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Can I say it again? I LOVE WiFi.
My daughter has been cast in a community theater production of Peter Pan. She will play two roles: Jane, Wendy Darling’s daughter, whom Peter spirits off at the end of the play, and a Lost Boy

Unfortunately, the theater — and the twice weekly rehearsals — are in San Anselmo, about midway between San Francisco and our home in Sonoma county. Abby is ecstatic about doing it, and Jennifer and I are both thwarted actors, so we couldn’t very well say no, even though it involves a lot of extra driving. We’ve arranged it that Jennifer will drive Abby down and drop her off. Then I’ll pick her up on my way home from work. But she has to rehearse until 9p. I’m pretty good at killing time, but it does mean a couple of extra hours with nothing to do. That’s where the WiFi comes in.

I brought my iBook to the first rehearsal this evening, and, out of habit, I checked for an open Airport network in the rehearsal building. Lo and behold, there was one! I’m using it now. I have no idea whose it is, and I suppose I should try and find out, but it’s awfully nice to have high-speed Internet access while I wait.

I and many others have a dream of free WiFi access everywhere. And, oddly enough, it’s more common than I would have ever thought. I’ve been able to use my Airport equipped iBook in all sorts of unexpected places. The San Francisco Bay Area Wireless Users Group maintains a list of OpenNAPs, freely shared WiFi access points, all over the area. If you’ve never experienced the joy of unexpected, unconnected Internet access, I can highly recommend it.

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  1. I just had a thought. Maybe you could rig up a Peter Pan cam so we could watch along with you.

  2. Hey Leo,
    Nice to hear you & your wife are being so supportive of your daughter. Ah, the
    sacrifices parents make for their children. I’m sure she appreciates it
    greatly. :o)
    Take Care

  3. Ack, I just noticed my typo… askin for TSS shorts !! What was I the size can clue ya in on, I fat fingered the keys. LoL I means XXXL shirts hehehehe What an idiot I am

  4. Cool Leo…It’s nice that you have so much talent in your being on National TV and your daughter playing two roles in a time-less classic.
    Maybe you and TSS cast can put on a production of it and let all of us watch…lol..I could imagine Martin playing Peter Pan.
    Laterz Leo

  5. Great!
    Good, I’m glad you’re able to connect. Let us know how the play goes and post some pictures. I assume you have a digital camera. You could send them from right there.

  6. Maybe you could sneak that spycam in there and broadcast her performance? If Abby is going to be the actress, what’s in the cards for Henry? Professional Ham? I’m going to have to find some Wifi access on the beach before my skin becomes translucent instead of merely a Whiter Shade of Pale.
    Speaking of spycams, isn’t tomorrow KiltKam Friday? <—- not so subtle reminder. 😉

  7. Peter Pan, such a timeless story. A few years ago our community theater company did Pan and had a high school sophomore playing Peter. This young lady was unbelievably fantastic. The whole audience was transfixed. I’m not kidding when I say she could give Mary Martin a run for her money and I cut my baby teeth on Martin’s Peter. Best wishes to Abby’s production. It’s a great stage production. Will Abby get to fly? I cast a vote for a Pan cam too.

  8. Hi there Leo, glad to see you could at least pass your time away with something cool. I cannot wait till my son, Michael Joseph, is old enough for all the cool things in life like acting, singing, etc. He is 7 months old now and is at the point where he is watching TV more and more and, get this, he knows the TSS theme when he heres it and he has to watch no matter what.
    We have been calling you uncle Leo since he was about 2 months old so it looks like he has grown fond of you. hehehe I will send you a pic sometime if you have an email address you want and trust attachments to go to.
    One last thing, do you guys carry TSS shorts in XXXL ? LoL, I want one so bad and, one day and a God willing, I shall have one for me and, if I can, Michael. LOL He would be too cute in one.
    Anyways, I love your show (even though I think Pat is a bit too conservative at times) but I will watch till the day you switch shows again.. LoL
    Aaron and Michael Joseph in Bay City, Michigan

  9. After Abby’s oh-so-hammy appearance on the homecams last month I don’t think anyone would be surprised that she’s ready for the stage. You and Jennifer get kudos for working to make it happen for her. You absolutely _must_ have a PanCam. Here’s why — (1.) Throngs of nosy, err, highly dedicated fans would watch it, (2.) Setting it up would earn you mondo brownie points with the theater folks, (3.) I think that the Tonys are adding a category this year for “Community Theater conveyed via Webcast”. 😉
    Smooches for the Stage-Dad,

  10. Wow, seveal hours and a high speed connection. Here are some ideas for what to do with that time:
    1. Streaming Video. Or how about some rehearsal clips. Show off that Mac!
    2. More Blog postings! Leo, you know we hang on every word!
    3. Does your daughter have a fan site?? If not its time, every aspiring actress needs one!
    Just some suggestions. A loyal fan!

