Taser Shots

Before I go on, I want to point out that Yoshi volunteered for this. He really wanted to do it. He did a lot of research to assure himself it was safe, and we performed the experiment in a controlled environment with a highly trained expert from the Taser corporation. Don’t try this at home – you can really hurt yourself. Tasers are not toys!
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Police model
Taser – police model

You want to shoot who???
You want to shoot who???

Don't even think about it
Don’t even think about it little man!

Yoshi and target
I, target

Down the barrel
Point blank

Ready Aim...
It’s not really a brick wall

This won't hurt a bit

This won’t hurt a bit

You ok man?
You ok man???

Afterwards Yoshi made copies of the video tape and sent it to all his friends. Wow.

They’re trying to talk me into doing this for sweeps in April. Um. I don’t think so.

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  1. Why doesnt Leo get shocked by holding Yoshi? He was touching the shirt and his skin… Wasn’t he?

  2. I would have done it, had I had the chance and/or been there.
    Kudos to Yoshi for stepping up!

  3. I got in the biggest fight with a friend of mine at work over this whole topic, he thought it was funny and very cool. I reminded him that there were over 250 homicides in Baltimore last year, he said, “Well, I’d rather be tased, than shot.”
    This is definately a guy thing. I don’t get it at all.
    Leo, if you volunteer to get tased for sweeps, you should run a contest so that a TSS fan can “win” the chance to play with the taser; I know there are far more people (CES as an example) who are fascinated by the whole thing and I am definately in the minority opinion on this one; and I know you made the effort to comment on the fact that it *isn’t* a toy, but it sure looks cool and with Yoshi laughing when he got hit that made it look even tamer that it must have been in reality.
    Anyway, when I was a kid I “played” with the electric fence, so I know kids will play with a taser if they find one….. we used to take a blade of grass and wrap it once around the wire of the fence, and then see who was the toughest and who could “hold on to it” the longest. Sheesh, kids! And before someone says “Boys will be boys” …. we were all girls!
    Ok, these things are legal in Md, so I’m off to the 7-11 to pick one up, I wonder if it’ll clear the ice off the windshield of my car?

  4. The one day I miss an episode, look what I miss….I think I’m about due for a Tivo.
    What was Yoshi thinking?

  5. Leo, System Restore Was Unable to Create a Restore Point.. I keep on getting this error message in windows xp pro.. How do I fix this? There is something wrong with the registry. Please show it on the screensavers show or something. I am searching and can’t find what I am looking for. Thank’s

  6. The one thing I cant figure out. If the taser runs off of just 8 AA’s, where does all the voltage come from? Do those cartridges have batteries in them?

  7. I’m not an expert either, but on the official http://www.taser.com web site they say the only risk to a person with a pace maker is if the shock is delivered right on the pacer maker.
    3. Heart Failure. Dr. Stratbucker performed tests by applying the TASER-Wave pulsed wave form directly to the cardiac tissue via an intracardiac electrode and found “no effect on cardiac rhythm or pumping.” He also tested the pulsed waveform for interference with cardiac pacemakers. Dr. Stratbucker found “only when the shocks were delivered directly to the pacer itself did erratic pacing occur. Following the termination of the shocks, the rhythm returned promptly to pre-shock regularity.”
    Doctor Stratbucker??????? Does that sound like a made up name, or what?

  8. In reference to this statement that gets repeated over and over: “I’d rather be shot by a taser than a gun.”
    Just because tasers are available doesn’t mean that everyone with guns is going to run out and buy one. What would be easier for a thief? Shooting a convenience store clerk with a gun or making them laugh with a taser? Who says that most thieves shoot their victims anyway. Most guns are used for fear factor. Whether it’s a gun or a taser, you’re still handing your wallet over to the thief, right?

  9. Yoshi really cares about TSS fans. Way to go Yos!
    …The question is what about Patrick and Martin, I think we all want to see this!!!!

  10. Hey, forget that dude that said ” Looks like the screen savers show is ready to to be cancelled”. Why would they be airing mindless garbage like this taser stunt. Only desperate people , trying to get a bigger piece of the viewing pupblic to tune in. The show was much better, when it was just Kate and Leo, now its Leo and Pat and the bimbos show.” that guy does not know what he is saying, its cool with all the people that are there ( even though you never ever invited me to become a guest on the show. i know this is not TSS, but he is sum advise, you guys should have like a guest ( not a famous dude ) to just take a tour of the studio ( like me , hehe ). Häçkèd 4 L┐fè

  11. Well i’m just glad you had people there in case something went wrong.
    Well, don’t know what a taser really feels like, and i don’t want to know,but when i was working back when, i hit a 440 box with my hand and believe me it wasn’t fun. haha!
    Glad i’m here to laugh about it now, but then was another story.
    Yoshi you da man,still glowing at night!! hehe!
    Next i would like to see the young kid take a hit,cause he blew me off when i mailed him about a test game i run a server for.
    And Leo if ya get the time,which i don’t think you have,down load the Gore game and patch from 4drulers.com and play a bit.
    My server isn’t a stock one but it’s still fun,the name of it is CJGramps.
    I added the CJ = CrackerJap.com a page i post on,and the Gramps part i think you get.
    Love the show keep up the great work all!!!

  12. I think that they should of tazered Chris Pirillo. I would of realy enjoyed seeing the Gnome get shocked.

  13. Saying that you don’t understand the logic of “I’d rather be tazed than shot,” is l
    would be like not understanding the difference of being pricked with a needle
    or stabbed repeatedly with a butcher knife. The fact of the matter is; you can’t die when you
    you get tazed, but you can when you get shot. It also hurts alot less than getting
    shot. Call me crazy but I see a major difference and I choose the less lethal

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  15. Leo
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  16. People with pace makers are at HIGH RISK! – They should avoid being tasered at all costs. They’ll most likely die.

  17. In the story they said the wattage was very low, like 15 watts, even though the volts were 50,000. (I think) and therefore, it can’t hurt a person with a pace maker; and it isn’t enough amperage to shock the people who are holding onto Yoshi. It’s just enough to interferre with the brain’s signals to the person’s muscles and makes them fall down. And in Yoshi’s case, laugh.

  18. I keep a 9mm with me at all time. If some one is going to use a gun on me. I have 10 points for them and it don’t stop at jail

  19. Looks like the screen savers show is ready to to be cancelled”. Why would they be airing mindless garbage like this taser stunt. Only desperate people , trying to get a bigger piece of the viewing pupblic to tune in. The show was much better, when it was just Kate and Leo, now its Leo and Pat and the bimbos show.

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