Snow Day!

I woke up this morning to screams from the kids. It snowed overnight. Now for those of you in the rest of the country, there’s nothing unusual about that, but for us Californians this is a real shocker! I can only remember one other snowfall in 30 years and it was a very light dusting. This, as you can see from the picture is several inches. Everything looks so beautiful. We were having a snowball fight at 5am.

Best of all. No school. It’s a snow day. The first EVER. Too bad TV doesn’t take snow days.

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  1. I was surprised at the snow as well. I’d heard on yesterday’s evening news that Mt. Diablo and some of the higher slopes here would probably see snow, but I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I was driving through Napa and white flakes were covering my car. very cool for here. I can’t remember the last time it snowed at sea level around here. My guess is early 70’s. Maybe I’m wrong.

  2. Leo…
    E-Gad! Lucky you! I’m from Ann Arbor MI and guess what… NO SNOW!
    Our weather over the weekend was in the 60’s and sunny! However, that will soon change… after all, this is Michigan! Take care… enjoy it while you can!

  3. A couple of inches and its a snow day? Up here in Fargo we have to get a couple of feet for a snow day. In fact we just got 4 inches today and the high was 1, and everybody here thought it was a nice day because it wasn’t that cold and it wasn’t snowing that hard. What a difference a few thousand miles makes.

  4. Here in Chicago today, it was about 50 degrees. 65 in Indianapolis.
    Leo — do you have another other hi-res photos that we can see of your snow? I clicked on yours and it was only linked back to the top of the page :-(.
    Chris Keller

  5. I live in Eau Claire, WI and we usually have 6 feet of snow on the ground this time of year. It’s been 50 and sunny here the last 3 days. You guys got more snow than we have! Make a snow-PC and take a picture of it for me!

  6. I’m Swiss and from Boston, so I need my snow fix every now and again. Unfortunately I go to school at GA Tech in Atlanta. The week before I left for Christmas break, Boston got 1 foot of snow. The day before I came back to Tech, Atlanta got 4 inches. But in Boston, not one flake. And now it’s 70 degrees here again and I watch you Californians having snowball fights. IT’S NOT FAIR!

  7. Wow, Leo loved the picture. What a pretty scene. I live in the Thumb of Michigan and it was in the 50’s yesterday. We are suppose to have a Winter Fest in Feb. we need some snow or at least cold weather to make ice. Today we are under a Winter Advisory and may get 6+ inches by Thursday so we may be in for a good storm. So, bring the kids up and we all can make angels in the snow. 🙂

  8. Well, right now here in balmy West Columbia, South Carolina, you don’t even need a sweater. But, 4 weeks ago tomorrow, on the 2nd, we had a total of 5 inches of the white stuff here. The record is 18 inches which fell on Feb. 9, 1973 and “put us under” for about a week. Caused a lot of real serious problems over on Interstate 95 in Florence County east of here. Thanks for the photo.

  9. Hey Leo,
    At the risk of being accused of being snotty (not my intention), I really don’t know how folks live without 4 seasons! Granted, here on the Great Lakes weather changes quickly, but we’re pretty spoiled by the distinct harbingers of each time of the year…
    Glad to hear you’ve joined us in the great respit of Winter…even if it was only for a day or two .

  10. Snow is cool, but I was in it for 5 months in Chicago last year and I tells ya, shoveling that stuff isn’t easy.
    Seems everyone’s moving to MT lately. Hmm…
    Wish I could watch the show, but I’m assuming that’ll require subscribing to it…and I’m flat broke! I did get to catch some episodes in the Philippines, though. And back there it was free.
    God bless you and your family!

  11. Leo! So happy for the snow. We, here in Kansas city, Kansas are severing tree limbs before they fall on our heads because of the weight of the ice in an icestorm from Tuesday-Thursday. Wednesday night, over 190,000 people lost power in the Kansas City Power & Light Company service area, alone. Friday morning, the city woke up to the first sunrise in days, a breathtaking sunrise over the the ice-coted trees, some still without power. I just got my power restored last night (in time to watch “The Screen Savers” Repeat at 9pm!)

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