It’s an iMac

Time Canada seems to have jumped the gun on Apple’s big announcement tomorrow. It’s an LCD iMac that “looks like a sunflower.”

Author, Josh Quittner, says…

The new iMac, which Time took for an exclusive test run recently and which will be unveiled at the annual Macworld convention in San Francisco this week, could be just the thing. Like many PCs today, the new iMac is built around a flat-panel display. But instead of taking up precious desk space like a typical flat monitor, the iMac’s screen floats in the air, attached to a jointed, chrome-pipe neck. It’s also rimmed by a “halo,” a translucent plastic frame that makes you want to pull it toward you-or push it out of the way. Jonathan Ive, chief of Apple’s ID lab, says he designed it so that you would want to touch it, want to “violate the sacred plane of the monitor.” The chrome neck is articulated and bends while maintaining the angle of the screen; it connects to the computer, an improbably small hemisphere at 26.4 cm in diameter-somewhat bigger than a halved cantaloupe. The machine bears an uncanny resemblance to Luxo Jr.-the fun-loving, computer-animated swing-arm lamp that starred in a short film by Pixar, the fabled computer-animation studio that Jobs runs. (Pixar creative chief John Lasseter has also made the first new iMac ad.) “It looks a little cheeky,” says Ive. It looks alive.

According to Time, the new iMac starts at $1200. The top of the line model is priced at $1800 with a G4 and DVD-R. (Are these Canadian bucks? Unclear.) I’m reserving judgement until I see one, but it sounds like Apple might have found a worthy successor to the original iMac. Clearly Time Magazine thinks so – they’re making it their cover story this week.

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  1. You PC users fail to realize that you will not need tech support for your Mac. There are far less problems with everything. If you do, go to Apple’s website and find the number: 1-800-MY-APPLE. By the way, it’s Mac not MAC. It is a word, not an acronym like IBM.

  2. When I go to best Buy or CompUSA and find 50% IBM and 50% MAC, I will think about MAC. Otherwise why waste the time?

  3. If these things worked I would be out of a job!! I do think the MAC is cooler but don’t have the guts or probably the budget to change now. I wish it was a 50/50 industry. Then it would probably all be cheaper! peace!!

  4. I actually like this new blog now. I dont know why. it seems more friendly. And looks almost the same.

  5. Ah, I fully understand your point of view now – I agree that the whole computer experience needs to be easier – ALOT! Yes without internet connection and without working at apple and if you only have 95 friends with computers then your struggling 🙂 peace out

  6. If this is the big announcement tomorrow, I expect a lot of disappointed people. This is far from being “way beyond the rumor sites” as Apple’s page said on Wednesday. I think everyone was expecting a flat panel iMac… I’m still hoping Steve has something unexpected planned, but I’m doubtful at this point.

  7. I’m just wondering if you meant actual boxes/hardware – that will never happen as Apple don’t licence the technology – When we get to a world full of eMachines macintoshes then something went seriously wrong 🙂

  8. Well, that depends on how much stock you place in statistics. According to *Steve*, 40% of the Macs purchased last quarter were by people who did not already own one. Including me. Yeah, he’s a bit of a weirdo, but look at the alternatives.

  9. Kris, in a previous blog entry, Leo says that the voting feature is gone because he has changed to a new blog program called “Movable Type.”

  10. My statement was based on when a poor individual has a MAC and needs tech support. They have to search for a MAC tech whereas most of the market is IBM. If you are saavy it’s a different story but I currently know a new user who is looking for MAC support and can’t find any. Or if he can he has to pay through the nose.

  11. I guess if you really want the issues of a MAC with much LESS support than IBM users you can have it, but my point is WHY would anyone want to be a stupid pioneer when it’s just alot easier and effective to use IBM. Don’t forget this argument has 20 years of proof that IBM is probably the right choice for a new user.

  12. umm on a not related topic.. What happend to the vote system.. I miss the smiley well ok then….I’ll just have to learn to live without them…hmm 🙁

  13. People be careful how you type “Mac.” “MAC” refers to the MAC address in a network router. “Mac” is a Macintosh…. and so is “iMac,” not “IMAC.”
    Not trying to be picky, but it sometimes catches those of us who work in the IT world a little off-guard. 🙂
    As for Dvorak, read my post at the bottom of Leo’s most recent blog entry….

