Snow Day!

I woke up this morning to screams from the kids. It snowed overnight. Now for those of you in the rest of the country, there’s nothing unusual about that, but for us Californians this is a real shocker! I can only remember one other snowfall in 30 years and it was a very light dusting. This, as you can see from the picture is several inches. Everything looks so beautiful. We were having a snowball fight at 5am.

Best of all. No school. It’s a snow day. The first EVER. Too bad TV doesn’t take snow days.

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  1. What a nice picture! The kids must have loved it! 🙂
    I’m in Central New York and it’s been a mild winter here.

  2. This is weird, I live in mid Minnesota, and that is more snow there, than is on our ground right now. Usally we have a ton of snow by now.

  3. Snow is a rarity here in Louisiana too! If you sleep the night away you miss it! It normally only snows about once every ten years, and usually only flurries that don’t stick. It snowed New Years Eve 2000, and I woke the kids up in the middle of the night to play. The youngest wouldn’t wake up, so we froze some snow for her to see in the morning. I have pictures I took posted here:
    Then this year, on the evening of January 1st, it snowed again! I took pictures, but haven’t posted them yet. Great snow pictures Leo at the end of tonight’s TSS! 😉

  4. Well, snow isn’t such a big deal over here in Philly, but today its 70 degrees, and that is a big deal! Thanks to global warming thought, it looks like you got the same amount of snow that we did:) Oh well, no day off for me

  5. Last time it snowed here in Turlock, CA; my dad was in high school – it has only snowed here once in 120 years. Every town around here got snow today!!! Not Turlock!!!!

  6. Leo, I know what you mean…Work up this morning for work at about 4:30am
    and when I opened the garage door to drive out I saw how white everything was…
    Yes…I of course live in Petaluma. Unusual it was but really something..
    My driveway was a bit icey…closed the garage door..and my car started
    to slide down the’s just slight slope…but I’m glad no
    one was driving by at that moment. 🙂 On the drive to the bus stop,
    I realized how hard it was coming down or I should say how fast.
    When I parked my car over by the safeway lot…closed the door to lock
    up..and in those few moments..the car became all white. It was quite
    a morning to say the least.
    Isn’t it fun living up here..:-)
    All good wishes Leo……Lee

  7. Erin, don’t advertise our snow until we get some 🙂 It’s time we had a real winter again… 47 in January just isn’t right.

  8. I was living in San Francisco when it snowed 30 years ago. In fact, it snowed both years I was going to school in San Francisco. I now live at the base of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona. We should be seeing the white stuff you have in your picture. This year it has been about as rare as it usually is in the Bay Area. Hope we get some of what’s left over. Our ski resort was open at least five days in the early part of this month. Maybe if we could move this 13,000 foot mountain to the Bay we might be open another week or so this year.

  9. Boy, am I’m glad to be back in Arizona. I spent two years in Minn..saw enough of the white stuff to last me a life time!!!

  10. Snow is fun. We just got ours and schools been closed two days already. YES! Sometimes you just gotta love Michigan weather.

  11. Wow…the picture is very beautiful!
    I live in Virginia and so far, we have a very warm winter this year 🙂

  12. I live near Atlanta and it’s too hot! It’s supposed to be near eighty degrees today. Less than a month ago there was six inches of snow in my yard. How wierd is that?

  13. As a San Diegan (and Native Californian for 37 years) who just moved to the most northern town in Vermont – a mere .8 miles from Canada- all I can say is, ENJOY IT. There is nothing as beautiful, mystical or enjoyable as a good snowfall. We have had a mild winter here as has been the case with the rest of country. That notwithstanding, I have 3 feet of the billowy stuff on my land and hope it never goes away….well, maybe I should reserve judgement until I have been living in it for 3 more months. I will probably be ready for the California sunshine then!
    Great shot Leo!

  14. Hey Leo,..sure glad you got the snow cause it’s beautiful here in Pa.
    The weather has been so nice that the trees are buding,and everything is like spring.
    Hum…maybe we got your weather for a few days,you can never say we didn’t share. hahaha!!!
    Snow pictures are so beautiful,i have a few but Photo Point is down and i may lose a mess of beautiful pictures. 🙁
    Well have fun in the snow i know it will not last long there.
    Hey make a snow person and take a shot for the show!!!
    Sounds like a winner to me!! 🙂

  15. (big cheesey grin)… i’m all the way in the north east, pennsylvania to be exact.. guess what ! it’s all but 70 degrees here today and i’m lovin’ every single minute of it! u may gladly have any of our snow!!! anytime!!!

