Apple Walks the iWalk

Apple OS Product Manager, Ken Bereskin, and I will be delivering a talk at this week’s MacWorld Expo. It’s called Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mac OS X But Were Too Afraid to Ask. I didn’t name it. If you’re going to MacWorld in San Francisco, stop by Wednesday, 12:30-2p, Room 133 in Moscone Center.
Expo hype is hotter than usual this year. Apple’s website is fanning the flames with headlines like “count on being blown away” and “lust factor 10.” But no one knows what they’ll be announcing. Speculation ranges from the likely LCD iMac to the far-fetched iWalk, a palm like PDA with working handwriting recognition. SpyMac pulled the iWalk video yesterday, probably at Apple’s request. I do expect Apple will announce some sort of consumer electronics device.

Undoubtedly Steve Jobs will make the announcement on Monday with the usual, “oh, one more thing” at the end of his keynote . I’ll be there – even though I’ll have to get in line pretty early for the 9am talk. I’ve also been invited to the a press reception afterward. I’d sure like to bring something back for Monday night’s The Screen Savers.

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  1. Paul, there was nothing for the Newton to “win over.” The Newton *invented* the PDA market — that was it’s biggest problem. It filled a niche that didn’t exist yet. (Of course it was too big and had (at least originally) handwriting recognition that wasn’t ready for prime time.
    Anyway, the point is moot. iWalk was a hoax, as I suspected. The iMac looks cool, though. It’s the first one powerful enough to make me think it could replace a Power Mac in my home.

  2. That Steve Jobs, such a kidder…. I happen to know what he’ll be introducing, but I’m not allowed to tell… Oh, OK, since you asked so nicely, he’s renaming OSX to XP and there’s this new Plug and Play feature that’s really cool.
    Have fun at Mac World! Looking forward to seeing the “story behind the story” on The Screen Savers Monday night!

  3. So, Mr. Laporte joins the Apple PR machine, eh? Well, you can just tell Steve Jobs to stick those Cinnasticks in an appropriate orifice.

  4. Having monopoly status in a market is not a crime. Maintaining and abusing that status through unfair business practices is.

  5. Jim V, it was just a joke on my part, sorry, I know that Apple has had that feature, it’s just recently that on XP the plug and play “feature” also turned out to be a huge security hole.

  6. Wow. Hobnobbing with the big boys. Are Brett and Megan green with envy? Any chance of getting your spycam in the room with you undetected?
    Seriously though…this getting-to-know-the-Apple-Product-Manager can only open more doors for you. 🙂

  7. I do think the iWalk is fake, but we’ll see. There are rumors that Apple is buying Palm Inc, or Avid. Obvious rumors like the LCD iMac.
    Then there is the OS 10 for x86, which I can not see happening.

  8. Plug and Play, since when was that new on a Mac? Plug and play has been around for years, at least that I’m aware of. Speaking of XP and plug and play, can you just plug in your printer or CD-RW drive and use it without installing drivers? I can with OS X. In fact, I have.

  9. Boy Leo, you sure don’t believe in easing yourself back into work after a vacation! My first day back at work after a vacation I can barely remember who I am and how to get to work. I’m not a Mac user but you have made me interested in all things related to computers so I’ll be watching to see what you bring back from MacWorld.

  10. What is going on with the screensavers? I think there should be a new feature on the show where somebody show’s us how to install a different part of a computer every night. That will be good. I will enjoy watching that.

  11. I have been checking out the websites also regarding macworld now that I have become a mac person myself…thought I would never see that!
    Oh, guess what…I got your book for my birthday..the only other topper would be if I could have had u sign it. 🙁
    I was thinking the other day..could tech tv have a retro computer day where they showed your old PBS shows you did on the topic of the internet?. I remember I just started using the internet when I saw your series..thought it was kinda cool.
    take care…
    think I’ll read your book now….YEPpppeeeee!

  12. Tell Steve I want OS X on Intel! Let’s face it people Apple needs to open that market (and give Micro$oft a run for their money) I want the stability, I want the GUI and command line, I don’t want overpriced crappy Apple hardware. I long to see the day someone shows Windows users a simple alternative that isn’t a pile of bloated Redmond crap, but can still pull it off. I think Apple can do this. I love the iPod but as for their PCs…can’t stand them I’m a power user, not a graphics freak. Help me Apple! OS X on Intel!!!

  13. Ever since I switched over to windows from my old Apple 2GS I’ve been disappointed with my decision. I’ve been itching to jump back more and more lately. The advertising hype is partly responsible along with your input, but mainly I’m convinced that PC’s are inherently flawed much like a house of cards. Software abundance used to be an issue, but now it’s mainly the price of a fairly decent machine. Apple has it’s following, but they seem to be their own worst enemy. Only recently has the Imac and the new Ibooks done anything to assuage their mistakes. If Steve’s keynote doesn’t mention a decent machine at a competitive price point the chances are I will continue to sit on the fence. Apple is the one who loses as long as they continue to remain second fiddle. I miss their OS style and its ease of use, but the real money to be made is in software when you’re the big kid on the block.

  14. I think this talk about Apple being more secure than Windows is a bunch a crap. Let’s face it, Apple is a monopoly itself. Apple makes their all their computers, why don’t they open up their doors and allow other companies to put the Mac in the Dell or Gateway machine with Intel P-4. Then we’ll see how stable. OS X becomes. Remember Microsoft is a software company making OP’s, and they are the ones with the monopoly. I don’t get it.

  15. I don’t believe the spymac device is real; my best guess is that it was a post-production enhanced fake. I also think Leo’s wrong about Apple requesting they take the videos down. I think spymac just wants people to think Apple legal came after them in order to make the hoax appear more legit. I would not be surprised at all to see a new electronic device, but I don’t think it’s the one spymac is touting.
    I wrote an analysis of the videos for RandomMaccess. It’s here:
    Enjoy the show, Leo. I couldn’t make this one, but I’ll be in New York this summer — hopefully doing a session of my own.

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