  14. WOW, I’ll probably get one, price is great!!! Even the 1800 for a super-drive, I’m a windows person so this might change me to a Mac guy…

  15. I like it!!!! Are we seeing a trend toward a computer that ultimately looks like a bobble-head doll?

  16. Yep. Been there, read that, downloaded the pictures. Now the question is: how miffed is Steve gonna be? You think he wanted them to release this before the keynote?

  17. *correction* That 40% statistic is based on Apple Store purchases….I think.
    I want one. What it looks like aside (I do like it BTW, I can’t wait to see one in person) a 15″ LCD and a G4 at that price makes me drool. If I extrapolate from the way my iBook looks and performs, I can’t help but be believe it’s sweet machine.

  18. Yeah it’s cool but still I agree that it won’t make me want one. It makes me want a flat panel monitor for my PC. Also I just have always had the feeling that Mac software is 3 months or longer, or never, to be released than the PC. I just want a version of OSX that runs on a X86 based PC!!!! Triple boot! ///WIN XP,LINUX,OSX////

  19. All hail apple!!! Very kewl Leo – thanks for the info – btw – if we are still wondering about the iWalk and wether this will be a reality tomorrow – the screen shots from SPYMAC that are now removed can be seen on my blog (which is new!) at – enjoy!!! Oh YES! macworld expo ….. bring it on! btw do me a favor please Leo – if your commentating on it – please try to hold yourself and the others back from talking thru it – Thanks matey!! Keep up the excellant work!

  20. Well, it looks high tech, but it doesn’t make me want to buy a Mac. No one buys a computer for how it looks (the fact that *now* we have clear plastic everything not-with-standing) but the price seems right, if that’s American clams, and the dvd-r will entice people who want it. What’s that saying about style and substance? And what’s that other saying about sizzle and steak? Steve Jobs just rubs me the wrong way, sorry to be so harsh, and maybe I’m just not the target audience to begin with ….. it’s the people who already own Macs who will be buying them.

  21. I only met Steve Jobs once, (name dropper!) he was a guest on a TV show I was working on and I got to mike him up and “chat” briefly with him, he acted like he was on drugs, and on the show he was borderline incomprehensible, he was also the only guest on the long history of the show who rambled on with an answer and then stared at the floor for a few seconds drawing a blank, and then told the host he forgot what the question was. !
    He did not impress me much, but then again, I only met him for a few minutes and he was probably very nervous about being on TV or something. But I always take whatever he’s pitching with a grain of salt, he is a good salesman, afterall, but he really creeps me out in the personality department.

  22. I have to disagree with an earlier comment that people don’t put wait on cosmetic looks when buying a pc – 6 million imacs sold to date – on what was essential looks – that can’t be wrong – plus the fact that SONY seem to be copying the magic by introducing cosmetically appealing windows based boxes and doing very nicely – the facts are there – I’m a windows based user for the last 11 years – 4 months ago I decided to try and find out what all the fuss was about and got me a used mac G4 from Ebay – never looked back – the way the mac streamlines your work flow, the Apple apps such as iMovie, iDVD, and iTunes are spectacular – I’m lucky – I can “taste” both ends of the candy bar, but if I had to choose one it would be the mac – the megahertz myth also needs to be addressed – it just doesn’t work on Mac machines – trust me I’ve bench marked my own! I dare you to go and look at one of these new iMacs and not at one point think – “I want one of those!” – Happy computing to all – whatever the system!! 🙂

  23. When you use all those thousands of different apps for a windows machine (most of which are just hundreds of the same) then I would understand that statement – there really is not an app on the pc you can’t get a similar one on the mac already?? I don’t understand that statement – It’s just a matter of choice – I’m not trying to preach – that’s like choosing a ford rather than a mercedes because ford have more furry seat covers and different car models?? You just don’t do it?? Like I said – just enjoy the computing – WHATEVER the system – just pick the best for you – Thanks all!

  24. Maybe I could mount it to the handlebar of my Segway™ so I could edit pictures as I zoom down the sidewalk while wearing my “Save KPFA” T-shirt, and sipping a Starbucks Mocha-Latte-‘Half Caf’ extra hot.
    Naw… I’m not into “da Hype y’all”
    I’m sure it’s a decent machine if you can get past the part that only 5 percent of the software in the store sold is for the Mac, only a miniscule percentage of that is optimized for OS X, and you ain’t ever gonna be able to upgrade that hockey puck with anything other than firewire or USB devices.
    BTW who’s moving their monitor around that much anyhow? Mine pretty much has been in the same spot next to the half eaten hostess twinkie since late 1999.

