
    The latest version is 2.8. It is not, howver, public domain. Nor is it
    available for downloading. I had inadvertently posted it for a few hours, but
    it’s no longer on the board. The version I saw was written in 4th(!) and
    worked well, although it was very fussy about its environment.
    According to the rumor mill, it will be out soon, from a Canadian company,
    for around $40. This will be the one program everyone who uses a Mac will
    have to have! Keep your eyes peeled.

  10. You should bring back your signature at the end of your posts! I was just looking back in the day and seen you put your signature on the bottom of the main page, you should still do it!

  11. Very interesting Leo! I just put in a request to generate a WebTrends Report for the website I do for work. It will be interesting to see if they are on our referral list as well! 😉

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