Shoe In

Have I ever told you about my shoes? It’s a long story.
We used to store all our wardrobe at the studios on a little mezzanine built in 1996 — when Ziff-Davis first produced “The Site” for MSNBC. The mezzanine started as the executive suite, although it could accomodate no more than 40 (svelte) execs. More than that and it would tumble to the ground, crushing the poor producers beneath.

When we rennovated the studio for ZDTV we gutted the executive offices and turned the mezzanine into an uneasy cross between storage space and dressing rooms. I had about 20 feet of wacky shirts stored up there and two well broken in pairs of Doc Martens, one brown and one black.

TechTV Dressing Rooms circa 2001

The TechTV “Dressing Rooms”

Those are my shirts on the right. Late last year the powers that be, hereinafter referred to as TPTB, decided to completely take over the space for storage. They told all us to take our clothes home. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 20 feet of closet space just waiting to be filled. After a little fussing TBTB agreed to give me some space at our offices in the Townsend building (a 10 minute ride away from the studios).

When moving day arrived I grabbed a few shirts and a pair of shoes so that I’d have something to wear, then everything else was boxed up and carried over to Townsend. Unfortunately, the “pair” of shoes I grabbed were both right feet, one brown one black. But I didn’t notice this because I went to do Regis and then on vacation. The remaining shoes, both left feet, were accidentally left behind on the mezzanine. By the time I got back they had been donated to Goodwill. I just hope that the poor colorblind sap with two left feet who purchased my old shoes enjoys them as much as I did.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck without any footwear. Which explains why I’ve been wearing sneakers for the past two weeks. Well I’ve finally found their replacements today. Introducing my new TSS shoes!

Flame Shoes

The angels want to wear my flame shoes

What you’re looking at there is a pair of Tredair TBR1135, Black/Sunburst R/O Tie shoes. Size 9. They’re on fire. I also got a pair of black wingtip Gripfasts but they’re not as photogenic. They’re really big though. They kind of look like black wingtip clown shoes. Finally, shoes that reflect my inner geek. I’ll wear them on Monday.

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  1. Those are some really ugly shoes,and u paid that much for them,yeah your ok. hehe!
    Oh yeah you know i’ll be watching. Mahahaha!!!

  2. Leo – I’m going to Townsend and stealing your shirts and your shoes. (Yes, Even if they don’t fit).
    PS – I’ve begun my own Hawaiian TSS shirt collection. I have become known for my look – Hawaiian shirt, and a pair of khaki slacks. I even wear hawaiian shirts over long sleeve shirts so I can wear them when it’s cold outside. (note to self – invent long sleeve hawaiian shirt).

  3. What ever happened to “going more conservative” on the show?
    Sheesh. Flame shoes. Now really, Leo.

  4. Wow, Leo, those are some shoes! You’re one of the few people I can think of who could pull them off. LOL.

  5. Hi Leo!
    Wow — I may actually be the first one to comment on the BLOG.
    You know, Leo, one interesting observation here. Isn’t this kind of like the closing line of the Sitcom Cheers — “It’s all about shoes” — (I’m sure a better fan than I can provide the correct quotes…. As to the two left feet, sounds like management decisions to me.
    On another topic – do you like your ISP “Naccio” who hosts your site? I am on the AT&T Small Business platform which is moving to Interland. In case it doesn’t work out – I am looking for a good host. The web site is for my wife’s harp business (She is a professional harpist in the Chicago Suburbs – I’ve enjoyed the AT&T site because of the massive amounts of bandwidth into their hosting centers. It has worked really well. Now I’m going to an unknown…..
    Those are really nice shoes. I was hoping to get a closeup picture by clicking the image — Maybe you can give us more details (manufacturer, shoe size, etc).
    The best advice – “If the shoe fits …..”
    Really enjoy the show and your site!

  6. Leo, I wondered why you started wearing sneakers on the set! Was that why you started wearing the sneakers? 😉
    Don’t feel bad Leo, we’ve all gotten mixed up shoes before. Well, I have anyway! I took my nephew to buy some new basketball shoes for school while he was visiting us a couple summers ago. He is so picky, that after three shoe stores, and trying on about 50 pairs of Nike high tops, we finally agreed on a pair that he liked, that fit right, and that were in my price range. We were so tired It wasn’t until I brought him back home, a two hour drive, that we realized he had two left feet! Thank goodness the shoe store let me exchange them on his next trip to visit us!
    Chris, we have used Interland for my employer’s website for about two years. I have had no problems with them. However, I am not as satisfied with Interland now, since their merger with HostPro. We may be looking at NACIO ourselves in the near future. I chose Interland because ZDTV had done reviews on all of the known web hosts, and Interland got some of the highest reviews by ZDTV of all of the ones they covered. Come to think if it, most everything I purchase, technology wise, is based on TechTV reviews or recommendations on TSS!