  25. Message for x316316 – put a search in google for mac help sites – hundreds of them also the apple site has an excellant database of support and an extreemely healthy set of discussion boards – what is the problem maybe I could help or get the answer to your question – Will try and help a new user just like myself – as for the comments re the lack of software for mac and number of titles for osx by Michael – there have been approx 1000 apps released for osx in 3 months – this is FAR greater than the number of apps released for Windows XP (that utilize new features) plus the old chestnut of “you’ll never use all the software – probably between 15-30 apps total” is true and like I said all the same apps are pretty much available in one form or another on both systems, some are not, but then again this is what the decision for purchase should really lie upon – which is the best machine for you – the user. – And unfortunately yes I do move my monitor around quite a lot – I’m a graphic designer and dependant on what I’m working on it is really necessary for me and this CRT is awkward – as for regular users I agree it’s not important, but it’s not a major selling point anyways really is it??

  26. Support is easier for mac – why? Less manufacturers of the box and alot less component manufacturers – So I guess that Linux users are stupid pioneers also?? mmmmm… and ofcourse alot of the things you take for granted with your window box were firstly on the mac – maybe it’s a question of wether you “think different” – sorry for the punn 🙂 so whats the problem you can’t get solved for your friend??

  27. As far as thinking differently, I’m just bored and thought I would reitterate the same viewpoint I’ve alsways had of a MAC. As far a support, yes it can be obtained but at what cost? I make my living off of ignorance in the IBM field because these things are difficult. As for a MAC only you would know. My point is that if your a new user it’s gonna be rough because you don’t have people you can ask, especially if you don’t have internet connectivity. As far a LINUX I think a new user falls into the same boat. The support is difficult to find. Yes it’s possible but at what cost? These computers have enough problems whether they’re IBM,MAC or Linux! Why make it more difficult by choosing an system that is only used by the saavy. Most people just want email and don’t have time to jack with these!

  28. I am one of those 40% last year that bought a mac….in fact I bought two..a IBOOK tangerine on clearance. I was getting bored with PC so I wanted to experiement with another OS.
    I must say I got hooked in the ease of mac…and the stability. Never thought I would say that as a long time PC user.
    Then in May I bought a IMAC 600… flower power for the hippie chik in me, and I love the thing. Use it all the time.
    I love the new IMAC but find that since I have two recently purchased machines I better hold off…but I definetly can drool……

  29. I do graphic work as well. I’ve got a 21 inch CRT. Yes, I’ll eventually get a flat panel but I don’t know if you noticed byt CRT’s also swivel. Not all nicely chromed but it works. If you want to be higher or lower that’s what the chair controls are for.
    Jonathon if you read carefully you’d see I said OPTIMIZED for OS X not compatible with OS X. A subtle but important difference.
    I’d hope you realize I wasn’t Mac Bashing. I’ve been around too long to do that and if I had the resources I’d have a high end Mac G4 to do 3d animation on.
    I consider myself a computer geek, not a PC geek or a Mac geek, or for that matter a linux/unix geek etc.
    My hesitation in supporting most of these devices is that they are turning into “appliances.” Just plug ’em in and go. Yeah, they’ll sell. yeah they’ll look good but I really can’t experiment with them. This isn’t important for most computer users. We won’t need shows on TechTV like Call For Help at this rate 😛
    I guess I’m a throwback to the early days of computing. I am not looking forward to the day when a computer is akin to a television set and the internet is akin to cable TV with it’s commercials and pre programmed content.
    It’s slowly going that way and I guess I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into the future of computing.
    Most ordinary people now have barely a clue as to what makes a computer work. Wrap it all up in a plastic dome you can’t open and put AOL on it and they’ll never know.

  30. Hey LEO I’ll tell ya why your book isnt selling. I ordered a copy 4 weeks ago this Thursday from At the time there was no mention of them being out of stock or any delays. In fact I think it said it would make it im time for christmas. Anyway the book was on backorder and still is and im really pissed at and will probably never order from them again. How hard is it to know wether they have a book in stock or not? GEEEZ!!!!!!

