You’re A Better Man Than I Am Dept.

Bulletin: We’re going to have a taser on the show tonight. Yoshi has agreed to take a hit for the show. And it’s not even sweeps week!
Tonight on the Screen Savers, 7p Eastern, 6p Central.

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  1. I must see this, please put it up on your site! I no longer get TechTV, because my local Comcast office sucks!!!

  2. Leo, Dude! I hope you had to do a lot of coniving to get Yoshi to be a human light bulb! His eyes went TILT and I could swear I saw smoke comming from the top of his head! Wow! He is a better man than I am! Is he talking to you yet?
    I am going to get my wife one of those “Stun Guns”…look out Seattle!

  3. Hey, Leo? Fix the setcam!!! I wanna see Yosh take the hit on TV AND on the web! ;o)

  4. And to think I left Arkansas for Pennsylvania and now I can’t get Tech TV on local cable tv (Comcast). Makes me want to move back to the south!!!

  5. hmm… Is there going to be a doctor on the set..??.. Just incase something really bad……. Happens…..hehe

  6. It was very interesting to watch it happen. Yoshi is a VERY Brave man, and lets just say, I would not volunteer like that.
    -MorenoSoftware TechSupport

  7. Can I take a hit, dude?
    (Put that away…it’s the cops!) uh huh huh!
    WIll a replay be available online? I want to download this blatant electrocution.

  8. Great job yosi! he took that with a smile and laughed at the end, brave brave man.

  9. Smile? I think his face muscles were jittering.
    Inside, he was probably saying “#$%@ !!!”

  10. I thought that was Yoshis’ pic next to the definition of masochist in the dictionary…. The boy needs help ma….

  11. Am I the only sane one in the crowd? I thought it was a sadistic display of gratuitous inanity. The guy only shocked him for a second, why not for a half hour? Why not zap him until he peed his pants on national tv? Oh, it wasn’t THAT kind of a display. Those things can be purchased in 43 states? Did anyone imagine what a taser will do to a kid waiting for a school bus? Or a woman weighing 100 pounds and not a beefy 250 pund full grown man? Is it just me?

  12. Thank you for the demonstration. Kudos to Yoshi!!
    I think that everyone that saw the show now feels a little better about boarding some comercial air liners that will be adopting this means of protection for their pilots.
    The demonstration helped me understand the function of stun guns. I’m sure there are thousands more like me that witnessed the event and now view the Taser as another tool to be utilized for our personal protection. It is blatantly obvious that other airlines need to consider this tool to enhance air safety.
    Thanks for bringing leading technology to the foreground. You are providing a valuable service.

  13. That was wild,but did you have people standing by just in case his heart stopped????

  14. For Not Posted by the NRA.. better shocked than shot.. and who says the crooks are gonna buy anything..

  15. Man Im bummed.. I just moved and the cable company out here dont carrie tech TV.. 🙁

  16. Greg: A friend of mine at work said the same thing to me, “Better shocked than shot.”
    And my answer to that is, what makes you think the guy is going to shock you once and simply take your money?
    Don’t you think he’s going to “go to town” on you once he gets you on your knees after that first shot? Do you really think there is such a thing as a nice polite mugging? rape? kidnapping?
    I know I am in the very small minority on this one, but I see the taser as a weapon that a person can use on another human being and then not have to fear killing that person, but rather torturing them until the battery runs out. I think it’s scary as hell that it is available in 43 states, including mine.

  17. I’d love to see this, but, unfortunately, my Cable Company does not give us Tech TV. Please, please, place Tech TV back on the internet where all interested could receive it.

  18. Dang…I hope you guys show it before 8PM EST. Thank God I can still catch it tonight or at 1AM when I’m feeding my son. 🙂

  19. man, i knew things were rough at tech tv but to tase a man for eating an extra doughnut. what next a cattle prod for burning athlons. hehe

  20. Well, if it made him laugh like that then imagine what it would do to a real attacker. One shot and he’s laughing as he shanks me and takes my wallet. What a hoot.
    Yoshi is a brave man.

  21. Not to mention the valuable service to the thieves who can run down to their nearest Wal-Mart and buy one of these so they can shock you and take your cash while you’re catatonic.
    It seems to me that an uncontrolled device like this can work both ways.

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