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The Executive Producer of a TV show is the man in charge. He determines the direction and style of the show and manages the staff. For a long time The Screen Savers didn’t even have an EP. But for the past year we’ve been very fortunate to have Paul Block in charge. He’s a TV veteran who worked for everyone from Johnny Carson to George Hamilton. And he is one of the few people I’d trust with my show.
We work very well together. While I’m totally oriented toward the geek, he’s a very positive influence to making the show more accessible to everyone. Under his command we’ve more than quadrupled our audience. And I Paul and I both intend to take TSS to the top.

And now I’ve convinced Paul to start his own blog! I’m hosting it here on Leoville. I expect Paul will use it to share his thinking about the show with you and to give you a chance to give him feedback. We’re both really excited about the possibilites and I know you will come to like and respect Paul as much as I do. Make sure to ask him about his past – he’s got some great stories.

So please bookmark Paul Blog and visit regularly. I have a feeling it’s going to be a really fun place to visit.

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  1. Howdy,
    You guys need to address the emailings issue and why I, and I am sure a host of thousands can’t get the usual techtv menderings..

  2. I noticed that you’ve switched you blog software to movabletype it’s great isn’t it.

  3. Howdy,
    You guys need to address the emailings issue and why I, and I am sure a host of thousands can’t get the usual techtv menderings..

  4. Bookmarked as requested, sir!
    After we vent a little, I’ll be asking for some Johnny Carson stories. 🙂

  5. i been watching call for help lately. and guest what they stop taking call for help!!! yesterday i try to watch the show. and after 20 minutes into the show NO live Callers. i Finally had to turn off the TV After chris or alison did that Stupid Speed Round! ITs Time for Call for Help to go Back what Made it Great Show. Taking live calls from viewers who need help with their personal comfuser!
    i must be the one who is hogging leoville bandwidth. its my day of work.

  6. How Very COOL!
    But, how do we KNOW it’s really PAUL, and NOT Megan EVILRONE!?!
    Live Tv can be a lot of fun, and Paul has been bringing out the best in everyone on the show, he should be commended for his contributions and efforts to improving a great show and making all that hard work look like it’s fun!
    I’ll be dropping by Paul’s Blog and hinting at all the cool ideas I have for the show… e.g. all kilts all the time.
    (He will be allowing comments, won’t he????)

  7. Hi Paul (and everyone else)
    thanks for the great show, dont realy have any thing to say yet. well i guess that i could vote for a show idea, “what ever happend to that great system” where you could go over OS’s or any thing else that was so ahead of it’s time that it didnt do so well (NEXT, OS/2, and BeOS come to mind but i’m sure that there are many others) well thats just a vote. (any others?)

  8. Is anyone else having weird problems with the Paul Block blog?
    When I use Netscape, the blog looks like a scanned paper markup of a first draft document. Also, I can’t post a message there.
    It looks right in Internet Explorer, but I sometimes get javascript errors. I was able to post on Leo’s original message for Friday, but have problems getting into Paul’s newer blog.
    Is this something about my system, or what?
    (I’m not having trouble with Leo’s blog, either in Netscape or Explorer.)

  9. I have been watching the Screensavers for several years, almost from the first broadcast. In that time I have really grown to enjoy the show. However, I do have one comment about the current broadcast schedule.
    Since the change to the new time that the show is originally aired/taped the entire West coast of America is no longer ever going to be able to call in live; anyone who works for a living during normal business hours is left out. The original time for the show gave everyone in the country an opportunity to call.
    I can’t imagine some consideration wasn’t given to this situation, nor can I imagine why it was decided to essentially cut out everyone on the West coast from being able to call in live.
    Being a native california I suppoese I am a little sensitive to the fact that a lot of this sort of thing happens. Does everyone think the world revolves around what people are doing in the Eastern time zone?

  10. Hello everyone.
    I’m new here, so please excuse my ignorance on this subject, but what does “Blog”
    stand for? Is it an acronym?

  11. Did he work for George Hamilton when he was a gay blade, or during that gawd-awful morning show he did with one of his ex-wives?

  12. I’m with CarolT! I’d love to hear some Carson stories. I’m old school, I don’t think it’s been the same since ’92.

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