  31. Hi Michael – no offence taken or presumed – one thing though – my seat don’t tilt!??? Or allow me to turn the monitor 180degrees so my colleague can see what I’m talking about – just a point!I too are from the “early days” I used to build my own and others ‘puters – I learned alot and started a very successful business on the back of it – I agree with your predictions but we must remember than when you and I (and probably alot of other people here) started there wasn’t too many people and this stuff cost ALOT more, because of making things simpler on both mac and pc we have been able to sell these machines to the masses – these are the people that need simple – this is what I feel Apple does well – they don’t try and hide this fact – this is there point – this is what this product is supposed to be – and I think it does it perfectly – in fact the Screensavers tonite proved that – 75% of people like it – not bad really – I’m not a GEEK either – I like my puters as tools – simple – I play games on a game machine – if I can get a tool that looks good and does what I want then when I upgrade it will probably be that – I’m personally hoping that this week at CES someone else comes along and gives us something better!!! I’m not loyal – nobody really is, but at this moment in time the new iMac gets my personal vote – As for the optimized thing Michael – I may well be wrong but I’m sure that the 1000 apps within the last 3 months ARE OSX native – but I’m sure someone will let me know if I’m wrong 🙂

  32. X316316 and Jonathan calm down. As the famous and great drunk Rodney King said “Can’t we all just get along?” Enough already. You’re not going to change a Mac user and you’re not going to change a PC user. They both have their pluses and minuses. While the IMac has design. And some good applications, yet costly, it’s a great computer. The PC has its pluses and minuses as well. You can build your own PC, make it as fast as you want. Make yourself some fancy swivel LCD monitor, put any Operating system you want on it (accept OS X or any Apple OS) DVD-RW, CD-RW, Applications are endless. It’s up to you what you want out of a computer. You want something that’s all made into a nice package for you, and then IMAC may be your choice. Or if you’re like me and want a challenge, you’ll choose a PC. I can dual boot, triple boot to any OS that’s compatible with a PC. (Windows, Linux, Mandrake, BOS, Red Hat) I can dig in there and put whatever I want. But that’s me; I like that sort of thing. So take a chill pill everyone. IMACS are good and so are PC’s, Period, Right Leo?

  33. I’ve been a Mac user as long as I can remember. I used my mom’s LC and Performa 630 until I finally got my own Performa 631 in ’95 w/ my own AOL account. That had to be one of the best machines I’d ever owned.
    After that I got a Windows 95 PC. I used my Performa for most things but started to use the Windows 95 box more frequently because it was different than what I had been using. Well after that I moved on to a Pentium and a Pentium II, making Windows 95/98 PCs my default for a while. During that time I bought two used Power Macs to run my Mac software, and then later on I bought an iMac. That was my main machine for a while, it was like being re-united with an old friend, with a stable and friendly operating system. But of course I got a compaq with Windows Me and used that to “fit in.” But then one day I said, “Whoa. What am I doing?” and switched back to the iMac. I used that iMac until recently when I got a G4 Tower. The out of the box experience is incredible. It costs a little more, but you get what you pay for. The setup is very easy, even with the new Mac OS X. I’ll never go back to Windows, EVER. For new users, Macs win hands down for their out of the box setup time (about 7 minutes including signing up for net access all with a point and click) and their friendlyness. Also, with Mac OS X, You’ve got a user friendly Unix operating system with stability up the wazoo. No more restarts or crashes for me! The Mac defenetally IS the ultimate digital hub. Go to a local Apple Store and try out Mac OS X, ask an employee for a demo of what you can do.
    Sure, the new iMac can’t be extended with PCI. Big deal. I don’t know many PC users who EVER need to change PCI cards, except to add ethernet or firewire (which is included on every new Mac.)
    And about that software issue: 95% of the software won’t work, eh? Chances are there’s a better Mac clone of the software out, and most are now even optimized for Mac OS X! Even MS Office users say the Mac version is superior to the Windows version for looks and features. And gaming is hitting the Mac big. By this summer, just about every major game that comes out will have a port to Mac OS X.

  34. It’s beautiful, it’s unique, it looks like no other computer ever has. Wow! Now, what about that Apple stronghold, education? Will this design hold up well in the hands of an elementary student? While the proposed prices are not unreasonable for the specs, they are higher than the current low end iMac seen in school computer labs. Has that market been considered?

  35. you know what the i stands for in i-mac?
    incompatable with everything!
    a big mac from mcdonalds does more for me than an i-mac.
    if everyone complains about microsoft being a monopoly…what about apple? its a monopoly too! you get your choice of only 3 systems… with a real pc, you can built or buy it from multiple vendors for less money than a mac and get more preformance from that pc than from those slow macs

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