  11. Live Theater for Everyone!
    My first career was in live Theater/Dance/Ballet and I loved every minute of it (I was a techie, btw, not a performer) so congrats on letting Abby get her first taste of the magic of the stage; I hope she has a great time and I know that her Dad will be using his time wisely while he is waiting for the Star…. But, I hope they don’t put you in charge of the flying, though Leo, that’s a little tough to do, even with high speed internet and Google searches for Flying by Foy!
    :::::::::I believe, I believe::::::::Clapping of hands::::::::
    (can’t wait for the Pan-Spy-Cam!)

  12. Congratulations on the net access while waiting… I have a Wifi network in my home… how do i set it up for open access to anyone that happens by? Do i just leave the network name blank? Thanks for any help. New2WiFi…

  13. Hey Leo,
    Yeah these are the times to remember so take lots of shots for when their all moved out and it’s nice and quiet,and you can look at them and say sure is quiet here. haha!
    I love to take movies and watch them of what the kids did when they were young,now it’s the grandchildren. ^_^

  14. Darn. Since you’ll be in my neighborhood, I thought you were going to spend all that time hanging out with me. 🙁

  15. OMG!!!! WiFi in the rehearsal building… Ahh to live in a community that actually belives in technology, besides the halogen street lights. Hope the play goes well, and post some pics.

  16. Good to see you and the wireless world getting along Leo!
    I’m another story… I can’t get my 802.11b workin’ for the life of me…
    Some days I wish you were my best friend to help with my little obsessions with my modern problems. Call me if you’re really bored and wanna fix my mess.
    Eau Claire, WI
    p.s. If anyone knows how to get a couple of ACER warp link pcmcia cards talking to a Linksys wireless USB network adapter lemme know… 🙂

  17. I feel your love. In part based on your recommendation, I bought an iBook just after Christmas (I had to reorder when Steve Jobs decided to can the DVD-ROM-only model, cost me an extra 100 bucks, grr), and I can’t get enough of it. One of the coolest things about it is that every semester we here at Georgia Tech have more and more WiFi-wired (or unwired?) buildings to play in, so I can walk from class to class, pop the iBook out of sleep mode, and “take notes”. Little would the prof know that all that typing is actually an AIM conversation. I love technology… My beautiful Patrick-Norton-inspired-Athlon-1333-GeForceII-Ultra-1.5GB-RAM-50GB-HDD-with-all-the-bells-and-whistles-behemoth-desktop-computer is now sitting forlornly in a corner waiting for the day when the iBook might choke and I would need to push its power button. I don’t think that day will come very soon, though… Oh, and thanks for the tip on OmniWeb, it rocks!

  18. Your comments got me thinking about wifi security issues. I have been thinking about replacing my linksys router with one that supports 80211b, but I’m worried about the security aspects. I don’t particularly care if a neighbor can access the net through my system (so long as it doesn’t get out of hand), but could he also read my email?. Is disabling file sharing enough to protect my Quicken files? What precautions have you taken at home?

  19. hey leo check out my story online, its a sci fi short, maybe youll like it
    i have a question, is a good place for certifications, i have two from there already in win2k and 95,98. i was just wondering if i was wasting my time takking the test or not.
    anywho, will patrick be on this week and how was it to talk to willie nelson?

  20. If you liked Leo’s mention of “Peter Pan”, be sure to check out Disney’s “Peter Pan II – The Quest For More Money”!

  21. Abby, I’m so proud of you! Now I can always say, “I knew you when …”
    Congratulations on your starring roles. Hmmmmmmmmmm, with my flying skills, maybe I can play Tinkerbell …
    Make sure your chauffeur drives you home safely; and give him a good tip when you get there.
    (Mayor, as usual, you can blame my cartoonist for teasing you — I’m innocent.)

  22. Hi, I just got the book yesterday and I love it already. I am glad to hear that I got one of the last copies of the book before second printing. I am new to TSS and I love the show.

  23. Well I’ll give you this my friend, only you would think to check for WiFi there. I’m glad you found it though, I want to see a pan cam so I can see the next star in the makeing!

  24. NPR did a story on WiFi in Aspen….. it seems a guy has set it up to cover about 10 miles, I think they said. The reporter was from San Francisco and the story was on the growing popularity of WiFi and how people are adding antennas to the networks to boost the signal and give a wider coverage than 500 feet.

  25. Does anyone know anything about the site  They are trying to set up a cooperative wifi network of inidividuals and businesses.  I haven’t tried it yet and was hoping to get a thumbs up recommendation from someone who knows…

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