  7. Ahhhh Leo, shoes! We all have our weaknesses. Computers have become one of mine recently however my weakness for shoes goes as far back as I can remember. There was a times when, feeling blue, I’d go shoe shopping. I’ve kind of got that under control now but I still have a lot of shoes and I still live by the motto “you can never have too much money or too many shoes.” Here’s my two different shoes story. The natural light in my bedroom in the morning is terrible. Sure I could turn on a light but where would the challenge be in that? So this past summer I’m doing a story time. The children always sit on the floor at my feet. I’m in the middle of a story when one little girl taps me on the knee and says in a stage whisper, “Miss Daisy do you know you have on two different shoes?” Sure enough I did. Similar two tones but a different combination of colors. “Sure I do.” I told them. “I just wanted to see if you’d notice.” The little rugrats didn’t believe me. They loved it!
    And speaking of clown shoes. There’s a world renowned, style setting, clown shoe company here in MA. It’s out in Springfield, The Spear’s Specialty Shoe Company, They did the shoes for the Jim Carry Grinch movie. I actually found that when I was helping a student research clown shoes for a report. Librarians are the repository for some of the most obscure collection of information you’ll ever find.
    Your solemate in shoes missdaisy

  8. Hi Leo,
    Well I never quite made the connection… I’ve often wondered what happened to “The Site.” I followed Soledad O’Brien from that show on TLC (where she was a ‘virtual host’ before anybody knew what ‘virtual’ was) to MSNBC for The Site. I checked the website every day after I sold my TV. (Actually, the first hypertext bookmark I made was for the The Host for the TLC show showed up on CNET’s News.Com show on CNBC. When I decided to buy a new TV it was because of the Screen Savers. Then CNET bought into ZDTV. I was bummed because CNET’s TV coverage was sooo cheesy. Fortunately, TECHTV hasn’t been too compromised by the merger. It is the only network worth watching, so that is a good thing.
    Anyway, I just wanted to point out how connected this whole thing is. Is there any chance of stealing Soledad back for TechLive? I miss her.
    Also, is there any chance The Screen Savers will be streamed from the TechTV site any time soon? I’m getting ready to sell my TV again. I’m way too weak to have it in my home. Watch watch watch…

  9. Hi Léo!
    Love the shoes. I am glad that you didn’t go with the boot version. You might of had to wear a utility kilt with them.
    Regarding your shirts, my wife and some of my friends want to know why you always were “them stupid looking shirts”. They only catch a fragment of the show from time to time and never give you, or your shirt, a chance. I always come to your defense and try to explain your shirts the best way I can, but instead of me fumbling an explanation, can you state the response I should give? I need to make these people understand.
    Now, there’s no defense I can give for Patrick…
    Thanks much,
    – Michael J. Titera
    Fremont, California

  10. I’m not even going to say a word about the shoes…but, I will comment on hosting providers. I don’t know about “Naccio” but I’ll tell you about the three I currently have sites with…
    Not much to say, I haven’t had to work with them much. There were rumors going around last year that they were going under although they haven’t yet.
    I like this one, although I haven’t had to work much with their tech support either. I really like their particular site control panel and the fact they support PHP. All the other customers I’ve talked to seem to be very happy with them, although there are cheaper alternatives.
    These guys are the best inexpensive host I’ve found. Their tech support is fantastic and they allow me to do things like host my own DNS (this is important to me) they support PHP and I get immediate responses by phone or email from them to any questions. I don’t know how they are for a high traffic site, you’d have to talk to them, but they’re more than willing to come up with something that’ll work for you.
    Whoever you go with make sure they give you PHP, mySQL, Perl and good tech support.

  11. Is this your veiled way of saying you’d now accept gifts of shoes in addition to shirts? 😉 We now have the backstory for some of those references on the show. Not many men could carry off the distinctive shoe thing, Leo, but you are on the list of those who can.
    Walk tall! (especially if you succumb to the lure of that sweet pair of red platforms you’ve had your eye on)
    Smooches with Sole,

  12. I was working yesterday before my first post — watching Leo working away at home.
    Before I went to bed, I noticed that LEO was still working — so late too. Then, I decided to copy his web cam photo…He might need evidence for his next performance review at work to get that big raise! (Patrick and Martin – You had better get busy if they want to keep up with Leo).
    Have a look, I don’t think the man ever sleeps….. 😉

  13. HI Leo! Sorry to here of the lost of your shoes and stuff! the nwe one are ok! So Keep up the good work on the screen savers! Micahel Dirksmeyer Alton Ill

  14. Now Leo, all you need is a little “Dapper Dan” Hair Pomade and you’ll be ready for anything!

  15. Chris Keller put up a pic of the back of a head (supposedly Leo’s…but can we be sure?…just kidding). And, he wrote that Leo was up working way late. He also mentioned that Patrick and Martin should get busy to keep up.
    Well, I find the pic funny because any one of the three guys could say they were up late working till all hours for the show. Heck, I should use that pic and tell my boss I was up working late on my projects for work.
    Leo – about them shoes…my girlfriends loves trendy really “out there” shoes like these. She has been all over the world and has ordered countless pairs on-line that look very similar to these. God help us that don’t know or can’t wear shoes like these.
    Leo, as someone earlier put it, you are one of few people that I know that can pull off the “geek” look and make others want to follow suit…LOL…(pun intended).

  16. ahhhhhh… shoes. Love ’em. Want lots. Hate to wear them, though. I grew up in a “shoe family” and even had custom made shoes most of my life (I designed them and my dad had them made… too cool). But I prefer to go barefoot.
    Those are great shoes, Leo. My 10 year old son loves them… wants them… has a thing for flames (am I growing a pyromaniac??? ack!)

  17. Okay, I’d be spending time at the Goodwill looking for the other halves of my Docs, I don’t care how worn they are! 🙂 On the other hand, I am intensely jealous of the new flamin’ shoes. Those shoes rock! What brand are they, Leo? Anybody?

  18. They’re Tredairs, TBR1135 Black/Sunburst R/O Tie. Size 9.
    Actually they’re my second pair of Tredairs. My first is the black and white flame shoes you might have seen me wear from time to time. But I’ve always coveted these and I’m kinda glad I could get them on the company’s dime.
    I have had one other unmatched shoe exploit, now that I think of it. I wore one black and one cordovan loafer to my wedding rehearsal. Didn’t notice until later. I guess I was just a little bit rattled.

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