  16. Here in the upper midwest, we haven’t had a decent snowfall for a couple of weeks and nothing to speak of before that, we got a little of your snow last night, but not enough to sneeze at. Please give us our snow back.

  17. You call that snow? Come to Minnesota some time. 🙂 After all, if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a few minutes.

  18. we’re supposed to have snow here tonight (high desert east of Los Angeles)… it’s been COOOOOOOLD here… in the 20’s at night. my kids were jealous when they saw your snow photo. Hope to share on of my own tomorrow 🙂
    — Vicki

  19. Leo, I call that a normal snowy day in Canada! We have snow 24/7!!!
    But, I guess it was nice to have snow in California!
    I like snow, but fake snow is much cooler cause it’s not cold and wet!

  20. I live in Florida. It’s 80 degrees today and I have the A/C on. Beautiful picute. I love snow on TV and in pictures but don’t need to ever see it in real life…..LOL

  21. Leo Blog is Broken.?
    anywhoo is my post reguarding show in the san francisco bay area.
    the problem when it show in the bay area. the snow melts within days. has fun with show that have fallen before it is a distant memory

  22. What did you buy now Leo? I sware, everything you do brings the “Curse of Leo” upon it. Enjoy the snow, It won’t last long. I know, we had snow last weekend, and it dissolved in 3 days with warm temps and rain. I think we got your weather, and you got ours.
    Shannon Freeman
    Benton, KY

  23. Beatutiful Leo! I live in Michigan and we see our share of snow. I might complain about it, but I think I’d miss seeing it once in a while it if I didn’t have it.

  24. Beautiful picture, Leo. I wish we would get some snow here in Missouri. Instead we are digging out of a major ice storm. It started Tuesday night. Ended Thursday morning. Some are still without power. 3 snow days. Have fun!!!!

  25. Oooh look, the new blog handles over 100 posts. 🙂
    Back on topic…
    Snow? Not in FL thanx.

  26. Hey, I thought this was interesting. I just ran a search on Google for my name (thanks to a Screen Savers episode putting the idea in my head :o). This site came up, so naturally I followed the link – to my suprise the Mike Hilliard here is also from Michigan! Just thought that was kind of interesting, not to mention someone who knows Leo Laporte! Well I’ve had my moment for the day, lol.

  27. Hey Leo,
    Send some of the snow that you got to here in the east!!! WE NEED A SCHOOL BREAK!!

  28. send some snow to wisconsin please? were jsut about 3.5 Ft below normal.. could use some..

  29. I think you guys are getting our snow.. I want to go skiing;) Green Bay should be white and cold this time of the year.

  30. Hi Leo, Your farm looks great in snow. I enjoyed watching you romp with the goats yeaterday via net cam. Thanks, Dick

  31. Amazing!!! Children will be amazed by the simplest of things. It is great to know that with all the tech toys and the barbies and all the fun toys available, children still get most excited by a simple act of natures generosity.
    Enjoy the snow Leo and Family.
    From the Hernandez Family.

  32. Leo, I woke up to -34 degres C., with the wind chill factor it feels more like -40.
    Nice and fresh and crisp. Don’t you just love winter.

  33. Several inches? Come on, Leo — did you exaggerate just a teeny bit? Hope you make it to work OK — I know from experience people who are not used to snow don’t drive it in very well no matter how little it may be. Just watch out for the other guy!

  34. I guess that’s our snow, too. It’s 61 degrees here — in New Jersey! The weather this year is definitely screwed up!

  35. Man this weather is wacked I’m basking in the warm sun here in West Virginia with 74 degree temps. Just last week we had 11 inches of snow.

  36. lucky… it’s like 50 freakin degrees here… i want three feet of snow on the ground now… i guess it’s time to go back to that snow dance…

  37. You guys in Pet_A-Luma must be wooseas. I live just over the hill in Sonoma and our Kids went to school and my wife drove to classes at Sonoma State this morning. Love the picture. You can pet a cow, You can pet a sheep, but you can’t pet a luma. Rowan

  38. That is just a beautiful pic! I’m so glad that the kids got to have a snow day – that experience is key for good character development. 😉 Just don’t be surprised when you go into the barn and find they’ve built a little altar in honor of the great nimbostratus clouds.

  39. The goat looks cold! Bring him (her?) inside! There’s nothing worse than a goat with cold feet…. well, I guess there are, I just can’t think of any!
    Make a snowball and keep it in the freezer until July 4th, then take it out and play with it, and you can say, “Hey! remember when it snowed back in January!?!” We did that as kids, but then again we didn’t have cable.

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