Snow Day!

I woke up this morning to screams from the kids. It snowed overnight. Now for those of you in the rest of the country, there’s nothing unusual about that, but for us Californians this is a real shocker! I can only remember one other snowfall in 30 years and it was a very light dusting. This, as you can see from the picture is several inches. Everything looks so beautiful. We were having a snowball fight at 5am.

Best of all. No school. It’s a snow day. The first EVER. Too bad TV doesn’t take snow days.

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  1. This just isn’t right. Here today, in Memphis TN, it is 70 degrees. Where is our winter.

  2. Well congratulations to you guys…we live down in Athens, GA and make a huge deal out of the 1/2″ of snow we get once every two years (everything is closed). Now remember, don’t go to sleep or you will miss the whole thing…have fun 🙂

  3. Loved the pix, loved the idea of a snowball fight — we live in a suburb of Detroit, MI, and have only had one opportunity this year for a snowball fight – Grrrrrrr.
    Anne Lee
    P.S. You don’t need a 32″ TV set anyway — go out and buy yourself a 52″ TV set. 🙂

  4. Snow days rock! All we had in my area of southern California was rain. 🙁
    Leo, I’ll be in your neck of the woods soon. I’m moving to S.F. See you around! 🙂

  5. Wow Leo! I love winter, and I tend to take snow for granted, but what a real treat it must be for all of you! It looks gorgeous, and it sounds like you had lots of fun! Maybe you should set up a SnowCam for today. 🙂

  6. Hi Leo, I too live in California, Oakhurst near Yosemite and we due get snow and are enjoying your left overs as I write. It is snowing now about three or four inches so far. Last year we were snowed in about three feet worth of the fluffy stuff. We are about thirty five hundred feet elevation but love it and as we are all retired don’t have to really do anything but wash the snow of the satilite dish to see the screen savers life is great! Cheers Ron Booth

  7. WOW! And to think it’s 50 degrees up here in Northwest Ohio.
    P.S Your goats look like they’re cold. Time to go out and check the bedding.

  8. WOW!!! Cool, you got snow. I wish it would snow in Texas! I haven’t had a snow day at school since I moved here! Congrat’s! I’m jealous… ;}

  9. Sure good to hear that someone enjoys the snow! We used to get 5 to 6 feet here, but for some reason, we haven’t gotten that much for quite a few years. Sixteen years ago it even used to be FUN! I’ll send all that we get to you folks in California. Have a great week Leo…From Gunnison, Colorado

  10. I have to move to California. Here (upstate NY) we have to get about two feet of snow before they cancel anything. At one point last year (while on the way to class, of course), I watched a car slide horizontally, passenger side first, 2 blocks down a hill.
    Of course, for the past 3 days it has been over 50 degrees here (which is plenty warm for january), so who knows what is going on. Maybe the poles have shifted, and nobody noticed. 🙂

  11. I love it! Snow in San Fran and 53 degrees in Cleveland the last week of January. No offense, but I have had enough snow in my life. You can have it! If this is global warming, the heck with the grandgids, I wanna work on my tan now. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  12. WOW!!! Good for you! I think we’re having your weather here in CT…It’s 60 degrees today and sunny!!
    Love your show! I’m really getting the hang of my computer since I’ve been watching your show! (Does that make me a computer geek?? he he)
    Take care,

  13. Leo
    i’ll make you a deal send me the 60’s 70’s and 80’s you guys get and you can
    have any snow that we get in New York…
    the screen savers is a pretty cool show keep us laughing!
    and you can have any bonus snow we might get as well 🙂
    take care

  14. Hey Leo,
    Whad up? Fortunately for me it never snows and as a university student if you feel like taking a day you just take it.
    Have a great day. I watch you guys on techTV everyday. I just love the re-runs for I never usually catch the program live. Keep up the good work.
    By the way I would love TECHTV anything. (an autographed photo maybe)
    Tek it easy. One LOVE!
    Maurice McIntyre
    24 Tremaine Mews
    Kingston 6
    (876)365 – 3200

  15. Just when we think we have got it all down pat, God pulls a big surprise outa his bag! Way COOL!

  16. Gee you have more snow in California that we do in Northern Vermont. Enjoy it won’t last long out there.

  17. Come on Leo, a snow day for T.V.? for heaven sake you take more vacation than Johnnie Carson did.
    But I still like the picture

  18. Did the planet shift?
    Yesterday “JAN 27, 2002” it was 63 in Chicago.. Yes Chicago. Leo has not had almost as much snow as Illinois has had this year. If this is global warming I am all for it. (just joking)
    I do think everything is going to shift back soon and I am going to be -20 with 5 feet of snow before the end for Feb.
    Snow day! We don’t have snow days unless we get a few feet of snow.
    Leo do you need some salt for your drive way?

  19. Hey Leo! We in Southwest Missouri havent had much winter here, one day of 4-5 inches and it was gone 2 days later.
    I have friend who is a vet and she said tick season is already here! It already looking like spring!
    I hope you enjoy making snow angels with your little youngins. Be careful and dont slip and fall!
    My dog and I say hi! You rule Leo!
    Linda & Gidget (Gidget is the dog)

  20. that is snow ???
    come on leo be serious ………that is not even a “dusting” never mind the ?? 7 ?? inches ya think it is ……… but hey enjoy it while it lasts …….
    i dunno something wierd going on here …….it’s almost 70 here in new england and you got snow ??? way cool
    as far as i am concerned you guys can have it all for the next decade and let’s see how fast y’all get sick it ………trust me i promise it will get old REAL fast………lol
    love the show love the book ……. keep up the great work …….
    remember it’s not your fault??? (or is it ??) lolololol
    dave and family

  21. WOW! Snow in California! I wish there was snow here in Ohio, it doesn’t seem to be like my birthday (yes today is my b-day) without snow on the ground.

  22. Leo, when you had the snowball fight at 5am, why do I think your daughter really won the snowball fight? 🙂
    And did it last or did the snow melt before noon?

  23. A snow day, eh? What the kids don’t realize is that while they get the day off from school today, there will be an extra day added on at the end of the school year. Some folks may even have to postphone a vacation.
    The area around your home looks lovely. I suspect you must be up around Santa Rosa or Petaluma. It’s a great place to live, and much prettier than the area around my home near Los Angeles. I’m jealous.

  24. hi leo,
    hope goats are ok…..looks like fun…can we please have more “outside” pix’s

  25. hi leo,
    hope goats are ok…..looks like fun…can we please have more “outside” pix’s

  26. Hi Leo,
    That same weather front is supposed to drop some snow on the Las Vegas valley by tomorrow night. It snows here every nine years or so and we’re overdue!!

  27. Well Leo, in Salt Lake City today we have had about 6 inches at my house. I wish we had a snow day!

  28. Leo, quit making me jealous :). I live in central Minnesota, where there is barely any snow on the ground, and the temperatures have been in the 40s. In fact you probably got more snow then we have all season! This winter has been very strange indeed. Anyway, enjoy the snow day!

  29. Leo,
    Used to live on Sonoma Mountain above you and in the last 25 years we had snow a couple of times. Am now in northwest Santa Rosa; had about 4 inches very early and I have never seen snow here before.
    I’m about half way through your almanac and it’s great.
    John Bridgwater

  30. Leo I will trade you anytime for the weather we are having here in Michigan sorry that we didn`t have that kind of luck. Its been in the 40`s and 50` here but someday we will be as lucky as California and get some snow. Good luck and drive carefully.

  31. Wow Leo, with a view like that I don’t know how you can tear youself away to go to work every day. Was that taken from the deck? A snowball fight at 5 am sounds great! I can just imagine how excited the kids were. The weather is definitely messed up. Here in MA today it was 60 though they are predicting snow for the end of the week. All the snow we’ve had so far, maybe 10 inches in all tops, has all melted in less than two days. That is just not NE weather! This is making very nervous. Feb is coming and it’s a sneaky month. Our great blizard of 1978 was in Feb!

  32. You want some snow!! Come to Park City, UT. We just recieved another foot of snow!!

  33. heh, we have had almost no snow here in Norwalk, Ohio. We had some around Christmas, and that is about it. Enjoy it whilst you have it Leo! I hope that you will! Snow days, haven’t had one of those in a long time…

  34. And here I had to wait for the bus this morning at 6:45AM while it was -16C outside. When I was in school, as in regular school not college now, I NEVER had a snow day. Of course up here winter is normal so…

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